– Hi there, thanks for
clicking on this video. If you’re not familiar with
me, my name is Roberto Blake, I’m a creative entrepreneur,
and I’m a public speaker. And there was a point in my life where I was really struggling
with a lot of things. I was a broke college student, and when I say I was a
broke college student, I mean I couldn’t afford
to go to a good school. I was going to community college, paid for it cash because
I didn’t want to start my adult life in debt and I
didn’t want to be beholden to anybody and unfortunately
it’s not something where my parents were
able to do it for me. I’m making this video because
there are a lot of people who email me or message me on social media and tell me that they’re
struggling financially, they’re broke, they feel
completely defeated in life, they’re depressed, they have real problems and they feel that money
or having more money would solve those problems for them and I can completely identify with that. Not having money sucks. It really sucks because
money is a form of power in today’s modern world but it’s not the only form of power that there is. Money is a tool, it is a
tool used to buy and leverage people’s time, probably
your time right now. It is a tool used to buy
resources, material resources that allow you to produce
something of value. It took money to buy the camera equipment that I’m using to make
this video right now, that makes it a means
of getting a resource that lets me produce
something that adds value to the market, value to the world and that I’m able to make money back with to then provide resources for myself, resources in the form of electricity and housing and other things. So when people tell you
money doesn’t matter, I think what they’re saying
is money doesn’t matter to them where they are right now. Meaning that’s not the
most important thing that they weigh when
they’re making a decision. That’s called financial freedom and I think it’s something
that more of you want so, in exchange for absolutely nothing but your time and your
attention, I’m going to tell you some of the things that helped me go from broke to actually
having financial freedom, being able to make a substantial income both when I was working through college as a freelancer to be able
to help me pay for that cash and also when I transitioned out of that into a good, high paying
career profession, graphic and web design, later marketing, and then later I had the opportunity to run my own business
which I continue to do today which supports me and allows
me to do amazing things. I’m not selling you a course, I’m not selling you a
get rich quick scheme, I’m not selling you
anything in this video. The one thing that I’m gonna ask of you is that maybe you consider
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then find the content here that can help you since
I’ve made over 1,000 videos to help people in your situation, than that would be awesome
and I think that you get a lot of out of that,
it certainly helps me, so that’s all I’m gonna ask for. Well then I’m gonna ask
you for a commitment to invest in yourself
and invest in your skills because, you see, the thing that helped me was I started thinking
about money differently and I started thinking
about time differently. When I was coming up and I was maybe, I was say about 17 years
old and I started working a regular job, I was working in the mall, back then six dollars an
hour was the minimum wage and it felt like good money at the time. But what that would mean is
that, in an eight hour day, my maximum earning potential
was going to be less than $100, gonna be less than $100. I wasn’t even going to be
able to earn $80 in a day for working eight hours on a base salary. And after taxes, it was
gonna be close to $40 for a full day of my time. Imagine that a fully day of your time was only worth $40 means
that if you literally worked every single day, with no days off, with that being your
maximum earning potential, then you would earn only
$15,000 for the entire year if you’re lucky, if you’re lucky. So just think about that. Trading time for money is the
most sure and simplest way, the most easy way that you can make money. And I’m not saying that
what you’re doing is easy, I’m saying it’s the easiest trade that you can make for money is that pay me X amount of dollars for X amount of time. Now, if you don’t have a high level skill, if you don’t have the ability
to offer skilled labor, something that comes in the
form of either technology or a high level of difficulty
or uniqueness and creativity then it means that your earning potential, your ceiling is set extraordinarily low. If you were lucky, then
maybe that maximum of that non-skilled labor might
look like $20 an hour or so. Which means that your maximum earning potential per day is $160. Now, while that’s
certainly better than $40, it means if you worked every single day and even though that’s
definitely gonna be more than what we talked about earlier, it still means that that’s
about maybe $60,000 a year and that’s if you worked every single day, maybe it’s about $60,000 a year or so. It doesn’t sound bad but
that’s gonna be taxed so you’re not taking that home. There’s also the cost of
