Golmaal – Hindi Full Movie – Amol Palekar, Utpal Dutt – Bindiya Goswami – (With Eng Subtitles)

Hope, your T.V’s working
fine these days. Yes. Why? l’m coming to your house tomorrow
evening to watch T.V. But l’ve booked tickets
at Eros for you too. Tear them up. It’s Cosmos
Vs Mohan Bagan tomorrow. We’re getting a chance to
see world’s greatest player,… the black pearl, Pele. l’ve only one grievance
in life. l couldn’t see Pele in
flesh and blood. Couldn’t go to Calcutta airport
to welcome him. Bring Ratna along. We’ll
have dinner together. Who’s it? Brother?
– Yes. How come you’re late today? Yes. There was a party
at Anand’s place. l was asked to sing
many songs…. Lay the table.
– The Doctor Uncle was here. Really? When?
– In the evening. He dropped in while
visiting a patient. What was he saying? He said, this year only 150/o
have passed in your subject. Think, l’m not included
in that 150/o? Serve me food. Have you eaten?
– No. Why don’t you eat when l’m late? Don’t you know,
l hate to eat alone? O.K.
Hurry up now. Ratna, my dear… Welcome, uncle.
How’s your patient? There’s a lot of problem.
– What happened? His fever has disappeared with the
second dose of medicine… and he was having tea.
– So what’s the problem in this? A doctor’s doomed if his patients
recover in just 2 doses. No visit and no fees then… You and your nephew are alike.
Come in… Shall l make some tea?
– No. Don’t bother, dear. Where’s Ram Prasad? His
result was to come today. Yes. He has gone to see that. May God help him pass. He should pass. He has
worked day and night. Looks like he’s here… What happened, brother? Of whom?
– l mean, your result. Just as we feared…. Uncle, your information
was wrong. lt wasn’t 150/o
but only 120/o wh’o… Then you….
– Didn’t l say only 120/o … Come here. l’ll ask him
his result. Tell me the truth, my son…
– l’ve passed, uncle… God bless you, my son.
You’re just like your dad. ln times of happiness, he
too put an act like this. l’m relieved of a big
burden today. Which burden? You can stand on your
own two feet now. Sweeten your mouth. l knew, my brother couldn’t fail.
So l had already bought the sweets. Get me a pen and a paper. l’ve a iob in view, for you.
You’ll get it, if you’re lucky. Rs.5501- or Rs.6001- will be
the starting salary. Who’ll give me that much?
l’ve no experience at all. Your biggest qualification is
that you’re inexperienced. l’ll tell you later about that.
You write first. How many applications have
we received in all? ln all 117,… 23 of them are inexperienced
the rest are experienced. Throw away the applications
of the experienced. The country’s in this state due
to these experienced people. l can’t see a man on the Chair,
who’s less than 70 years. That’s why, the country’s
just not progressing. lt’s crawling like old men.
– You’re right, Sir. Today’s youngsters have
one shortcoming. What’s that?
– They’re more lured by sports. You’re right, Sir.
– O.K., read the names. The first name’s Vicky Saxena.
– What name is that? lt must be Vikram. He might’ve
shortened it to Vicky. One who has shortened his name,
will shorten his work too. Tick him off and read ahead.
– l mean go ahead here. The second name’s Badrinarayan.
– Call him. The third name’s Ram Prasad Sharma.
– Call him, too. Whose clothes are you ironing? Brother’s. He has his
interview at 1 1 today. Will he go in this dress?
– Yes. Doomed!
– What’s wrong? Nothing… Ram Prasad…
– Coming, uncle. Read the papers? The first Hockey
test between India and Pakistan. lslauddin and Shamiullah are
coming. What’ll be the result? l can’t predict that result,… but l can tell you
your interview’s result. What ?
– If you go in these clothes,… the result will be a flop. l don’t understand. l’ve come to make you understand.
Ratna, get me a cup of tea. Come here. Come and sit here. l’ll tell
you about Bhavani Shankar. The Proprietor, who’s going
to interview you. My childhood friend.
– Is it so? Your moustache’s your biggest
scoring point with him. He measures the size of
a moustache with a tape. He says, one without a moustache,
doesn’t have a pure heart. He’s right.
– What? No. l didn’t mean you.
You’re an exception. Does everyone in his office
sport a moustache? All except the lady
receptionist. Now listen carefully. To begin with, don’t pronounce
your name in short. Say Ram Prasad Sharma.
Not R.P.Sharma. Point 2. He’s dead against
recommendations. He shouldn’t know that
l’m your relative. Point 3. The most important point. Other than accountancy,
don’t answer any other question. Pretend to be ignorant about
cinema, hockey, music, et al. lgnorant?
– As his father said… …one should only study
as a student. After finishing your studies,
you can enjoy your hobbies. He’s very proud of his culture. So wear a dhothi and kurta
instead of trousers and a shirt. l don’t have a kurta-pyiama. Beg, borrow or steal then.
Apply lots of oil on your head. Stop the car. Where were you since a year?
Where are you going now? Remember Jagannath?
– Yes. He’s a social worker now. l’m going to borrow a pyiama
kurta from him for a day. For interview. Pyiama-kurta for an interview?
– Yes. Applying for a
ministerial position? Don’t run after this.
Look for a permanent job. lt’s not like that. Want a kurta-pyiama? l’m going to the Mohan Studios.
l’ll get you one there… This is the way to offer
a drink to a lady. Let there be a hurricane,
earthquake or a storm…. …not a drop of alcohol
must spill out of the glass. lf it spills, it should do
so orderly, like this…. Quickly bring all sets
of pyjama-kurtas. For whom are you shooting?
– Jurmaana. lsn’t it complete yet?
– No. Why? l’m working for the suspense
mythological mystery drama. Who plays Parvathi’s husband? l forgot to introduce…. My childhood pal Mr. Prasad. No need to say a word
about him. Your lips are bleeding.
– Oh! That’s make up. Since he’s come to a
studio for the first time… let me go for my make up…. Hey! You look different
with a moustache. l’m doing a double role. One with
whiskers and one without them. lt’s raised on one side.
Trim it a little. Has that heroine come?
– No. Why are you getting me
ready then? Go and send Bhosle. Tell me something.
How’s Ratna? Fine. She’s doing her M.A.
– Really? Are you married? No.
– Any love affair? No.
– As simple as ever. Listen… Here’s your pyiama-kurta.
– See which one you want. Anything simple.
– Choose it. This will be O.K. But this is…
– Looks like, it’s Bachchan’s Leave it alone.
Try another one. This should do. lt’s too big.
Whose is this? lt’s Hari Bhai’s Sanieev Kumar’s? Don’t you
have one of his size? l’ve one of Asrani. But it’ll be
slightly short for him. Never mind. It’s for a day.
l’ll manage. Please bring it. What’s this? 12 interviews
are over in 20 minutes? l don’t understand. He didn’t
ask a word about accounts. Asking funny questions.
