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Klevu is an e-commerce site search and
navigation tool for retailers of all sizes. We leverage machine learning, so
we’re continuously learning how customers interact with the catalog and optimising
search results that way. Secondly, we also leverage natural
language processing, so what this means is we understand more complex query and
more of the context in a query so, for example, if someone was searching for
‘iPhone 7 phone case waterproof’ which part of the query are we actually
focusing on so we will break that down to understand the true intent so we’re
trying to bring the way you search on Amazon or Google onto an e-commerce site. Personalisation is imperative for
customer retention. When you’ve got someone on your site, they’re likely to
be a high intent shopper/buyer if they’re using the search functionality and the
last thing you want to do is see them dropping off your site. So with Klevu,
when you plug and play it with Shopify Plus, what you’ll see is we will
automatically apply a layer of machine learning and NLP to the keywords that people type in the search bar, which will get more
personalised as people search on your site. We love to think of Klevu as the
online shopping assistant a bit like when you go into a store you’ll be greeted
with, you know, a message and people will be trying to extract from you what
you’re looking for and with the use of RAI algorithm and LP, this is exactly what
we want to be giving to our customers to streamline the buying journey. Yeah, adding on to that as well, if you’ve got a shopper that comes into your store
five times a day, you don’t want to treat them the same as a shopper that comes in
once a year so by leveraging personalisation you’re recognising that
valued customer and tailoring the shopping journey through search to be
more relevant to them and ultimately making them happy so they they come back
on site and they buy again Yeah, so we have a direct integration
with Shopify Plus via a plug-and-play so our app is available on the Shopify App
Store and once you install it it also triggers a two week free trial. In terms
of customisations, one of the great things that Klevu can provide is we can
make sure the styling matches everything that you currently have or if you’re re-platforming and you’re building out new designs we can also style it to match the
same. So we’ve got templates that you can customize and same for the
overlay so what the overlay is is when you type and you have a drop-down. Again,
that’s fully customizable so you can either use one of our out-of-the-box
templates or you can look at build some building something more and customize
that with ourselves or Swanky to help you along the way with that. So most e-commerce platforms aren’t
inherently built to provide a really great search and navigation experience and
more and more complex requirements are on the horizon so most mid-level, midsize
to enterprise levels retailers are now looking at some form of third-party solution
and just some of the pain points and queries we get from customers are
things like customers can’t find what they’re looking for, search doesn’t allow for any
misspellings which is quite a- you don’t want to be showing completely irrelevant
products just because you’ve misspelled by one letter, and then also improving
conversion rate by search as well keeping people on site for longer,
reducing site exits too, so those are sort of the KPIs and metrics that we would
look at after you’ve installed Klevu on how they’re performing
and how we deem it’s been a really good integration. Yeah absolutely, and the
third plug-in tool like Klevu is great for conversion rate optimisation. We find
that customers are three to five times more likely to convert when using the
search box. They are high intent buyers, they come on the site, they want to be
greeted with relevant and wanted content and as Claudia said, that you spend so much
of your marketing budget driving people on to the site, the last thing you want is
people dropping off especially in the age of the impatient buyer. I’d also suggest another reason is that we would integrate with other third-party solutions
like dotDigital, so considering the whole buying journey of someone who unfortunately
does drop off your site you can recapture them with a search
abandonments email or abandon basket email as our algorithm would directly
integrate with that too. Yeah for sure, when we’re doing a
discovery with a client, mobile is- we talk about that a lot, how we can get
people using search on mobile, how we can make sure that the navigation on mobile
isn’t too clunky and it provides a really seamless fast experience. So one of the
areas we always look for is like expanding the search bar mobile to drive
traffic through there, as we mentioned conversion rates soar through search so
you really want to be capitalising on that as a retailer. Yeah we can also
make other improvements like pushing a full page search results page and just
making the whole UX really clean and seamless. Yeah and especially on mobile
making it the primary form of navigation within search, that is- you are going to see
an improved conversion rate considerably, one of our clients at the moment, I was just chatting to her only yesterday and within the first three months of using
Klevu she’s doubled mobile conversion rate which is absolutely
fantastic. And a great ROI for them.

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