Gator Website Builder How to Create/Design A Post

Hello and welcome this is Rochelle
from the DIY Affiliate and today we are going to be creating a post with the
Gator Website Builder so let’s get started
my edit site Blog Manage Posts Create a new post so I’ve copied all my
information for the YouTube video that I am going to be creating a post for this
is from my actual YouTube Channel and now I am just going to use the exact
information that I have already worked on in my post the date author and tags so the information that I have for my
description here and then control V on your computer okay
so so here now I’m just going to close that down and do this in a full-screen so here you want to have a Heading and this is another highlight now I’m
just going to now make a Subheading with this here as long as you have
highlighted your text you can use your bold you can also use italics you could
underline this will underline all that you have highlighted if you want to take
anything out and you would click it back and that takes out the bold that’ll take
out the italics and that will take out the underline this is highlight if you
are for instance doing a sale I’m just going to take that out your text needs
to be highlighted in order for you to edit it and say you’re doing a sale say
I am saying that it is four dollars and 84 cents changing it to a sale of three
dollars and 84 cents you would then highlight your price and then click
Strike Through now people will see that it’s no longer this price
it’s now this price this is just an example aligned so you would highlight
what you want to it says the text alignment is to the left here it is to
the center it is to the right next you have the text direction
as long as it is highlighted thing anytime whenever you highlight anything
it doesn’t matter if it’s a line or a word you are able to edit as long as you
highlight but highlight click bold you can use italics and also underline if
you want highlight highlight your text and click on the highlight this is a
strikethrough this is say you hover or it saves an example for a tea for light
it use a strikethrough P the 384 align your text this is the aligned to the
left this is the center and aligned to the right it says text direction which
is like a line text but if I might your text and you use this editing box here
the text is going from left to right he read it will be going from right to left
you can add numbered bullets by clicking the number and
anytime you can take the numbers out bulleted list I am you can take the
numbers crease your indent or have your text highlighted and at any time if you
make a mistake click the undo and you can undo to your last save subscript
highlight this and I use a subscript by two this is going to make it a smaller
subscript subscript and bold at any time you can add a link by highlighting your text clicking on the link you could
add a website page a new RL which can be your YouTube channel can be in YouTube
video can be any other URL link that you have and this is where the Google Docs
where I have all my links here in a document and I’m just going to pull that
up don’t have it right now just going to open that in a new window so this document will have all of my
links in it are L choose this one just going to click in and I am going to copy
the lengthily copy make sure that it’s copy go back into here and paste it in
and then say I want to open it in a new tab and click OK at any time when you
highlight you can click on the link and choose you can use this if you want to
say you do bold italic underline but you want to remove all of the formatting and
we just click click and that will remove your formatting and you have to
highlight you can’t just click this because it won’t do anything you need to
highlight what you want to remove the formatting and this is your undo and
this is your redo and we do as if I accidentally undo it and then I want to
redo it this one is add element when you click
into add element you will see you can add an image a video a line heading 1
heading 2 or a paragraph say you wanted to add an image you would then place
your cursor in the area that you would like to add the element of an image
click into image stock images and which you have many categories to choose from
all different types of three pictures that you can choose from my images now
these are images that I have already uploaded and I have used linked images
these are images that you already have uploaded that have a link like for
instance this one and you can always just add another image you can upload it
from in your computer or you can add an image by uploading it from a link and if you watch the video
tutorial adding images I go into more detail of adding image from a link okay
so I’m just going to go into my images and click on this one and place this is
my toolbar for the image image I put the alt tag in you look at my
status and make sure it is in draft and you can also change your image image with the stock image my images are
linked images just gonna choose this guy he’s a linked image and put that in
there you can also change the size so if you wanted to make your image bigger or
smaller that would be the way to do it and how do you want your image do you
want it to the left in the middle at the end do you want the image to appear
beside the the text text on the other side of the text or in the middle in the
middle if you wanted to add another element I’m just going to go into here
put my cursor where I want that to go and now I am going to get my link and
copy it going to click add element and I want to add a video so I’m gonna click
into video and there would be already a your video URL there I’m going to change
that to my video url and click in and go okay so now you will see the editing come up
again and you will then have a choice to have your video with a no text around it
with the text on the left or at the text on the right right I’m going to do now
put that in the center there we go now this one is going to go in the
center okay now the other elements that you can
add is a line this will add a line where your cursor
is here is the line you can also move the line anything can be moved you can
also add a heading one and this is what it will appear you can cut that and then
I’m going to highlight that go in there and you have to use control V and then
here you can see what you can do you can bold it you can use italics you can
underline your line you can also use your text alignment align left center or align right right or along right I’m just gonna use the
center which will appear like this this is your subheading and always whenever
you are doing anything you must always highlight and if you want to pay
something it is ctrl V change your normal to a heading or a subheading a
paragraph just make sure that my cursor is in a place where I can add something
and then you would just click there and then this would now be a new paragraph
that you could then when you are done you see that this is now a draft but you
want to preview your post so you would then click the preview you will then see
what your post looks like preview looks like of my post this is me using the
highlight the underline the italics the bold and also the links as well as the
other editing then you would then finish you could also look at what your post
will look like in mobile click mobile and you can see what needs to be changed
in it this is my post here finish the preview save my posts or save successfully now
you see here this is the picture so we want to change this image go to my
images to choose her okay and then place also here is your Advanced Options friendly page URL okay and the cover
image description going to save on my post I’m going to click featured and
pinned and now I am going to make sure that it is published by clicking
published posts a successfully to my editor this is my post at any time I can
preview it I can edit it I could to leave it to delete it and it will show
me that it is pinned and it is featured at any time is where it shows you all of
your post your pin to post your featured posts your posts that you have published
and your drafts and I have no drafts so I hope this has been helpful in
helping you to be able to connect your YouTube channel and the gaiter website
builder and how it can be able to help you to be able to grow your YouTube
channel by using organic traffic stay tuned for the next video tutorial this
is the DIY Affiliates and Have yourself a wonderful evening

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