– What do you mean? This is all an eye-wash.
The candidate’s already chosen. Please come. Sit down. You must be knowing my uncle,
Hari Srivastava. He was your college-mate
and captain of football team. Uncle has sent his love to you.
Don’t you remember him? You mean Hari Narayan?
– Yes. He’s now a football coach. When black pearl was here, Mohan
Bagan’s team was selected by him. The world famous football
player, Pele. As Tagore was called Gurudev,
Gandhi was Mahatma or Bapu…. …Pele was affectionately
known as black pearl. You seem to have a great
knowledge in sports. Sports is my life. l’m writing a book
on Indian cricketers. Sunil Gavaskar was my
class mate. Any message for Hari uncle? Tell him, l’m pleased to meet you. Your good name? Ram Prasad Dasharath Prasad Sharma. Please take a seat.
– Thank you Sir. What’s your opinion about
Sunil Gavaskar? The famous cricket player. l beg your pardon. l’m
ignorant about cricket. That’s O.K. Tell me something
about black pearl. l never knew that a pearl
could be black too. l thought they’re only white. l’m talking of Pele.
– Oh! He’s a great man, Sir. Tell me something
about his greatness. His research is worth reading. Whom are you talking about? Rele. The famous Economist.
– No. l’m talking of Pele. l had read in the paper
a few days ago…. …thousands of nuts waiting
to see him at the airport. About him, l know only so much. About this India versus Pakistan
Hockey test… …what’s your opinion
about that? l’ll take your leave Sir.
– Why? What happened? Other than my subiect, l’ve no
knowledge in other fields. My dad used to say, youth
is meant to work. You have the whole life ahead
to pursue your hobbies. But now l’ve known that
knowledge in sports is also a must. My Dad’s advice was of no use. Never. Your dad has
taught you right. Sit… what else has
he taught you? He said that one should never
give up his principles. Leave it. You might feel
that he’s mad. No. No. Tell me. He said, protect your ideals
and your moustache. Moustache is the mirror
of the mind. You’re cent percent right. l say, a man without a
moustache has no heart. You’ve got an ideal education. Look at this balance sheet. Which fool has made this?
– l’ve made this. l beg your pardon,
but this is wrong. l know that. l wanted to
know, how much you know. l’m very happy with you. Join tomorrow.
Your salary will be Rs.8001-. Rs.8001-….
– O.K. Rs.850. Not a penny more. – You youngsters feel….
– l didn’t mean that, sir. l’m inexperienced. How
can l get Rs.8501-? l’m not worth even Rs.5501-. Don’t teach me about
your worthiness. Go now and come tomorrow. Listen. Why do you wear
such a short Kurta? My dad said, a Kurta’s meant
to cover the upper body. There are 30 crore men here.
10 crore might wear Kurtas. The cloth saved by shortening
6 from each Kurta…. …can save the problem of
clothing for many. Wearing long clothes is a
dangerous fashion, dad said. He was against fashion.
– You mean was? Yes Sir. He died 4 years ago. How unfortunate am l that
l wasn’t blessed to…. …meet a straight and great
thinker like him. But he’s always with me. His thoughts keep
reverberating in me that…. …even after death man due
to his principles and thoughts… …can remain immortal. You’ll prosper a lot.
But l’ve a small request. Use this flamboyant language
to write and not to speak. l find it difficult
to comprehend. Salutations Sir.
– God bless you, son. l was scared for no reason. Even if you weren’t a C.A…. …you would’ve earned well
as an actor in a drama. That’s O.K. uncle. But how will
this mini Kurta do? lt’s someone else’s.
Stitch one of your size. No. There’s a problem
in that. People normally drop the
ax on their legs. But l’ve put my leg on it
and hurt myself! How?
– l had to get a job. So l said that my dad
always wanted a short Kurta. Now how do l give up
dad’s ideals? The Kurta’s a little short.
– Little? lnstead of Rs.5501-, you’ll get
a salary of Rs.8501-. Not only a short Kurta,
you shouldn’t hesitate to work… even in a banian! l want to talk personally
with him. You go there. Remember one thing. You’ll gain a lot,
if Bhavani’s happy. Do you know Urmila
of Urmila Traders? She’s the only daughter
of Bhavani Shankar. So?
– She’s a beautiful spinster. l’ve broken all my ties with
the world to be with you. Why are you quiet?
Why don’t you speak? My only fault is that…. …l’ve married you
stealthily. What’s wrong if you’ve
not come on a horse back? There was no pomp or music. Didn’t you accept me as
your wife before God? Don’t desert me. l’m
bearing your child in me. God! Open the eyes of my heart. First you open the eyes
on your face! Where do you listen to me? Either you’re busy working
or with your tummy exercise. l’ve told you, not to give too
much freedom to Urmila. What happened today? Urmi has married without
our knowledge. Who told you?
– l’ve just heard and come. He’s deserting her and going
away. Not only this, Urmi…. Tell me, what happened?
– Urmi’s pregnant. Where’s Urmi?
– In her room. My fault is l married you
without my dad’s knowledge. Tell me, why are you quiet? lf you desert me in this
plight, l’ll commit suicide. Open the door….
Open the door…. What’s happened daddy?
– It’ll happen now. What? What’s wrong, auntie? What have you done, my dear?
– What? You’ve brought disgrace
to our family. Where’s that rogue?
l’ll shoot him today. lf you only had to
marry then…. Look at this bottle of
glycerine and the drama script. This is a rehearsal of the
drama to be held in our College. What’s the need of this
vermilion in a rehearsal? lt’s the role of a married lady. What’s this. It’s iust 9.30
and you’ve started working? l’m here since 8 A.M.
– What for? Yesterday evening, boss had
asked me to make Ahuja’s file. What’s the hurry for that?
You have the whole day ahead. He wants it this evening. No, sir. My father used to say…. Finish off tomorrow’s work
today and just now itself. A poet of new generation has
modified this saying as… …do today’s iob tomorrow,
tomorrow’s on the 3rd day…. … what’s the hurry when there’s
a whole life ahead of you? But you never asked me
whose saying is this? Whose?
– Mine! You are great. Have it, Sir.
– What’s this? The file on Ahuia & Ahuia.
– When did you complete it? l had told you at 5 o’clock
yesterday. l was here till seven yesterday.
l came in at 8 today and it’s over. What’s the need to over work?
l don’t pay extra for that. Why overtime, Sir? Dad used
to say, if you had to work…. …never look at the watch. Know what my dad used to say? lf you see a young boy
working hard… …then lavish all your
attention on him. One small thing, Sir.
– What? Our Company’s taking short
term loans from the Ahujas. But they’re deducting interest
and paying us back. So what?
