Good Uses for Cookies Solution – Web Development

Okay, so, now I know this is kind of a subjective quiz, but here are the answers I was looking for. Storing login information. This is something, you know, I just mentioned previously. That’s a really common use of cookies. So when you log into a website, the web server gives you a cookie, and that identifies you for future requests. Storing small amounts of data to avoid hitting a database. Yes, this is another kind of handy little thing. You know, if you’ve just got a small piece of data that you want to store. You know it, it’s, it’s temporary. It’s small. You don’t need to have all the infrastructure of a database to store it. And have to you know hit your database on every request to retrieve it. That sort of thing. Especially if it’s, it’s, if it’s you know, anonymous data. You know, data you don’t mind losing. Because a user can of course clear all the cookies out of their browser or you know, a browser may not have cookies enabled at all. Storing user preference info. no, this is not a good use of cookies. At least in the notion of a user as we’ve been kind of talking about where, you know, you might log into a website and you have these preferences. This is because you want the data to survive. Now, cookies can be erased at any time. A user can change browsers, they can go to a different machine, and the cookies don’t, you know the cookies are specific to one browser. And as long as the user allows them to be there. So data like user preferences that you want to exist until a user changes them on your website Shouldn’t be stored in cookies and tracking you for ads. This is unfortunately maybe not a a good use more of an appropriate use because tracking you for ads isn’t really inherently a good thing, but its a really common use of cookies. You go to a website, you may find yourself with 20 cookies that are tracking you for different ad providers. And in fact, I had a friend that worked for an ad tracking company for a while and these transfers are kind of related. They used to joke that they had the world’s largest database stored in users’ browsers all across the internet. They had like, many hundreds and thousands of, of terabytes of data. In theory stored you know, a few hundred bytes at a time, in users’ cookies. Because they powered a lot of really big ad networks. Cookies, and we’ll come back to a little bit how ad networks work. I think it’s, it’s interesting to understand. That cookies are a critical technology for tracking you for for advertising purposes.

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