whatever you have going on with childcare if you’re a parent, your cost of insurance, your
cost of your gas to drive and to travel to work,
clothing, things you need to look appropriately for your job, especially if you’re somebody
who’s in a leadership role. So, these things all add up
and they eat up your money and you’re never gonna
get more time in the day and even if you did, that
wouldn’t be healthy for you to work more than those eight hours a day plus the hour or so that
you’re there for lunch which still takes time away
from you and then maybe the hour or change that
you lose in the commute. Some of you are doing an hour plus commute on top of doing a nine
to 10 hour day at work so you’re losing 12 hours
out of a 24 hour day and you still need to rest and sleep. So how much time does that leave you for living an actual life or
taking care of your family? So one of the first parts
of your transformation here is that you have to think
about money differently and you have to think
about time differently and so, instead of thinking as a laborer, as someone that is trading
time in exchange for money, I need you to start thinking
about how you can move to trading a task for money and how that individual task is valued
regardless of time. You see, when I became a freelancer, I learned that I can
either charge by the hour or I could charge by the
project, by the task. And once I started to get very comfortable with my skill and realize
that something that used to take me an hour to do was
starting to take me half an hour, 15 minutes, 10 minutes, I began
to realize one of the most important secrets in
life, that I was being rewarded for my efficiency
instead of my effort. If you sell your time,
you will never be rewarded for your efficiency because
you are making less money to perform more effectively
and faster which makes no sense because that’s more difficult
to do and it speaks to a higher overall level
of skill and ability. That is ludicrous, it is wildly unfair and it does not incentivize
and reward productivity, working smart, and being
effective, and having experience. It completely devalues you. Now, before we ever finish this video, that’s probably one of
the most important lessons you’ve ever learned but
I’m going to tell you before the end of this video
what you can do about it and how you can start making real money and I’m not gonna drag this out. I’m just trying to walk
you through and help you truly wrap your head
around why there are people out there that are not
that much smarter than you, not that much more talented than you, they know a few special things that you don’t know
that allows them to make infinitely more money than you right now. Now, even though I learned
this lesson very young in my early adulthood,
it took a while for it to really sink in and for
me to do something about it. The other difference was the technology and the culture of our
time wasn’t caught up with where I was heading just yet. But I started doing little
odds and ends things that only I could do and
it made a huge difference. For example, because I was
very good with computers, everyone wanted me to help
them either fix a problem that they had with their
computer or help them install software because
they felt it was complicated or to literally sit there and what seems like elementary right now, to
install anti-virus software for them and do a scrub of their computer and optimize their computer
and it sounds insane but it meant that people
were paying me $50 or $60 for something that was taking
me 30 to 45 minutes to do, which means that if I could do that and fill that up with a
day, I could literally spend three hours in a day making about roughly what I was making at the mall in a week. And this is how I earned the extra money that I needed in college,
I was taking my spare time and I was doing little tasks for people that were technical in
nature that I could do because I was a big old computer nerd and it felt really complicated
to a lot of these older folks in my town that didn’t
understand computers but they were willing
to pay somebody who did. And so by doing this task and doing this higher skilled labor, this
thing that they didn’t know how to do, special knowledge
that I had that they didn’t, they were willing to
pay me what seemed like an extraordinary amount of
money if you value it by time instead of by how it addresses the pain, how it relieves the pain
that they currently had. They decided that getting this thing done was worth a certain
amount of money to them to just get rid of their anxiety and they were willing to
pay it and that’s fine, that’s called letting the
market determine value. So, all of a sudden, I
could make more money in an hour doing something
based on my smarts instead of doing something based on my
physical effort and labor. I was being rewarded for my efficiency and for my intelligence and that’s the market you wanna play in. Now if all that sounds
good, you’re probably asking well Roberto, how do I do this? How do I develop a new skill? I don’t know how to do this, I didn’t go to college for it. Will anybody paying you for these things without a certification and a degree? And the answer is yes, no one cares about a certification
degree unless it’s like a corporation or a Fortune