– Look here. On Rs.25,OOOl-, we’ve paid
1 O/o monthly interest. But we’ve paid interest on
our amount of Rs.22,7501-. lt means the rate of interest
is 2.290/o & not 1 + O/o ln the last 5 years, we’ve
borrowed 5 lakhs from them. And we’ve got Rs.l5,OOOl- less. God! No one ever thought of that! l think, the file should be
sent to our legal advisor. Write a letter to this
Company. Go on. Pay Rs.1001- as conveyance
allowance to Ram from now. Have this.
– Wow! That was nice…. What an ideal sister! Fool, is this a Samosa?
– Then what is it? This is the love of a sister. Sister’s love will get cold,
if you don’t eat it soon. When will your salary
get hiked again? Friends….lend me
your ears. The celebration for Prasad’s
success is on me. ln this celebration, other
than Prasad and me… …only one more
person can go. Hey! This is against democracy. When there’s no emergency,
it doesn’t mean…. …you can act and shout
any way you like. Friends, l’ve 3 tickets for
tomorrow’s Hockey match. 13 can’t go there in iust 3 tickets.
This is the time to sacrifice. Those who are not willing
to go, raise your hands. What? A Hockey match and
you won’t go? l can’t get leave.
– Take a half day. No leave for a test match.
– Why? That’s a different drama.
l’ll tell you sometime. O.K., you’re great in acting. Say your mom suddenly fell ill. Why drag my
dead Mom into this? So what? With fever, l’m
giving life to your dead Mom. You’re right. What’s there
to crib about? l’ll surely go. l’ll ring
you up at three sharp…. …that your mother’s
suddenly sick. That will be fine. l’ll give you
the number of my boss’s cabin. lf he receives the phone, there
will be no room of doubt. Bring a shirt and
trousers for me. l’ll come to your house. From
there, we’ll go to the stadium. Where’s the need to carry
that shirt and trousers? lf l go to see the match in the
clothes l wear to office… …lndia will surely lose.
Remember the number of boss. 449002 O.K… Call me
at 3, then. O.K.? Despatch this today itself.
– Have you signed in the duplicate? Yes. l’ve to go on an urgent work. You wait here for Khanna’s
phone at 5 P.M. You talk to them personally. l’ll send him now. It
was your neighbour’s phone. l’ll tell him not to call here. Your mother’s suddenly ill. What happened to mother? No. She’s iust sick.
Go home quickly. But Mr.Khanna’s phone-call…
– To hell with this call! Go home soon. Wait. Let me drop you in my car. No. Why are you unnecessarily
taking trouble ? l’ll take a taxi. O.K… Please pray God for my mother. Don’t panic, son.
Everything will be fine. Go on. This is called devotion
to mother. Anyone sitting here?
– Go and sit there. Welcome my late Latifs,
my moon-faced guys… l’ve been waiting for you
for an hour. Will you have a betel?
– Offer him. Will you have one? The Ahuia’s have accepted
their mistake. Sign this paper and you’ll
get back your Rs.15,OOOl-. How’s your mother?
– She’s O.K. now. The doctor said that now
there’s no cause for worry. But what was her problem?
– Breathing trouble. Now she’s O.K. You mean she’s fine?
– l mean her sickness. Yesterday’s match was nice
with your pals. Isn’t it? l don’t get you, Sir.
– Don’t pretend! l’m like your father and
you dare lie to me…. Yes, as you’re like my dad and
no, as you said, l’m lying. l saw you at the stadium
with my own eyes. l was taken aback by
your guts. So much of faith had
l placed in you… Your face looks different
with the moustache. Yes, it’s a double-role
of twin brothers…. One has a moustache
while the other doesn’t have. l get it, Sir. But that’s
no fault of yours, Sir. What?
– Your eyes are at no fault either. But sign here first and
l’ll tell you after that. What will you say?….
– Don’t get so excited. Dad used to say, it’s harmful
for health to get excited. No Sir. You say, you saw
me at the stadium. Yes.
– What had l worn? You….
– l’ll tell you, Sir. The one you’ve seen must
have worn colourful clothes. Yes.
– With sunglasses? Yes, Yes….
– With unruly hair. One look at him reminds you
of a roadside-Romeo. What do you wish to say?
– l wish to say that… you haven’t seen me at all. Have you ever seen me
in jazzy clothes? But many people make the mistake
you have made. The one you saw, wasn’t
Ram Prasad…. …but Lakshman Prasad,
my twin brother. What?
– Yes, Sir. l have a moustache, while
he doesn’t sport one. A clean shave?
– Just think Sir. You’re the boss.
You can dismiss me, if you wish. But my father used
to say… …never tolerate false
allegations against yourself. Now, when you’ve lost your
confidence in me… …l can’t work here anymore.
Accept my resignation. Good-bye. Listen. Maybe you’re right.
He had no moustache. What do you mean by maybe ? How can he have one
when he has no moustache? l considered you as
my father. But today, you have levelled
false allegations against me…. No, l was at wrong.
Sit down… Sit here. You said iust now that
l’m like your father. Don’t l have the right to
scold you, then? You do have a right, Sir.
– Tell me something first. What’s your brother doing?
– Nothing. lt’s sports, music,
and cinema the whole day… lt means, he doesn’t
earn anything? No. Instead, he blows up a lot. ls the entire responsibility
on your shoulders then? Yes.
– Send him here tomorrow. l’ll arrange for a iob here.
– No. This can never happen. Why not?
– He can’t come when l’m here. l don’t follow.
– l told you, he knows nothing. Only music, sports….
– O.K. The day after tomorrow’s a holiday.
Send him home then. He’ll teach music
to my daughter. One more problem for
my sake… Now stop arguing. Hey! You’re caught then.
– Look… l’ll be doomed without
this job. No one will give a salary of
Rs.9501- these days. l’ve to get Ratna
married, also. Make an artificial
moustache for me, like this. The rest, l’ll take care of. Everything’s in a confusion… Every straight road has
a curved path… Hi, Gardener… ls the old man in?
– Which old man? l mean your boss, Bhavani.
– Who told you, he’s old? He’s born old. A name like
Bhavani Shankar… imagine. Am l not correct?
O.K. go and call him…. Call him. You sit here. l’ll go
and call him. You…
– l’m Bhavani Shankar. Are you also one of the twins?
A gardener, who’s working here… There’s no gardener here.
l do my own gardening. Alas! l’ve made a big mistake.
– What? l called you an old man…
– So what? l’m an old man. You’re old, even then, iust as a
blind shouldn’t be called blind… a cripple shouldn’t
be called a cripple… it’s not politically correct to
call an old man old. lt offends an old man
to be called that. What’s your name?
– Lucky Sharma. My name’s Laxman, but my
pals call me Lucky. You must call me that, too.
– No, l’ll call you Laxman. As you wish. You can even
call me Laxman Prasad D.S. l was reminded of
that full name… Brother said, you were in
need of a music teacher. Yes. But there are 2 conditions.
– What? The first: your salary of Rs.2001-
will be paid to Ram Prasad. Why so?
– l told you, that’s my condition. My daughter will decide if
you know music or not. l won’t accept this. Just as your daughter will
decide about me… …an artist like me
has the right to know… …whether your daughter
is fit enough to learn music. He has come to teach you music.
