Help us make more Videos for Kurzgesagt

Hey, YouTube! Have you ever wondered why we
only upload one video each month? Well, the answer is really easy:
time and money. It’s fun, of course, but to make
animation videos like this a ridiculous amount of
time is necessary: writing the script, storyboard, designing
all the stuff, recording the narration, animation, sound design, and
composing original music. We would love to make more videos, but it’s just impossible right now
without a time machine. We all have real jobs and do Kurzgesagt
late nights and on the weekends, because it’s our passion. But we prefer doing it while the sun is
shining and make more videos for you guys. But now you can help us make
more science and educational content. There’s this great new thing
called Patreon. Patreon is a crowdfunding
platform like Kickstarter, but it works on a montly basis
with smaller amounts. If you want, you can support us
with a smal sum each month and we will spend less time working
elsewhere and make more videos. Depending on the amount,
you’ll get cool rewards like graphics for your
smartphone or computer and music (links in the
video description), or I’ll record your voicemail message. “This is the mailbox of a man called
Jimmy.” Something like that. Even the smallest amounts help
and we really appreciate it. Our videos will stay free
on YouTube forever, so if you don’t want to fund us,
nothing will change for you. If we get enough money through Patreon,
we can invest more time in Kurzgesagt and make more than one video
every four weeks in the future. Thank you for your attention,
lots of love, all the feels, Kurzgesagt. Subtitles by the community


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