500 company or unless they do but I think you are
drastically underestimating the number of people in the market that only value a result
and not a pedigree. Not a pedigree, you ever wonder where the word degree comes from? The word degree comes
from the word pedigree, it comes from these
credentials and paperwork that approve your
credentials and your status. There are a lot of people that
aren’t interested in that, don’t have time for it,
they just want to see proof of your skills and
ability and your body of work. That’s it. There are a lot of people,
entrepreneurs like myself, I’ve hired people for tasks and jobs and 99.9% of the time,
I’m not asking if they went to school for it
or if they had a degree. Show me the work and tell me your rate. That’s it. Small business owners
just care about results. It’s as simple as that,
do you have results? Do you have someone
that can recommend you? Those referrals matter a lot more to me than what a school says
because those are academics, they may or may not be
people who understand the marketplace, may not
understand how my business works. Not really interested in that. I’m interested in what another
business owner had to say, I’m interested in what the last person who worked with you had to say. More importantly, I’m
interested in what I see with my own eyes and
what my own gut tells me. That’s how most of us spend our money. We trust our eyes, we trust our gut, and we trust what our
friends or our contemporaries or even our competitors have to say. It’s that simple. Now the good news is
if you want to develop a technical skill, it’s a lot easier now than when I was 18 years old. I graduated in 2002 from high school so that’s when I was turning 18, that was a considerable
amount of time ago, I’m 34. So that was a good chunk of change ago. That being said, the
world and the internet and the online space has changed. Information and education
is more accessible than ever and I’ve done literally
hundreds of tutorials on this channel that can
give someone a new skill. You could learn something
like graphic design, you could learn something like Photoshop, you could learn something
like website coding, you could learn mobile app development, you could learn these things
in a 30, 60, or 90 day period with the same free time
that you’re spending on your smartphone or watching television to destress or cool down
after a day of work. And I know that that might sound intimidating or it might sound impossible, but I want you to understand
how college works, too. Remember, I went to community college. You sit in a classroom
for 90 minutes per lesson twice or three times a
week in a nine week period. What if you concentrated
that time and you actually performed at those
skills and you practiced and trained for 30 or
60, 90 days on your own? If you put in an hour a
day throughout the week after work and if you
put in two or three hours on the weekends into this,
all of a sudden you start to learn at an accelerated rate
by focusing on just learning one thing which means that it’s not absurd for me to tell you that you can learn a single skill that can raise your value and make you worth a
lot more to a potential employer in just 30, 60, or 90 days. It’s not hokum, it’s not bunk, it’s just thinking about the hours instead of thinking about the time. When the time is spread out like that, it just seems like it’s much more valuable and you’re paying this higher rate. And I’m not knocking the teachers, I’m saying that the education system at this point is a
business and you have to understand how that business is run and that they’re able to charge you because they’re able to draw out the time. But if we changed this to value and we start thinking about efficiency and let’s say you got rid of
some of the extra courses, you get rid of English,
you get rid of the math, you get rid of the
science, let’s say you go to vocational training and
it’s just about the skill. Now things just got very
interesting, now didn’t they? And this is the beauty of
the age that you live in. The age that you live in means that if there’s something very
specific you want to do then someone who is passionate about it, somebody who’s already done it and someone who’s
already made money at it, someone who’s already
lived that profession, that skill, or that
career has probably given that information for free
away in the form of videos on YouTube, LinkedIn, online courses that might be very affordable
compared to a college tuition, or in the form of audiobooks,
videos on YouTube, podcasts, there’s so many, ebooks, there’s so many opportunities for you to get skills and knowledge and learn. Before I went to college
for graphic design, back in that time, web design wasn’t even considered a real profession. My, have the times have changed. When I went to school, my professor still wanted to teach us print
newspaper advertising skills and I argued that teaching us banner ads and teaching us web
design was more important. But it’s not something
they’d done for a decade so they weren’t’ comfortable to teach it. In fact, by that time, I had been paid to design more websites
and had a higher level of proficiency in HTML
coding, CSS, and Javascript than any of the professors