His name’s Laxman. What?
– Laxman. You can call me Lucky.
– O.K. l’ll call you Luckyii.
– Why call Lucky-ji? Just call me Lucky and
l’ll call you Mili. No, you’ll call her Urmilaii! And she will address
you as Masterji. See if he’s worth
teaching music…. You see if she’s
worth learning music. Let’s go to the music room.
– Come on. lt’s indeed difficult
to sing. Music is not accountancy. Here 2 & 2 can be 5
or 3 or even zero. Very shrewd. Come in. Are all these done by you? Yes. Don’t fail me
by looking at my taste. l can’t sing for nuts,
especially before you. Why?
– You’re a great singer. Last year you had sung
at the Rang Bhavan… Actually, l started liking
music from that day only. How much l searched for you. l reached there, after you
had started singing. So, l couldn’t get your
name and address. That’s good.
l mean, what’s in a name? The real thing is music… l could make that out
after hearing your music. Please sing that same
song once again. l felt that day… …as though the world were
an open ground. l’m all alone in it
with your voice. Since then, l’ve been roaming
in search of that voice. l keep day dreaming
about you always. Looks like Ram has run
away. Where has he gone? l don’t know. He left home
very early. l didn’t know. He looks tensed up
since 2 days. l too am tensed up. l could gather from Bhavani’s talk
that someone has cheated him. Brother has come. Uncle has come. What’s wrong with you?
– Salutations, uncle. What happened to your whiskers?
– Nothing. Why do you have a
hanky there then? Where has your
moustache gone? What have you done? Working with him, you’ve
shaved your moustache? You’ve lost your iob. Did you call me?
– Come. Laxman had come yesterday. Who?
– Your brother. Yes… my brother… Shall l say some thing.
Don’t mistake me. He’s a bit of an upstart. Hope he hasn’t acted
foolishly with you. Not deliberately. He took me to be a gardener
and started talking to me. What a shame! Don’t permit him
to enter your house. No. How is that possible? He’s your twin brother. How do l tell you,… he’ll be
the cause of my downfall. You’re unnecessarily worried. l must concede one thing though.
He has a sweet voice. How’s your mother now? She’s fine.
– l’m coming on Sunday to meet her. Coming to meet whom?
– Your mother. No. l told you, she’s fine now. So what? She’s your mother
and can’t l meet her? l’m coming on Sunday… Sit…
So, you want a mother now… Your story’s getting
complicated day by day. First, l thought of
directing your story. Now l feel, l should make
a commercial director do it. There’s no logic in
your story anymore. First, you wanted a Kurta, then
a moustache, and now a mother. ln my story, instead of a
mother, l’d induct a wife. A wife is young, so
there’ll be sex-appeal… …romance, music and a villain
to fight with the hero. He’ll chase him. You can think about me now.
Your story comes later. l want a mother and
that too tomorrow. What’s the problem there? l’ll tell Arunaii and she’ll be
your mom from today itself. Are you mad?
– Why? She’ll look like my wife. Can’t you have a step-mother
who’s 25-26 years old? l don’t want step-mother. Her age should be 40-50?
– Yes. Saritabai won’t act
as your mother. Nirupaii is very busy.
Sulochanaji’s in Kolhapur. Mother’s role… 4 days ago l was
working in Basuda’s film. Who was my mom there?
She was my mother. A lady, Mrs. Srivastava. A rich lady, she’s
a social worker… she’s working in films
as a hobby. We’ll go to her.
She won’t refuse. No… l can’t do this.
If l’m caught, then…. Caught?
How can you say that? This is a test of an
artist’s talent. lt’s a challenge for you. Look at him once
before you refuse. He’s a middle-class chap. He’s the sole supporter
of his family. What’ll happen, if
he loses his job? Look at him. How will a poor man’s
sister get married? Who’ll marry him? Accept this as a social
service, please… O.K… No… l can’t do this.
l’ve no courage. l’m nervous now. You must’ve heard about
the father of a nation. But have you ever heard
of the mother of a nation? No. Why?
l’ll tell you. lt’s easy to become a father. To become a mother is
all the more difficult. lt’s a matter of pride to
become a mother of someone. We’ve come here to give
you that exalted status. Had l got that status…
l could’ve been his mother. Please accept it.
l’ll boost your morale. Please come and sit. You said, your only daughter’s
married in Canada. Yes. Without her, you find
this house deserted. Her memories pain you
and make you restless. How old is your daughter?
– 22-23 years! Ratna’s also 24-25 years old
– Ratna? His only sister. She’ll get
a mother and you a daughter. You’ll only have to
tolerate him. Don’t get carried away
by his looks. He’s a very smart chap. He’s a chartered accountant
and well-mannered. Come and fall at your
mother’s feet, son… May God bless you…
May you live long like me. l accepted this,
just to meet you. Brother and l will never
forget your obligation. Have you understood
everything now? What’s there to understand?
Your parents are dead. No. Mother’s not dead.
l’m your mother. l’m not dead as yet and there are
just the three of us in this house. Not 3 but 4.
– 4_ Yes, 4
– Yes. One who’s there and not there. Look, l haven’t forgotten. Just don’t become nervous.
– Why should l? No, l am no nervous. They have come… Come in… Why remove your shoes?
Let them be there. Wow! What a divine atmosphere… Please sit… Let’s go auntie.
– Not auntie, mother… wait. – Now come.
– Wear your sari properly. – Come.
– Sandals? Your brother Laxman’s
not to be seen. When is he at home
to be seen around? He must’ve gone to your
place to teach music. Salutations… How lucky we are to have
your presence here. Don’t say that.
In fact, l’m lucky… Please sit.
– You sit. She’s my younger sister… God bless you.
– She’s doing her M.A. in Hindi. ln Hindi? Why won’t she?
After all, daughter of a great man. The credit should go to
mother also. You’re right. Go and get some snacks
for him, dear… No, why take the trouble?
– What’s the trouble in this? A guest is like God;
and one must serve them well. Wow! Just like the
divine atmosphere here… …your language and thoughts
are also divine. By the way, how are you now?
– Why, what’s wrong with me? As long as l’m breathing,
l’m alive. What are you talking about?
May you live long! What will l do with a long life? My only daughter’s to get married
by the grace of God. l’ve only one son…
You’ve given him a good job. Only son?
– Thing is, Laxman’s never… …taken into account by mother. He’s never there at home.
His dad used to say…. ….one can’t become
a son by birth, alone. After completing his duty,
does he become a real son. Wow! Such noble thoughts…. Have a little sweet. Wow! Coconut cookies.
My mom used to make them. These are made by my mom. Why did you ask me to have a
little sweet? l’ll eat them all. l’ll come here as and when
l find time at the office. Why? l mean why not?
