Gimp Tutorial : Mango Smoothies Poster with Some Text Effect

hi everyone and welcome! today I will
show you how to create mango smoothies poster with some text effect in gimp. let’s start! first go to file new and set this size this size is nice
for social media post if you want to make a poster look like , not the square
one just hit OK. make the radial gradient in here for this black change it to this
color and for the light change it to this color. now, click the gradient
tool and drop down this linear to the radial and in the center just drag it.
okay and you can adjust this then hit enter. now, open the mangoes
smoothies go to file open as layer and choose this. scale it up a little around
this. let’s adjust the curves by going to color>curves and just make it down to
make it more contrast and hit OK. next let’s clean this PNG by removing this
line and this by going to this layer right click>alpha to selection and go
to select, choose shrink make it by 2 so the selection will make it inset and
let’s invert it by select choose invert now press Delete on your keyboard it
should delete this outer. allright, just erase this with this eraser tool. let’s give its some shadow create new layer and name it shadow just hit okay and make it to default to black
and white, with your brush tool increase the aspect ratio and scale it up then click
it. add the mangoes by going to file open as
layer and choose this then scale it down make it behind the smoothies and rotate
it a little, okay let’s scale it down add more, by going to file open as
layer and choose this, let’s move it up we want to select this two only make it fast
with this rectangle tool select this and while in section like this go to select
and choose float. so what the float does its it move to object to new layer, click
this create new layer icon. do the same with this go to select and choose float and create
new float. and delete this. move it to here. this too. let’s rotate this a little don’t forget to rename it so you then
get confused next add the text with the text tool and
type change it to white color and move it to here. rotate it a little we want
to make a line stroke draw some straight line to this, but it’s much easier if
you have the pen tab with your brush tool you just have to draw the straight
lines. but in this case I’m not using it so the solution is with the path tool, let me undo it put this path tool, draw some straight lines
like this go to edit>stroke path and let’s make the line to yellow color
click it and change it to this yellow color. hit ok and click
stroke. right do the same add more Text you can download this font in the link
description scale it up and let’s make it curve with the path tool press B on your
keyboard and draw some curved lines like this. okay then
in this layer right click chose text along path. so it will create a selection
into it just create new layer, and name it go to these path tab, right click fill
path and make it yellow so this in yellow just click fill. just hide this
so it will make it curves like that. and move it here place it behind smoothies
and scale it up a little. let me move it to here add more text with text tool and type okay place it on here and change it to a
white color let’s make it spherize effect but first right click>layer to image size, and
go to filter distort and choose lens distortion. you can adjust it. okay then hit okay move up a little add
some line effect again with the path tool but first create a new layer and name it
line stroke 2 just hit OK and make it white color and same method with this
draw some shape that follow the smoothies go to edit stroke path and
click stroke, add more last text let’s type O let’s hide this
first, and type again change it to white color reduce the
size make the perspective with this
perspective tool and drag it to like this just play with the perspective give some lines storoke again, change it to
this yellow color create new layer then stroke three and go to edit>stroke path
just hit stroke and this too for the bottom thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed
this tutorial and learn something new like make the lines, curved text and the
spherize text. don’t forget to subscribe make sure you an update about this gimp
tutorial I’m Zakey from Zakey design, create something good today!


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