teaching at my college. In fact, I actually took over the week that we spent on web
design and had to help all of the students with
their projects in Dreamweaver back when Macromedia
owned it instead of Adobe, just kinda showing my
age a little bit here. And I don’t say that as a humblebrag, I say that as a point that
if you educate yourself with the resources and the
tools and the technology of your time, it’s always an advantage ’cause even back then,
there was no YouTube, there wasn’t even, I don’t
think, a Google just yet. The thing was Yahoo and
Geocities and all of those things instead of having tutorials to
teach web design on YouTube, back then we had something
called I mean, it’s pretty
embarrassing how primitive the internet was back then
as an online learning tool but yet it was enough
to teach me something that allowed me to make a lot more money than I was making by trading my time when I had nothing that was valuable in that particular type
of market just yet. So how do you make money
and how do you find people who will pay you without a degree? How do you find people who
will pay you for your skills? Well, in my case, one of
the things you could do if people aren’t asking
you for this directly or no one’s made introduction to you, you can go to your local
Small Business Association, pick up all the business
cards of all the local business owners and then
cold call them, email them, introduce yourself and tell
them what you have to offer in terms of a skillset and
see if that’s something that they need and then show
them your work and negotiate. And you can learn a lot about negotiation, I think that there are
plenty of videos on YouTube, I think some of my favorite
come from Ramit Sethi, I’ll link to maybe one or two of his videos down below on negotiating. I think that a lot of you also could look at websites like,
they’re not a sponsor, I’m just telling you go there, sign up, I hire people from Upwork all the time. You could look for freelance
gigs in your local craigslist listing, there’s all
kinds of like odd jobs that people need done that
might require your skills. Photography was something
I did as a freelancer when I was in school, I made
money being a second shooter, a photo assistant on the
weekends and it helped me. I actually worked for one
of my professors doing that and some of the other local photographers. When I branched out on my
own, it meant in a weekend, I could clear $500 on a bad weekend as a wedding photographer
and when I could get something good I could
clear $1,200 in a weekend. You have to remember, this
is in the early 2000s, that money went a lot further back then and for some of you, that
might be astronomical money for just a day or two of work. So, just really consider that there are a lot of opportunities out there and you may not be passionate
about any of these things just yet but they will allow you, if you’re struggling financially, to dig yourself out and to
be able to invest in yourself and be able to take care
of yourself if that’s what you need and you need
money to literally survive. There are things that you can
do but to get those skills, you might have to give up
spending an hour on your phone, you might have to give up watching funny viral videos on YouTube, you might have to give up
hanging out with your friends or going out to the club,
you might have to give up maybe just 30 minutes of
sleep, on average, every day. And once you dig yourself out of the hole, you can sleep in if you want. That’s the beauty of being able to create financial freedom for yourself. So, like I said, try
to just take advantage of that free time, whatever
free time you can scrounge up and if you’re saying you can’t
do it Monday through Friday then just spend the whole weekend doing nothing but learning a new skill and then trying to apply that skill and to make some extra
money with that skill and your life will
change, it will improve. I remember being broke and not being able to come up with the $5 for
gas money for my friends for helping me get to school to help me. And the thing is I learned
a lot from my experience in college, I recommend that a lot of you consider going to community college. Look, if you really still want a degree because your parents
are just gonna ride you and shame you or society’s
gonna shame you or whatever then go to community
college the first two years and don’t be embarrassed
because all anyone cares about is where you do the
last year of your degree and what the piece of paper says. You don’t have to go to a fancy school and pay a lot of money for four years and start your life in astronomical debt. You can do two years or
more in community college, if you have a four year community college, do three years in that community college, transfer the last year to the
local university and then just get the piece of paper
and shut those people up. Do not start your adult
life six figures in debt to never have the opportunity
to make a six figure salary. It is absurd and it is a racket. Like I said, I have nothing but respect for teachers and
educators, it’s a hard gig but the system that they’re
forced to operate in doesn’t even let them do all the things that they would like to