It’s like your own house. l’ll have to come in
craze of these sweets. Why take trouble for that? Mom will make them and
l’ll give it to you in the office. l’ll make lots to last
you for months. O.K. Madam, l don’t wish to
go, but l’ll have to leave. l’ll see him to his car
and return. Switch on the fan in
full speed, my dear. Thanks a lot. Your acting
as a mother was excellent. You saved us from a
problem, like a mother. Preserve this, Ramprasad. Now Ram will die and
Lucky will be born… …to teach music to
Bhavani’s daughter. O.K. Mrs.Srivastava…
– Shall l make tea for you? Come near me. lt’s fine if you call me
auntie before all. Can’t you call me mother
when we’re alone? Where are there parties
these days? ln the name of a party, there
is a fashion parade. There are fancy dress shows. Where have you come? To a
fashion parade or fashion show? Don’t ridicule the national
dress to be called modern. Hide yourself. R.C.Bhavani
has given you a fitting reply. Let me rectify that. What’s the matter?
– Nothing. Met after long time.
Your husband hasn’t come? He’s in Bangalore. How are you?
How’s your mother? What happened to
Sushma’s beauty contest? My wife was against this anyway. This is a conservative idea. Don’t worry, l’ll convince her. Excuse me, l’m iust coming.
How are you, Susheela? Fine.
– When did you make this? lt’s very pretty.
– Made it just now. l too thought of making
one like this. And then….O.K.then, l’ll….
meet you later. Looks like, we’ve met earlier. l don’t think so.
What’s your name? Bhavani Shankar.
– l’m Kamla Srivastava. Surprising, not only you,
but your voice is also identical. Surely, we’ve met earlier. Aren’t you talking about
Mrs.Sharma of Khar? Yes.
– That’s why, you’re confused. But my sister’s a widow.
– Is she your sister? Yes. Though she’s a widow
all are still mistaking us… We’re twins. That’s why…. Looks like there’s a tradition
of twins in your family. You’re right. My granny
was also one of twins. Now Ram and Lakshman…. Go to Khar.
– Yes…. Come in. Brother’s not at home. Mother?
– She’s bathing… Let it be.
l’ll meet her and go. Sit Something important?
– Yes. You can tell me.
l’ll go and ask her…. She takes a long time
bathing, you know… Never mind. l’m in no hurry. Where’s Ram Prasad?
– l don’t know. He has gone to the temple.
– Temple? Every Tuesday, he goes
to the temple. He’s very conservative. So visiting a temple and
praying is a bad tradition? Then wear iazzy clothes,
Ioiter around without a job….? Look, l don’t wish to argue. There’s a big gap
between you and me. You ignore the future and
keep looking at your past… …when the sun’s rising
behind your back. The older generation can never
appreciate our views. With whom are you talking? Mom, have you come?
l mean after your bath… Oh! Is it you?
– Talk to him. l’ll come now. Salutations, Sir.
– Please sit… You too sit…. How are you now?
– It’s all your mercy. Thought of peeping in,
while passing by this way. What do you mean? You
never come here these days. l mean….your sister,
l met her at a party. You mean Kamla? How’s she?
– Fine. l’ve not met her
for a long time. Before our marriage, we couldn’t
stay without each other. We’re twins…. Here are my Ram and Lakshman. Other than their looks, they
are totally different. Mom, l’m going to a iazz show. Asha Putli’s coming.
l’ll be home late. Go and get those
sweets for him. l’m always worried
about this boy. But God has given you a
son like Ramprasad, too. He’s so disciplined, honest,
hard-working…. …so well mannered, l could
praise him forever. These days he looks worried. Why?
– He respects you a lot. He almost worships you. He’s scared, that with a
small fault done by him…. …you might demean him,
then what’ll happen to him? Ram getting demeaned?
That can never happen. He was saying that one day
there was a misunderstanding. He was to be thrown
out of his job. l’m indeed ashamed
about that act. ls he still thinking
about being kicked out? And l’m thinking of making
him the General Manager. Mother…
Sir… you… God bless you.
– Hey! What’s this? Whenever l come from the temple,
l prostrate before Mom. Since a mother is greater
than even God. You’re like my father.
So l… No, my son, sit with me.
God bless you, son. l’m touched by your devotion. Sir, iust bless me that
between you and me… …there should be no
misunderstanding. What are you talking about, son?
Make him understand, Sis. Take rest Madam and
Iet me take your leave. You rest mother…
– Hurry up, Ratna… Let it be, Madam.
l’m in a hurry. Bye… Remember one thing. As long as l’m alive,
no one can harm you. l thought brother
had had it today. How did you pop in from? Mother can sniff danger.
Look… How did you get
into the house? From the rear; through
the kitchen window Could you get in through that? Yes. l know how l got in.
My waist got caught. l was half in and half out. l could smell that
Bhavani would be here. What happened? l sprained my leg, while
jumping through the window. Let me rub lodex
on that. l can guess that you were very
naughty when you were young. ln my Mom’s house, the kitchen
was on the 2nd floor. There was a tree behind it. l used to enter in through
that tree to flick pickles. l relived my childhood
again today. What happened? Mom knew that your
boss was coming here. She has sprained her leg while
jumping through the window. How many problems you’ve
got to face because of us? Call her mother from today.
– You’re right. You must’ve been our Mom
in some birth of ours. l too feel that way.
But tell me something. l can guess, how you changed
your dress quickly. How could you get vermillion
from the temple so soon? lt’s not from temple.
It’s lipstick. Lipstick…?
– Yes. Look… Take this.
– What’s that? Dahi Vada.
– l don’t feel like eating. Don’t feel like eating?
– No. A girl refusing to eat this
can have only 2 reasons. One is either she’s slowly
becoming a boy or…. get going… No. l can’t see that sign. The 2nd reason must
be right. What’s that?
– You’re love-sick. Who’s he? No one.
– Don’t lie. One day l too had hated
to eat these. The 3rd day, l realised,
l’m in love with Buntu. What’s his name?
– Lucky, l mean Laxman Prasad. Not the one who comes
to teach you music? How do you feel
being in love? Can’t follow anything. As
Iong as Lucky’s with me…. …life seems to be nice. But when l’m alone, l feel
there’s no charm in life. Have matters reached
so far? Does he come in your dreams?
– Sometimes. What does he tell you?
– Teaches me music. Let me say, what l wanted to. Don’t interrupt me.
This is your bad habit. Never permit me to speak.
– Speak out in 112 a minute. That’s O.K.
l want less time only. Don’t make me nervous by
staring at me. l’ll tell you… l want to say that Urmi’s
behaviour is not proper. Blurt out openly what
you want to say. She blabbers in her sleep
these days. With Lakshman’s name, she
was blabbering in her sleep. With Lakshman’s name?
