Graphic Design WCTC

Graphic Design is always something that I loved, but I didn’t think is was for me, originally. Coming into this program I felt so welcomed here, and just the chance to really explore
any talent that I had. There’s a good mix of theory and application,
I would say, and the instructors here, they all have so much experience in different realms of graphic design. I think our student’s graduate
with a really solid foundation, in which they can do into a job
and hit and hit the ground running. Students in our program are successful. There’s a sense of community where you’re building relationships with your classmates and your instructors, and so I feel like, all of that, gets people to be more comfortable. Some people actually do have a job but there’s so many great programs here that can set you up with a fantastic job, and I think going to a college
where you can apply your learning afterwards, and they really help you to
see where you can apply that education. It’s very beneficial.

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