Hire an Intern or a Developer?

Hey! This is the Daily Overpass! My name
is Eric and I make apps! Now today, I want to talk about whether
you should hire an intern or hire a developer? Alright so today I want to
answer a question that came in last week by Marwen Sarraj who said, “Hi Eric. I have
this question for you. You start building a team to help you manage work on mobile
apps and you can afford one developer (more experiencd than yourself) or you could
hire two interns and offer them a good salary and they will be more polyvalent…” – I’m not sure what polyvalent means – “What kind of advice can you give me? Who and
as always thank you for being my mentor even though, even if you don’t know it.”
Thanks Marwen. I appreciate that. It helps, whatever, the daily – whatever. So, the reason I thought this was a good
question is because I probably the last person to ask. But I’ve recently be
going through this too. Talked to you, guys, how I’ve talked to you, guys, over the
last few weeks how we’re looking to hire somebody actually in the office. So, I’ve
had a team overseas for years and you know, I worked with them really well but
there’s some things that just, we just need somebody here locally for. And I was
kinda like should I get a developer or should I get someone who – who’s not a
developer, not technical, but still very smart and can learn and everything as
they go and probably not as expensive as being a developer. I was –
I was really going both ways on that and that someone in the comments that said
that they’d hire an intern to do a lot of the non-technical stuff, so that frees
up their time to focus on technical issues. I thought and that kind of
pushed me over the edge. So we – so, last week I hired somebody they’re gonna
be starting here in the next few days. One of my – one of the new things I like
to do list is to move the furniture around in here, make a little bit more
room and everything that sort of migrated its way from home that’s not
work-related, I need to bring that back. You know, stuff like I got a barbell and stuff I never use but I always thought, “If I put this by my desk,
I’ll use it.” Like a barbell, a meditation stool and all this kind of
sort of thing. If I put it in the office, if it’s there, then I’ll use it. But I
never have. So, I’m like really excited about that. You know, finally growing the
team locally and it’s a bit I’m more nervous about this because I’ve never actually
done like a full-time employee that hasn’t been a freelancer and it’s
actually been here. So, really excited about that. And yeah,
I’ll let you know how that goes. After a while, because one of the
things I realized when I released my first app was that – because as a
developer, I think all I need to do is release a really good product. Put it
with a really good idea and a really good product and put it out into the
world. And it will be successful. But there’s so much more involved than that.
Even just you answering emails is something I spent a lot of time doing,
responding to review, so I have a part of my team at the moment. My full-time
team as I have Sandee as a designer. I could not live without her. This, it’s a
skill that I don’t have, you know, it’s and one, I don’t think I think would take
me too long to learn to be a good designer. So she’s, you know,
like I think I mentioned once before she’s freaky about design which is
fantastic. And then I have Rowena, who’s a virtual assistant. she does a lot of the
day-to-day stuff. She’ll check like I mentioned yesterday, the daily revenue
report she does. She goes out and checks all that stuff. She responds to the
reviews on the on the app store, on the Play Store and on the App Store
which is – which is very important. Oh, by the way, someone had told me recently
that if you put keywords in your responses, it still registers. I
mentioned before on one of my previous videos how a lot of the keywords that we
rank for, we don’t even have in the description or the name, but they’re in
the reviews and I never thought about putting those in the responses to
the reviews. So, that’s something I’m gonna experiment with a little bit. Don’t
tell anyone I told you, but if you have any experience with that let me know
because that sounds like another new – another new vein of gold to mind if
if that’s the case. But, you know, I’ll let you know more when I do it. So, Rowena does all this kind of stuff and she’s essential to the team. I
couldn’t live without her. And there’s so many things, but there’s still a lot of
other things that you just need to be having done in the office. A lot of
times, if I get stuck in something technical like if I’m working on a
project and again, I work with overseas developer, so I have lots of developers
that I work with, so you know, they’ll do a lot of the work and sometimes, if it’s
a nice juicy project that I could just give them, I could specify it out, that’s a lot of fun. Architectural diagrams, you know, how you know, coding
standards, what we like to see. Send that over to them, got like a bunch of developers that I – that I’d like to work with on a regular
basis. And after a while and so many more that I don’t. So many more that I
would never work with again. But a lot that I would like to work with. Sometimes, if it’s just something small like this gonna take about half a day,
it’s not worth even do the documentation for, or was like an existing project. It’s
just easier for me me to do it. Sometimes, when I’m stuck and stuff like
that, you know, the phone will ring or something will take you out of the flow
state. So, I’m looking forward to having somebody there to do that kind of stuff.
So, I don’t really have a question – an answer for you Marwen, but I’m hoping by
bringing it up here, other people do and we’ll put it in the comments. What I
think is, make a list of all the stuff that you like to do and things that have to be done and things that you would like to do if you have
the time. So, there’s certain things that you might think I would like to learn a
bit more, about how I’m doing the Facebook advertising, can I get someone
else to do that learning for me and learn all that and fill me in, how things
go and and explore other avenues of stuff. And if you enjoyed doing the
coding, then you might want to do the coding yourself. However, if you don’t
feel like you’re confident at the code, I think you should. If you did bring
in somebody who is better than you – look, working with developers who are
better than you is the way to become a better developer. I could just, you
know, I could say when I’m working by myself for a long period of time you get
stale after a while. But you work with people who are better than you, you just get better. Yeah, I mean, one of the the benefits of my
career is that I’ve always worked with – Yeah, I’ve always worked with
developers who are really good and passionate about what they do. I mean, not
always, but several times, I mean, you guys, you know them. It’s difficult to describe, but you could – you know the hungry developers when you when
you see it. You know, the passionate developers when you see them. So, what
I’m asking everyone else to do is, if you have any experience with – if you have an
opinion in this matter let Marwen know. I think if you bring
someone on to do some of the stuff that you’re not – it depends on more what you
want to do. For me, despite the fact that I know I should be doing more high value
things in coding, sometimes I like doing the coding. Yeah, I feel comfortable doing that and sometimes I feel like, you know, when to
work with with clients and I’m able to demonstrate my knowledge there. You know, that really helps. So anyway, so I’ll keep you guys posted on how everything goes
over the next few days. And that’s it for today. I’ll talk to you tomorrow!


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