– The boy’s good. But our Urmi’s in love
with him. l say brother… …get her married off to
a good groom. What has Lakshman done, Sir? l can’t blame Lakshman. The problem is,
my Urmi can’t… …tell the difference between
gold and brass. She doesn’t know what is
good or bad for you. But he should know that. Due to dance and music, she
has no interest in studies. lf after office hours, you’ll
teach her for a while… …l’ll be grateful to you. What do you mean? What
will happen to Lakshman? Tell him, not to come to
my house henceforth. Why won’t he come? You can’t get such a nice
music teacher not only here… …but anywhere in
the world. Let it be tough. But it’s impossible to get
a teacher like Ram. But daddy….
– No buts and dont’s Enough of music. Your exams
are fast approaching. Pay attention to your studies. Ram has agreed with
great difficulty. l want you to learn from him,
who’s good and who’s bad. Both are twins; but are
very different. Where’s Laxman and where’s Ram?
– l’m here Sir. Come, my dear Ram….
come here. l was iust talking about you. What’s this?
These clothes, moustache…. You too got cheated?
He’s Ram, Laxman’s twin brother. She’s my sister, Kalindhi. God bless you.
– She’s Urmila. From today, you take all
her responsibility. What?
– l mean her studies. But where will l teach?
– In this room. One can’t study properly
in such a big room. Concentration will be less. A small room’s
needed to study. A separate quiet room.
– He’s right daddy. l’ll clean that room on top.
We’ll start from tomorrow. Why so?
– Today is Pushpa’s birthday. She’s right.
We’ll begin from tomorrow. Tomorrow’s auspicious
as it’s a Wednesday. You sit. l’ll go now.
– l’ll also go, Sir. You’ve come here for the
first time. How could you go
without eating? Yes, sit down. Take this. l’ll get some
more for brother. Eat, my dear… Yes Madam.
– Is Lucky in there? There’s no Lucky here.
– l mean Laxman. So, you want younger brother?
Are you Urmila? How did you find out?
– Please come in. Brother talks a lot
about you. Now, l know all that by heart. What does he talk about me? Once he said, My, Urmi’s not
a girl, but a poet’s dream. My Urmila?
– Yes. Must’ve read Ramayan. Then Laxman has to call her
as his Urmila. Please call him.
– He’s not at home. When will he return?
– Can’t say. He’s a free bird. Give me a paper. l’ll
write a letter to him. You write. Till then, l’ll
get you a cup of tea. l’ll have tea some other time.
l’m in a hurry now. Give this letter to him only. lf it’s in his name,
l’ll give it to him only. Can l get a cover?
– No need for a cover. You fold it and give. l’ll
give it to him. l won’t read. Nothing like that.
The letter’s personal. Don’t worry. l’ll give it
to him only. Ratna….
– What’s it brother? Why was Urmila here?
– To meet Laxman. What was she saying?
– She has a letter for him. Give me that.
– No. It’s for Lakshman. Stop fooling….
– Where am l fooling? l’ve promised her to give
her letter only to Lakshman. Look, here’s Laxman.
– O.K. Now l can give you. l’m dead….
– What happened? She wants me to meet her
tomorrow at 7 P.M. So what, meet her then. How can l? l’ll start
teaching her by 5.30 P.M. Tuitions will get over
at 6.30 P.M. She’ll reach that place
cozily in her car. How can l become Laxman
and reach there in l5 minutes? There’s only one way. Kabir asks to chant
without a biased mind. ls it possible to conclude
from this that… …he never took
anybody’s side. Kabir obiected to both
religion and karma…. Why do you keep looking
at the watch? – Pay attention here.
– It’s 6.30 P.M. lt’s 6.30 every day at this time. lt’s over an hour.
l can’t study anymore. But half a chapter’s
still remaining. That way, one birth’s not
enough to study Kabir. l’ll try to complete it
by 7.30. So, Kabir… l get tired if l study
for more than an hour. But this chapter…
– We’ll complete it tomorrow. Bye. Finished your tuitions?
– Yes. Have a snack.
– No. l’m in a hurry. You’re coming from the office.
So you must have a snack. Why are you in
such a hurry? l’m very hungry.
– Eat it. l’ll bring more. Have you come? Sit down.
– Let’s go to Chandan cinema. What are you doing here,
brother-in-law? Sister’s waiting there
for you. Sister?
– Look, she’s waiting there. Hey! Open the door. What are
you doing? l’m in a hurry. What happened?
– l was about to go in…. …when a man came and called
me brother-in-law. He went in and locked the door.
Is this any way? lt means his need was
more urgent than yours. You’re crazy, Helen has
already started her dance. Even then, l couldn’t control it. You say that his need
was more urgent. What?
– He called me brother-in-law. Then isn’t he also
my brother-in-law? Shall l ask you a thing? You’ve finished that work
SO SOOn… …changed your clothes and
even shaved your moustache. This is called the Jet Age… Come….Urmi, Lucky has come. You’re late. lt’s my alertness that
l’ve reached here so early. Come. – Sit.
– Why did you call me? We’ve to meet somewhere.
l can’t survive without you. My life would be hell, if
l had to meet you daily. l know, you’ve big eyes. Look,
l’m a straightforward man. Why meet stealthily? Forget me, if we’ve to
meet like this. Are you history that
l read and forget it? l’ll be history, soon. Your
dad hates the sight of me. He must’ve thrown me out of
job with some idea in mind. With something on his mind,
he has made Ram your teacher. lf not me, let it be him.
– What? lf you start looking
at my brother… …you’ll start seeing
me in him. Aren’t you ashamed of
canvassing for your brother? Ashamed? Me? One who’s
Ram is Lakshman and vice versa. That foolish man with
the moustache… …can never be compared
with you. There’s no question of
comparison. Have some tea. We can’t talk here. We’ll
meet at Juhu beach tomorrow. Those who meet,
actually never meet. Those who never meet, in
reality actually do meet. What’s there is actually
not there. What’s not there is
actually there. This is not iust playing
with words. But it’s a play too,
in a way. This is the sight. And in this to be and
not to be…. …to meet and not to
meet, amidst this is…. …the ocean of
Maya (illusion) Why is he coming again
to meet me today? l don’t know. He told me yesterday,
that he was coming to see you today. Said it was something
important. l don’t like this now. The day he knows the truth,
what’ll he think of us? Do you think l love
playing this game? Gather the courage some day
and tell him everything. And that day, he’ll kick me
out of my job. Looks like he has come. But something will have
to be done, mother. Come… Welcome… Please sit…
– You also sit…. How’s your health now?
– l’m fine. That’s nice. l’ve come for an
important work today. Why not?
– The thing is…. Madam… lf you wish, we’ll go out. No. Actually, l’ve come
to talk about you. l’ve a request
to make to you today. Give my daughter some
place at your feet. l’ve come to ask for Ram’s hand
for my daughter. What are you saying? You’re so rich and this
small house… These feelings of big and
small are matters of the heart. So what if your
house is small? Your heart is so big. l beg
of you, don’t disappoint me. – But…
– Nothing doing. You’ll have to say yes. What’s happening there, my dear? Hey! What are you
doing here? What are you doing here? l’ve questioned you first.
