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– This is Kelvin, a.k.a. Welcome back to another video. Today, I wanna talk about how
I became a software developer. To me, it’s an interesting story, ’cause I didn’t start off that way, I didn’t grow up thinking
that’s what I would be. It definitely happened with a little bit of preparation,
my skill set and mind, and definitely a lot of God. Yeah, so I’ll get started. Basically, when I was younger,
I was always kinda into tech and computers. When I was young, my dad
brought home a Windows 95 PC, I don’t even know what
the brand was, of the PC, but had Windows 95 on it, I remember that. Me and my brother used to
play video games on it. Little more due diligence
to try to install the games on the computer, so we really, I really learned about computers,
then, so, thanks to my dad for buying that computer,
’cause it definitely started me off on a journey,
it kinda got me interested. Still didn’t know anything
about programming, didn’t even know it was
something you could do in life, but I just continued on, I
just kinda had that in my mind, that I liked technology. And so, from then on, I just
kinda grew up, of course, got older, went to high
school, and there, they had a web design class. This teacher named Miss Glissen used to teach this web design class. Just out of my interest of computers, and just wanting to be
able to build a website. And it wasn’t like a true
coding class, but it was a web design class, so we learned
about HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I liked what she did with the class, we used Dreamweaver, but
we also learned how to do everything we did in Dreamweaver
in code, HTML, templating, and CSS, and just really light JavaScript. I think we barely touched on JavaScript, so we didn’t do any deep
programming as far as operations or loops or if
statements or anything. We didn’t do anything
deep with JavaScript, but it definitely was
a good foundation for wanting to get into programming,
just that level of creation we had to just be able to
build your own website, especially back then,
this is like ’05, ’06. I was young, and the internet
wasn’t what it is now, and so, it was pretty
cool doing that back then. But even still, I was in high school and preparing for college,
I wasn’t thinking at all like I was gonna be a programmer. In high school, I was
working a lot of AutoCAD and doing CAD design, so I
thought that’s what I’d be doing, or some sort of engineering,
mechanical engineering. So when I went to Mercer
University here in Georgia, I started majoring in
mechanical engineering, that’s what I started with, and enjoyed it a little bit. A lot of my friends was
doing, as I was growing up, basically, the main things
you got taught to be was a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer. It was like 10, maybe, I
don’t know, like 10 jobs that even were at the top of your mind, to be. I went to school for
mechanical engineering, started Mercer like that, and
started taking some classes, enjoyed it the first year, but after a while, we started
taking physics classes, and we started doing all
this theoretical physics, and started to get deeper
into mechanical stuff, and it just wasn’t interesting to me. I mean, I did okay, physics
kinda kicked my butt, but I was doing all right, I was
doing as good as anybody else, but I just wasn’t interested in it. So I switched to computer engineering, strictly off the fact that
it had computer in the name, that was the only reason,
just thinking that it’d be little bit more interesting
engineering for me if it had computers,
something about computers. So I just switched to it purely off that, no research, nothing, just
purely off the fact that it had computers in the name. I guess that’s just how God works, ’cause I ended up taking a bunch
of programming classes in the curriculum for
computer engineering, although it was more geared toward, I guess it was geared toward software, but it was kinda leaning
toward hardware too. But I got a chance to do a
lot of computer programming. I went to the computer science building to take those classes, and
once I got to that building, which I didn’t even
know was at the school, I didn’t even know computer science was, I didn’t even know what to call the major or the line of work that
was developing software. I didn’t know that major
was computer science, I didn’t even know there was
a computer science building at the school. But once I went there for those classes, it was just a blessing, because
then I fell in love with, I figured out what I wanted to do, based off that. So immediately, I just
switched to computer science as a full-time major. I was like, if I’m doing
computer engineering, and I like the computer
science, but I liked to program, I liked creating software but
I hate the engineering part, then I’ll just switch over to
computer science completely. So I switched over to it,
and the rest was history. But one thing I always think about, look back on about the
whole thing, is that I never got taught, I remember career days when
I was in elementary school, there was never any programmers
coming to the school. I never even heard about
that as an occupation, I never met a programmer, I had no family members that was doing it, barely had anybody, really,
in technical positions to look up to, or to even
point me in that direction. So it just never even
was an option in my life of something I could do or prepare for. So it’s exciting now, to
hear the kids that are in elementary school, as
young as elementary school, getting into coding, early stages, and knowing that’s an option, and knowing that’s something
they can make a career out of, and a really good career out
of, a lucrative career out of. It’s a very good option, but
that’s one thing I do wish, that I could have started way earlier. But I think everything worked
out how it should have, for me, personally. I found my way through
an interesting path. But it’s a constant, constant learning. Programming, you never stop learning, you never should stop learning,
and I just keep going. But I just wanted to share my
story about how I got to it, and how it’s not too late to
get into it, even if you’re, I’m 30, but even if
you’re older than that, it’s never too late to get into it, or follow anything that
you’re trying to do. So, appreciate you checking out this video and hearing my story. If you liked what you saw,
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