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hey guys Carla from coming to you live from my sample closet one
of my favorite places in the world of course. Today we’re going to talk about
how to create your own internship opportunities I hear back from a lot of
you guys that what are you supposed to do when you live in Florida you live in
Ohio you live in Michigan and you can’t necessarily you know save up enough
money to go to LA or New York once a year to got internship experience or
even if you do you’re unable to get an internship because you don’t have the
right experience on your resume. I was in that same position since I went to UCSD
which is in San Diego it was a gorgeous place to go to college
however when I went to college I thought I wanted to be a doctor and I soon
discovered that I really was passionate about fashion and wanted to work in that
industry instead living in San Diego it’s not exactly the fashion capital of
the world and making the two-hour drive to LA once or twice a week just really
wasn’t in the books for me I had way too much to study and I was an active member
on campus so what are you supposed to do um what I ended up doing which I highly
advise all of you to do and it does take a little bit of effort but I guarantee
you that it’ll be well worth it in the end if you do really want to get the
right experience on your resume is to make your own opportunities there’s no
excuse everywhere you live there’s a small boutique there’s a little local
jewelry store I’m not talking about going to like your local Gucci store
your local Michael Kors story or local forever 21 store I’m talking about that
independent boutique that only exists in your city and approaching them to see if
you could intern for them for your semester of course you can’t just show
up there with no plan so the first step would be to go to freefashioninternships .com and check out all of our listings check out PR
merchandising sales design you know whatever floats your boat whatever
you’re most interested in and you know see what they’re listing as the tasks
for these internships and from there you can really hone in and find a certain
type of internship or maybe even a combination that could potentially work
for you and you could bring those skills to that local boutique just put it into
a Word document format it like the professional you are and then reach out
to that boutique you’re not of course going to want to meet with one of the
salespeople you’re going to need to talk to the manager or the owner so I always
suggest calling and trying to get that contact information showing up can be a
little jarring of course they’re busy they’re trying to do their job so just
shoot them an email if you find their website give them a buzz and of course
last resort just walk into the store and you know ask if you could get their
information and just say that you’re interested in interning and you’d really
love to speak someone about that so once you get their information go ahead and
send them you know your thoughts and what you’re thinking be professional as
you always are and ask to set up a coffee or come into the store and you
know pitch them your idea I did this with a local jewelry designer her name
was Holly and to this day I still consider it the most you know important
piece of experience I had as an intern and really where I gained the most
valuable experience because when you’re working one-on-one with someone you’re
really able to see your value and your work pay off
you know it was just her and I so I helped her get a local account since she
was an independent jewelry designer I helped make her line sheets I helped get
her into local magazines it really was a very important moment in my internship
career because from there I was able to see that I really wanted to focus on PR
and you know that ended up – I had some really great PR internships
with brands such as Gucci and Escada and I worked at in-house communications for
magazines that unfortunately don’t exist anymore and I went on to have an
illustrious career in fashion PR for over a decade so again it’s really no
excuse that you’re unable to get experience if you don’t live in a major
city because in reality there’s opportunity around every corner so I
hope you’d enjoyed this video if you have any questions feel free to leave me
a comment down below and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible
thanks so much guys have a great day and don’t forget to check out our site we post new opportunities on a daily basis so check
in often


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