HIGHEST PAYING JOBS (2020) || 12 Highest Paying Work at Home Jobs || How to make money from home

In this video, I am going to share with you
12 Highest Paying work which you can do at home.
Dana Malstaff, the CEO and founder of Boss Mom is one of the best examples for today’s
video. After the end of this video, you will be able
to know 12 works that will pay you $100+ in a day.
Hey Guys, I am Jahanggir and you are watching Invest Time Grow Online. Keep watching.. #1 Create Online Courses
Create your own online course and sell it on different websites.
Udemy is one of the best platforms for selling your online courses.
It has over 40 million students all over the world.
Great Opportunity!!! So, if you have knowledge about anything,
you can create your online course and sell it on Udemy.
Online Course Creator normally earns 5000-10000 per course. #2 Copywriting
A copywriter writes text on advertising materials which encourage customers to take an action.
Copywriters write texts for brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogues
and more. It’s a pretty cushy job.
Because in this career you can work from home, take a rest, have a lot of vacation and you
get paid very well. You aren’t required formal education in
this job. Normally a copywriter earns 3000-6000/month.
But how much you make depends on how much time and effort you put into it. #3 Web Designer
A web designer’s main job is to design web pages.
He knows very well how to make a website functional and easy to use for the user.
As the number of internet users increasing rapidly, the demand of web designers also increasing rapidly. You can become a web designer in just 3 months
by taking an online course. Being a web designer, you can earn $18 per
hour. Top-level web designer earns $35 per hour.
You can start earning 25000/year at the beginning. #4 Proofreading
If you are good at English Grammar, Proofreading is best for you.
A proofreader normally reviews writing to ensure accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation
and more. His main job is highlighting potential mistakes,
allowing the writer or editor to make the final decision.
Blogger and Publishers need proofreaders in order to be sure that their work does not
contain any mistakes. A proofreader normally earns 0.02-0.05$ per
word. In a word, A proofreader makes 1000-5000$
per book. #5 Consultant
Are you a lawyer? Or, Are you expert in any field?
If yes, then becoming a consultant is great for you.
Normally, a consultant shares his experiences with his clients.
People from all over the world are looking to get the right kind of consultation to grow
their business. So, If you are an SEO expert, or you are expert
in anything, then this job is best suitable for you.
Normally, A consultant charges 50-100$ per hour to his clients.
That’s mean, He generally earns approximately $75000 per year. #6 Virtual Assistant
A virtual assistant helps you to operate your work from his home.
It may be operating phone calls or your social media account.
If you have basic knowledge of management, you can become a virtual assistant.
Normally A virtual assistant manages email, websites and administrative assistance.
You can grow your opportunity by acquiring management skills.
A virtual assistant is an independent contractor. Full-time virtual assistants make, on average,
around $60000 per year. #7 Translator
If you have fluent in several languages, then becoming a translator is best for you.
Normally, English to Spanish has very high demand.
So, if you are a Spanish native speaker, then becoming a translator is best for you. Companies are trying to build a connection
with all over the world. So, they need a translator who will translate
their content to reach all over the world. The average annual pay for a Work From Home
Transcriptionist in the United States is $58000 a year. #8 Graphic Designer
Every graphic designer is a visual thinking problem solver and communicator.
He uses photos, text, shapes and more to attract customers.
You can design logos, banners, posters and more for your client.
You can start your career as a graphic designer by taking an online course of 3 months.
As people are driving to web pages, the demand for a graphic designer is increasing rapidly.
A graphic designer normally charges $25-$100 per hour. #9 Writer
People have confusion about the income of a writer.
They think that writers don’t earn comparing any other career. Do you think so?
You can self-published your book on Amazon. Or, you can work for Fiver.com which is the
most popular freelance website. Ebook is one of the most popular terms in
recent days. Just publish a high quality content and promote
it and start earning. A professional writer normally earns $56000
per year in the US accoarding to glassdoor.com. #10 Social Media Manager
Advertiser needs to advertise their product on social media.
They can’t do everything alone. Right? So they need someone who will work for them.
They hire social media manager to handle their social media ads.
That’s why, they hire someone to manage their social media account.
For example, replying to comments, sharing post, new updates and more.
Companies give list to the manager and ask them to post it on twitter, facebook, instagram
and other social media accounts. A social media manager’s average earning
is around $50000 in US. #11 Blogging
The best thing about blogging is it is not limited.
If you love writing about anything, Then you must start blogging.
At the beginning, you might not get any payment. But once it started, it will never stop.
You can also start writing for your clients. A blogger’s average earning is around $35000
in USA. #12 Video Editor
Video Editing can be learned from YouTube or any other resources.
Some people need basic kind of video editing, and some people need advanced level video
editing like animations and graphics. Audiences love watching video rather than
reading an article. So companies are focusing on producing a good
quality video and they need video editors to edit them.
So if you are a beginner you can start earning $15 per hour.
You can start video editing with Imovie, Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony vegas pro.
After being an expert, you can earn approximately around $56000 per year. If this video has added value in your life,
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