You answer me. This is the house of my
future son-in-law. So, you’ve fixed Urmila’s marriage? Yes.
– With Lakshman? – What happen?
– No. With Ram. Tell me, how you’re here? This Kamla…
– Kamla? l mean Kamla Vimla are
my foster sisters. Now l’m in a soup. l don’t know, whether l belong
to the girl or the boy’s party. Doesn’t matter. l’ll eat
sweets with either of you. When is this auspicious day?
Don’t delay these things. l’m going to fix the date now. Don’t get up. Please sit, madam.
You also, dear. Kedar will leave me.
Come along. Bye… A new problem has
cropped up now. Once you’re married,
everything will be O.K. You don’t follow, mom.
– Why? The problem is,
father likes Ram… …and the daughter
is in love with Lakshman. Urmi hates the sight of
Ram and… His B.P rises at the
sight of Lakshman. l’m caught between the two of them.
– What will you do now? There’s only one way out. Laxman will have to go on exile
to the forest, for Ram’s sake. Urmi, forget your Laxman. Your Laxman’s leaving
this city forever. You must marry Ram.
He’ll keep you very happy. Happier than me. Funny, how did you
come to know? You’ve heard it right.
The boy’s a real gem. l thought, God had stopped
making such boys. l went to his mother
and fixed up everything. She’s your daughter, too.
O.K. Iet’s meet later. But this wedding
can’t take place. What not?
– It’s my marriage, dad. But you never bothered to ask
about my likes and dislikes. l didn’t consider
that necessary. How do you know
your choice is right? l’m old enough for that.
– Are you older than me? Why don’t you understand?
l may like someone else. So, are you in love? With Laxman? You can’t marry the man
you’re in love with. You’ll marry the man
of my choice, l mean Ram. Are you forcing me?
– Yes. You’ve forgotten the decency,
and the discipline of this house. You shamelessly look your
father in the eye… …and talk of your
own marriage?! l’ve pampered you and made
a spoilt brat out of you. You’ll marry only Ram.
You may go now… l’ll go… Who’s it? You? At this hour of the night? l say, how could you
write that letter? What can l do? When your
Dad likes Ram… Let Dad like anybody.
Tell me, whom do you like? Should l say whom l like? Speak. Brother likes you as
much as l like you. But l hate him.
– Softly. Ram will hear you. Let him hear me.
l’m not scared of anyone. l’ve left my house for good
and come here. l’m going to Pushpa’s house. Tomorrow, we’re getting
married in the temple. Against your dad’s wishes?
– Yes. l’ll lose my iob.
– What? l mean, my brother’s…. To hell with your brother
and his job. l’ll commit suicide, if
you don’t come tomorrow. You’ll be blamed for that.
Beware. Just listen to me… You, hello…
– Is Ram there? Yes. Please come in.
l’ll call him. l’m fine here.
Please call him soon. O.K. brother…
– Who is it? Uncle Bhavani is here,
brother…. He’ll come in a minute.
You come in. What’s your other
brother doing? He’s not here. l too guessed as much.
When did he go? Early this morning.
– Did you see him leave? Yes.
– Was he here at night? Yes.
– When did you see him last? At 10.30 P.M. What’s it?
– Nothing, my dear? You go and send Ram.
– Yes. He looks serious.
Doesn’t want to come in. He was cross-examining me
about Laxman like a lawyer. Looks like we’re going to have
a brand new Ramayan soon! Ram will be killed
by Laxman. What this sir? You’re
standing here? Come in… You come on out…
l want to talk to you alone. lsn’t your brother
Laxman at home? No. Sir. But what’s wrong? My daughter has eloped
with this help. No, Sir. Yes, Ram. l’m going to
complain to the Police. No Sir, please don’t do that.
Everything will be exposed. What? l’ll be no where,if the Police
come here and make enquiries. l’ll be caught, Sir.
– Why you? Due to Laxman, l’ll be
humiliated. How will l get my
sister married then? Laxman has no role to play
in Urmi’s eloping. He hasn’t helped her.
l can say this confidently. How can you be so sure? What’s the difference between
us twins? Why are you panicking, if
your brother’s innocent? Allow me to go and
Iodge the complaint. No Sir.
Just give me 3 hours time. l’ll bring Urmila to
your house. How? Do you know,
where she could be? No. But l know Laxman’s hide-outs. l’ll find him in a iiffy.
If he knows… O.K. But l’ll inform the
Police after 3 hours. You?
– Urmila had called me. Oh! Come in.. Come… Come in…
Please go upstairs. What were you eating?
– Poison. Why? Don’t call me Urmi.
– O.K. l won’t. Listen to me… What?
– It’s no use if you’re angry. Think it over
with a cool head. How dare you touch me? Don’t come near me…
– But just listen to me…. Why vent your
dad’s anger on me? Have l reiected this
proposal of marriage? What?
– l’ve come to tell you that… So you came to tell me this? Have a long look at yourself
in the mirror. l iust don’t wish to talk
to you. Get out… What are you talking about? What’s wrong with you? – So you hate me.
– Yes. – Don’t wish to see me?
– Yes. O.K. l’ll go away forever. But iust look at me
for the last time. O.K. l’ll go now.
– Lucky… No, l’m that foolish Ram… You’re foolish.
But you are mine. What’s this silly act?
l’m your friend. Believe me. Urmila means
something to me also. Your respect is my respect, too. lf the problem’s solved by your
raised B.P, then do so. Should l blow a trumpet
if not raise my B.P? For… …eloping with my innocent Urmi,
your favourite… …crook, rogue!
That clean-shaven nephew of yours! Scream and shout then.
Laxman will only benefit by this. How? With your high B.P, you’ll get
a cerebral hemorrhage. You may even die. Urmi will get all your wealth,
when you die. That means, Laxman will get it.
So shout all you want… l won’t shout, in that case.
– l know Laxman very well. He’s naughty, but not a loafer. – Yes he is…
– Shouted again. He’s a loafer! A crook!
A bloody rogue! l want to talk to Urmila
in privacy. O.K.
Come Ram, let’s go. Do as you told. Go. Please pardon me. You were right. A man without a moustache
can never be decent. Laxman turned out to
be the No.l Rogue! What’s the use of
cribbing now? The plans l had! l found a boy like Ram
for you. But you’ve messed up
everything now. Nothing’s wrong.
Ram has forgiven me. He told me that he…
– What? He doesn’t mind marrying me. Did Ram say that?
– Yes Thank you, Ram…. Father used to say,
ignore all minor mistakes. Man must always try and
appreciate another’s soul. The most important thing
is purity of heart… He was right. Look at
today’s generation. They’re busy shaving
their whiskers and beard! They pay no attention
to purifying their heart. l can’t understand why men
shave off their moustaches. Bring some more to eat.
– No, this is enough… Nothing’s over now. It’s
just about to begin. Eat slowly….
Today’s the last day to eat. What?
– l mean before the wedding. Don’t keep standing here.