do and what I wanna do with no agenda because my job doesn’t depend on it and I’m not selling anything to you in this particular video. All I want to sell you on is the idea that if you stop trading time for money, your life could get infinitely better because you have a skill
and a task and a trade that you can make that’s
infinitely more valuable to the market and infinitely
more lucrative for you than just trading time and
just trading non-skilled labor. I want you to think about
investing in your education in a whole different
way and that’s something you can do completely
independently to acquire a skill. A skill is more valuable than a degree. Everyone says that your education is the best investment you’ll ever make. They’re not wrong, the
problem is that people are interchanging the word
education for a degree. And education is valuable, I would argue in the current economy,
the current market, that a degree is not when we see people graduating with four and six year degrees unable to get work, either being told they’re overqualified or that there’s no positions available for
their particular degree. But you know what there always is? There’s always a need and a
demand for skills and talent that there is a demand for in the market and all you have to do is
look at what the market is saying and what the
market is paying for and how much they’re willing to pay. That’s it. If you try to invest four
to six years of your life in a degree based on you
thinking it’s a good degree and that there are jobs there, that could change, that could
pivot, that could go away. But if you always decide
to be a lifelong learner on your own terms and take
advantage of accessible things. Now, granted, you can’t do
this if you want to be a doctor or a lawyer or, y’know, a
police officer or a firefighter. I understand that there will have to be professional training and degrees and college and all of
these things for that. You want to be a dentist? Great, go to college absolutely. But it’s not for everybody
and it’s being marketed to you as if it is for everybody. And I worked in marketing and advertising and you can make up your own mind. I want you to use your own best judgment and I want you to do the real math again. I laid some of these numbers
out for you for a reason. I want you to take it seriously. Now I hope you enjoyed this video. It is a little bit different
than what I normally do. Usually on this channel I offer you guys either creative career advice
or I use a training tutorial to give you a new skill or I introduce you to a piece of technology that can help you in your current career or in
your current small business. And I do a lot of videos that pertain to entrepreneurship and
leveraging tools and technology whether it’s software or social media. So if you want to learn,
grow, acquire those skills, maybe build a business, or
get a career in the industry, then I hope you’ll
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or while you’re at work if that’s something you want to do. And I just hope that I’m creating some type of value for you. This is literally something
I’ve experienced and lived and continue to live and that I’ve seen happen in lives of literally
hundreds if not thousands of people and I think that we need to have honest conversations like this. I hope you guys got some
value out of this video. I think it is one of the
most important things I’ve ever talked about
here on the channel. If you are new to the
channel and you haven’t subscribed yet, my name’s Roberto Blake, I’m a creative entrepreneur,
I have over 1,000 videos here on YouTube but YouTube’s
not my full time job. I run a successful consulting business, I’m a paid public speaker,
there are a number of online ventures that I do
and I’ve learned these things on my own, it’s not something
I learned in school. I went to school for
graphic design advertising and I learned a lot more
working as a graphic designer and working in the world of
marketing and advertising than I ever learned at school. I learned a lot more on the internet before I even went to
college about this industry and that’s in the early
days of the internet. By actually doing it I
learned more about business and making money when I was in high school than I ever did in college and, again, it’s not knocking teachers,
it’s just that when you discipline yourself, when
you invest in yourself, when you educate yourself,
probably one of the best investments you can ever make. Best investment you’re
gonna make is in yourself, every single time. I would rather that you
put $10,000 betting on you than $80,000 to $100,000
betting on a degree. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video. Do me a huge favor,
subscribe to this channel if you think it can help you. If anything I said resonated with you, subscribe to this channel,
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could totally change your life and if there’s something
that’s in my wheelhouse, I will make a video about it. I’m telling you, I will do
whatever I can to help you in terms of my knowledge and
giving you that knowledge upfront here in the internet for free. As always, you guys, thanks so very much for watching and don’t
forget, go out there and create something awesome today. Take care.


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