Galaxy Fold: Official Introduction

It was once said that smartphone innovation couldn’t go any further. But we’ve pushed beyond what’s possible and redefined the mobile category. Introducing a device like no other: Galaxy Fold. Ergonomically designed to fit within the palm of your hand, Fold’s compact outer display is the first to enable truly one-handed, on-the-go responses. Fold isn’t just a meticulously-crafted, luxury smartphone. We’ve fine-tuned every last detail to make it a revolutionary, high end tablet experience. The immersive main display brings your favorite movies and games so close they’ll leave you truly breathless all while drastically reducing harmful blue light to put less strain on your eyes. As you switch between screens, Fold’s ‘app continuity’ seamlessly configures your favorite apps. While the software optimization with Google allows you for the first time on mobile to watch a video on YouTube, text your friend about it, and book your stay – all at the same time. Tissue-thin layers of unique, polymer materials have been finely crafted to form an unprecedented level of screen flexibility while maintaining screen integrity. The result? Super cinematic images and ultra-sharp content for a rich viewing experience. Equally breakthrough is Fold’s innovative, concealed hinging system. Artfully encased in its refined, durable body, Fold’s spine articulates with the strength and precision of luxury timepieces, allowing smooth, interlocking gears in the sophisticated outer shell to close perfectly inwards, protecting vital components. When it comes to capturing your own content, Fold’s pro-grade 6 camera system makes every angle epic, from everyday spontaneous moments… to the triple rear system… to capturing unsurpassed 123 degrees ultra-wide shots. Fold’s HDR10+ video capability means more dynamic and vibrant memories, while the two inner cameras let you express yourself in detail. To keep you ahead of the action, Fold breaks technological boundaries. Available as both a 4G and a 5G model, its unparalleled, high-speed performance comes from not one, but two batteries which combine to form a single revolutionary energy cell. Giving you the power to share power even on the go. For the first time, we’ve revolutionized smartphone and tablet breakthroughs to deliver a true pioneering experience. We didn’t just change the shape of the phone. We changed the shape of tomorrow. Galaxy Fold


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