For Azeroth – 25 Years of Warcraft

The cries of war
echo upong the winds. My son… a terrible darkness has returned
to our world. What am I supposed
to do now? What a king… …must do. What are you doing
my son? Succeeding you
father. You must
step out of the shadows… …and lead. You must rally the Horde and lead your people to their destiny. Once before… …you and I stood side by side. What’s different this time? We are. My old friend
you and I… We don’t get to hide. All will burn beneath the shadow
of my wings. Did you think we had forgotten? Sometimes the hand of fate must be forced. This was not our destiny. Times change. And now you dare enter my realm. You are not prepared. The day you were born the very forests of Lordaeron
whispered the name Arthas. We will never be slaves! The true question is What is worth fighting for? For the Alliance! For the Horde! For Azeroth! No matter what you fight for You’ll never… …fight… …alone.


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