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Growth driven design is
really hot right now, but you’re probably
thinking to yourself, I don’t even know what that is. And that’s totally fine
because it’s pretty new. The old way of doing
websites is pretty ancient, and it’s called the
waterfall approach. We do a ton of
planning initially. We build out the architecture
and the phases of the site. We build out all the
designs, and then development and takes forever
to produce a site. A typical custom web site these
days can run anywhere from 25 to $80,000. And who knows how long it takes
because they almost always go over the budgeted
time and dollars. Luckily there is a new
way to approach web sites and it’s called
growth driven design. The principle of
growth driven design is all about
continuous improvement. And so we start off
with what we call a platform site, a very
simple, stripped down site that’s easy to put
together and is really just the bare bones
of what you need to get out there on the web. Once we have the
platform site, we’re able to build upon it with
new pages and new content month over month. For any of the pages
that have a high traffic rate and low conversion,
we’re able to optimize that on a design basis by
moving around components, adding content, and
really incentivizing users to get to the end result. For you data geeks
out there, this is conversion rate
optimization at it’s best. We’re able to see the user’s
behavior on a functional level and make impact
almost immediately across the entire site. When you add sales and
marketing along this mix you’re able to see
results much more quickly than you do with
traditional website design. At Figmints a platform site
is as little as two to three sprints, and about half
to a full sprint a month in doing that ongoing
analysis and page building. So I highly recommend
you consider utilizing growth driven design
in your next website project. And if you need more information
or help around that, please contact us at [email protected]

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