Hip Hop PLUGINS for Sampling – Removing drums, vocals – tips from Manny Amalgam

everything is based on inspiration and
I’m listening to all records trying to sample things what’s up guys guess what we have a
winner to my 1000 subscribers giveaway Matt from Buffalo New York won and he
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I totally relate he says I’m just now getting back into music after having
gotten away from it for the past eight years I’m now becoming inspired again
and I’m slowly piecing together a setup that’s kind of like me I just started
this six months ago and I wanted to share that entire journey with you guys
so thank you all for entering the giveaway thank you for subscribing I’m
honestly touched with all the people that are willing to share their ideas
share their secrets we’re gonna visit one of those people today I’ve been
messing around with sampling so far I basically just taken an old song that I
like taking a little slice of it and inserted it into a new song I haven’t
really messed around with things like Reap itching or properly EQ to like get
rid of drums or get rid of vocals and things like that
but I know someone who has today we’re gonna meet manny amalgam and he’s a hip
hop producer that does a lot of sample based hip hop and he is going to share
his secrets with you let’s get going hey what’s up Dan I think this looks
amazing my name is Manny I am a producer I go by
Manny amalgam it’s my production name and I do a lot
of hip hop soul type sample based stuff I’ve been doing this for about a decade
do you have any training doing this did you let out play the piano or anything
when you were young no piano no Music Theory no guitar nothing drum machines
computer stuff good real instruments no it’s how did you
learn just by tinker I started with what was called fruity loops it’s now FL
Studio that is still sort of my bread and butter I’m new to machine I think
the workflow and machine is better so everything is based on inspiration and
I’m listening to all records trying to sample things the other thing that I
specifically like to look for his instruments with sustain as a song is
going on that we met that might be good for a sample obviously there’s rhythm
that’s happening drums percussion but a string section might sustain or a singer
might vocalize and they might hold their write notes long yeah and that’s that’s
good fodder to start slicing up the way that she’s singing it extends over many
different beats and so we can cut it up into different sections and we can take
the end and we add it to some other part now she’s not singing guy in our song
but we get this noise what’s next we need to rearrange a sample we need to
come up hopefully with some some interesting melody and we start adding
drums we start adding percussions at least for sample-based head pop type
stuff when you sample the original content in that sample can be masked so
there there are plugins today that can run in your DAW we can at least make
some progress on say getting rid of an annoying sound that you don’t want in
your sample or lowering a vocal and here’s our plugin so you could use this
with any any typical production software typical yeah this first one on screen
right here is called synaptic pitch map you see these base notes coming in this
is in our song we can actually go ahead and just remove them and you’ll see that
they get grayed out and those notes on the keyboard are no longer valid so we
aren’t hearing them anymore different than just an EQ because the
notes themselves and their harmonics are being removed another example unmix
drums which you can probably guess what it does you can turn your drum level up
and down there’s one other one that I use often fry ROM it’s bass honorable
it’s three different equalizers smart EQ there’s proximity EQ and then there’s
entropy is kind of ends up being big bursts of energy like drums so we can
lower the big bursts double channel microphone preamp compressor professors
a mastering style compressor equalizers here monitor controlling something mixer
faders if you were stuck on an island yeah that’s the one piece of gear that
you would have with you haha that’s a good good question the speakers which
maybe we can get a shot or durability yes they are a few 6d one X’s and they
are made primarily for they’re very detailed very loud very
fast it’s over six foot with it spins over about over 200 pounds
yes what would you tell somebody else that’s just starting out and kind of
wants to do this type of music just start going at it what you make
initially and even later on when you’re really really good
sometimes what you make that morning that day it’s not gonna be good just get
past it and make the next thing and keep making the next thing I hope you guys
learned something because I learned a lot holy crap I just need to go home and
work on this stuff like right now so if you like this video like I loved all
that learning in that cool out studio hit that like button and subscribe and
if you have any questions ask me and if I don’t know the answer I’m gonna ask
Manny and keep making that music that you love I will see you guys later
that things that come with machine things that come with FL studio sounds
that we’ve found from records okay all kinds of stuff I just realized that I
keep saying we and I don’t know what that means are you in Charlie yeah Charlie is a very experienced producer
as well that’s right he runs this way


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