HIP11 Electronic Portfolio

our final high-impact practice is the
newest added to the list: e-portfolios electronic portfolios we’re gonna talk
briefly about why a portfolios aren’t just a HIP but a meta-HIP why they’re
not just documents and that’s really important and we’ll address the age-old
well a couple year old question of why the e why not just portfolios why e
portfolios let’s go! E-portfolios actually weren’t part of the original ten high-impact practices created by George Q in 2008 or listed in 2008 but
as the years went by Q and other researchers looked at high-impact
practices and they realized there’s a place for eportfolios among these
practices as well not just as a high-impact practice of its own but as a
meta high-impact practice because they allow students to analyze synthesize and
evaluate all of the learning they’ve done and all the other high-impact
practices so you see right there those key blooms verbs analyze synthesize and
evaluate putting together a portfolio demands that students are doing some
higher-level thinking so it’s a high-impact practice on its own but it’s
also a meta hip given that intent and that focus on higher-level thinking I’m
really analyzing what they’ve learned students have to look at eportfolios as
more than documents it’s not just the papers or the files that you would
generate if all you do is get to the end of your college career and download your
whole Moodle into a zip file that’s not a that’s not a portfolio
that’s just documents the e-portfolio is not just the product but the process of
composing that portfolio the e-portfolio needs to be a very intentional and
intelligent higher level thinking exercise a critical thinking exercise in
which students reflect on their learning they integrate different projects and
different experiences into a coherent whole into a narrative in their
portfolio and they collaborate with others to pull together the best of
their material into that eportfolio now there’s even a
little bit of empathy training in eportfolios we ask students to kind of
go beyond their own experience and think about how their learning is going to
look to others how the artifacts they present are going to portray their
skills and their knowledge and that requires thinking not just about well
what is my best project but how will different projects I’ve done come across
differently and persuade different employers or graduate schools or people
with different interests in the things I might do for them seeing your work
through other people’s eyes is a valuable part of the e-portfolio
creation process so when you have students do portfolios really emphasize
that fact we’re not just dumping every paper and poster you’ve ever made we are
critically analyzing our work and putting together stories about ourselves
about who we are that will speak to different audiences outside of the
campus community so eportfolios can be really impactful but why the e well why
does it have to be an electronic portfolio well a picture my friend Bob
here should make that clear if you really want to make printouts of
four-foot-wide posters and put them in a giant canvas pack and tote that around
with you to every job interview you can but clicking send on that four foot tall
briefcase is going to cost you about 50 bucks in postage clicking send on your
e-portfolio cost you one click of the mouse not too tough so there’s obvious
physical convenience to doing an electronic portfolio but there are more
learning advantages as well consider that when we have students put together
an electronic portfolio they’re going to be working with digital tools maybe they
put it on a blog maybe they’re using publisher maybe they’re using you know
video recordings synthesizing lots of different multimedia and using digital
tools that a lot of their employers are going to be looking for so it’s good
practice at some practical technical skills plus the e-portfolios involves
social features I mentioned hitting Send on the portfolio think about how when
you put things on LinkedIn or other online portfolios you hit share you
like you on LinkedIn for instance there’s that whole business of
recommending other people for certain skills and getting them to recommend you
an e-portfolio becomes something more than just one set of documents that you
tote around in your bag it becomes something that you share with others and
that others can contribute to even as you contribute to their e-portfolios so
the social features of e-portfolios engage some continuing collaboration in
presenting your story of yourself your students stories of who they are and
what they’ve become throughout their college experiences so in those ways
e-portfolios are kind of the capping off of all the high-impact practices a
way to bring them all together and show the world what they’ve achieved in their
college experience

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