Go and get him some food to eat. Eat my son….l’m iust coming… Shall l bring potato stuffed bread?
– No auntie. Your uncle also used to
say no like this. But used to gobble up
4 men’s food later. No. This is too much. This much bread were warming up
your uncle’s teeth those days. He used to say, l talk a
Iot, but eat very less. But l couldn’t fulfill
his one wish. l’ll fulfill it after
your wedding…. What’s that auntie? He loved moghlai radish
stuffed bread. One day l made them with
great difficulty. after eating one, he died
on the table itself. After you’re married, l’ll
make the same for you. No. Give me potato stuffed
and not radish bread. Why only potato? l’ll give
you Calcutta’s sweets… pudding from Delhi
and pedhas from of Mathura… So many sweets? How will you be strong,
if you don’t eat? How can you bear the beatings of
the Police, if you’re not strong? Beatings of the Police…?
– Yes… You cheat….! Sir… Sir, please forgive me… No, l’ll finish you.
Police will be coming… l’ll shoot you,
if you try to escape. Go and stand at the door.
Don’t allow him to escape. l won’t run. l’m glad
you’ve informed the Police. l deserve to be sent to iail.
l have sinned. Let me compensate for my sins
by falling at your feet. Dare you touch my feet… Auntie, please bless me… – Alas! He has escaped…
– Catch him… Who’s it? Hey! Your mustache?
– It’s in your dad’s hands. There was less glue. It slipped
in the presence of your dad. What happens to our
wedding now? Don’t open the door.
– Open the door. Say it louder.
– l’m changing my clothes. Then keep the door shut. A criminal has entered here.
l won’t spare him today. You check out here. l’ll go
upstairs and look for him. – What’ll happen now?
– Now l’ll have to go to jail. There’s one way out. lf we escape from here
and get married… ….then dad can’t harm
his son-in-law… But how do we escape? That
devil’s waiting with a pistol. -Which devil?
– Your daddy. You called my dad a devil?! No. That angel’s standing
with a pistol to welcome me! Tell me how to escape
from here now. What?
– Do you have a rope with you? No. Or 2-3 bed spreads,… take out
anything you have soon. l’ll go and start the car.
Meet me there. Look, won’t you fall down?
– No. You go now. Listen… nothing… Fool, what are you doing there? l thought…
– You’ve started thinking too?! Get lost from here.
Where can he escape? Hey! You thief…
l’ll make you dance now. Auntie…
– Brother! Come soon. He’s fleeing. What happened?
– He has escaped. Where?
– This way…! Everything’s in a mess… Every straight road
has a curved path. Arrest him. Who’s shouting there? You are caught again!
Where did you catch him? Behind the creek, he has
his liquor hide out. Will you stop this business?
– l’ll stop it, if l’m in the mood. Sit quietly. l’ll meet my
senior officer and return. Get up from here.
– What happened? Go and sit on that bench.
– l’m going, mister. Smoking an officer’s cigarettes? Sit here. Boss will come now. Put your legs down. – Put your legs down.
– Who’s that? Have you come, Inspector?
– l’m not an Inspector. Then you must be a thief
or a crook. lt’s a police station.
Only crooks can come here. Great men won’t come here. l’m a businessman.
– l’m one, too. Both are businessmen. Looks like we’re
the same business. Where do you brew your stuff? Why are you screaming?
– Won’t you shut up? l’ve got it. You’re caught for the first time. That’s why, you’re scared.
No need to panic, buddy. l’ll give you the medicine
for panic. Look, this is potent stuff. Take 2 swigs, you’ll feel
fine. All fears will vanish. Have a sip. Check it out. Hey! What’s this?
You’re insulting my booze? When you survive on it,
you liar… Senior officer is coming. Hey! What’s this?
– What’s wrong? You look thin. You’ll never improve. What’s my fault? The municipality has warned
about the outbreak of jaundice. Boil water. Man has stopped
drinking water now. So my business has
increased. Some don’t drink water or alcohol.
They have something else. Got my point?
What a joke? Constable…
Put him behind bars. He’s my friend, arrested
for the first time. Reduce his punishment.
– Take him away. Why is he here?
– Due to rash driving, He hit a police car and
also had a revolver. l have a license.
– Show it to me. l have it at home.
– What did you find in his car? Nothing. lt means, he threw the
stuff and was escaping. What were you smuggling?
Whose stuff was that? Do l look a like smuggler,
you whisker-less dimwit? Are you drunk? l don’t drink.
That drunkard spilt it on me. He speaks English! lf l’m Pascal,
you’re a rascal. With an artificial moustache,
trying to cheat us? Take off his moustache. Dare you touch me…. – What happened?
– They’re his real whiskers. You’ve attacked my moustache. l will not leave you. l’ll go to the High Court
and the Supreme Court! l’ll raise this issue
in the Parliament. Don’t forget that l’m
a Police Officer. Are you one?
– Yes. You’re not a Police Officer,
but a foolish officer. Mr.Bhavani Shankar!
You and here….? He’s a big industrialist. Pardon me. It’s not my
fault. Look at this snap. He looks like your
twin brother. Please beat me up, arrest me
or even hang me. But please don’t utter the word
twin brother before me! O.K. l won’t say it. Will you
have some cold drink? Will you go home?
Take him home. Please come. Bring my moustache.
– Sir? Get me a cold drink… Have you come, brother?
Congratulations… Why?
– Urmila got married. Very good….with whom?
– With Laxman. – This wedding can never take place.
– But they’re already married. Then l’ll get them separated. You can’t break a
Hindu wedding so easily. You can call me Mrs.
Srivastava or Mrs.Sharma. l don’t follow.
– l’ll tell you. Tell me, why are you so
annoyed with Laxman? Just because he has
no moustache? For one, who has no moustache… ….how much time will he
take to kill his own brother? Yes. Laxman has murdered
his elder brother, Ram. He has come here now with
an artificial moustache. l thought him to be Ram.
– Just listen to me. l won’t listen to anyone. You’re right. Don’t listen to
anyone. Just listen to me. Here’s one more
whisker-shaven man. Who are you?
– l’m Prasad’s friend. Which Prasad?
– Ram and Laxman Prasad. Dare you utter Laxman’s
name before me! Just think, if you had to
shave off your moustache…. …will you become Popatlal
from Bhavani Shankar? Never.
– Just look at the world. Did Nehru, Kennedy, Mao-tse-Tung
sport whiskers? Weren’t they great men?
Look at this side. A small Hitler with his
tooth brush like moustache. What a crooked brain he had. ls decency a sparrow… …that builds its nest
in a moustache? You mean? You saw Ram while he was
watching the hockey match. To save his iob, he had
to tell you a lie. He had to enact a twin brother’s
role and to Kamla too. Nor you could make out a thing. Come, son. Bless them, Bhavani. Pardon me, Sir. He’s your father-in-law.
Call him father. Forgive me, father.
– Daddy… Brother…
– Uncle…


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