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A guy is a welcome back to my channel
if you as are new here. My name is Brandy and we’ll talk about all things
freelancing working remote and creating the life that you want. Today’s video.
How do I land freelance clients was actually a question that one of you guys
asked me so I thought why not make a video explaining exactly how it is that I land
client. So there are three major things that I use to land clients. The first
one is job boards so that would be linked in indeed. And then there’s all
those freelancing websites. If you’re curious about those I do have a video below
for the top 10 freelancing Web. Then the next way is social media. So social media
for me has probably been the biggest way that I started lending clients and it’s
something that I still use to this day because I really like the relationship
building aspect of it that really brings in good quality clients that I already
know is going to be a good personality fit but I’ll get into that in a moment. And then
lastly is referrals so referrals come to me through either previous
clients or current clients that I work with. It’s either their friends or family
or it’s other business owners or even associations that they are a part of.
The two that I am going to cover in this video is going to be social media and job
boards. So the first one social media which has been huge for me.
You’re probably thinking you need a ton of followers or subscribers or a really
high engagement rate that isn’t necessarily the case. So if you are on social
media which I’m sure you have some account somewhere if not be sure
to create an account specifically to land clients. So the first thing that you want
to keep in mind when you are going after people on social media is who
you are going after. If you are a developer or engineer you are seeking
out development type work or jobs you are going to want to either reach
out to an engineering manager a CTO and even possibly a business owner that may have
a technical background. The reason why this is so important is because say you’re
on social media and you see that somebody works at x y z and that’s a company
that you either want to work at or you want to do work for. You need to make
sure that they have some sort of involvement in the hiring process. If you’re on.
Sure then it would be a good idea to start talking with that person getting to know
them and then asking for an introduction to their engineering manager or their CTO.
The next two things that you need to keep in mind when you are trying to get
freelance clients through social media and these two go hand-in-hand. It’s
adding value to them. And secondly it’s relationship building and you’ll see
why these go hand-in-hand. The first is adding value. So this happens to me a few
times a week that people either DME on Instagram or they’ll send me an email because I have
an email out there for you to ask me questions or for business inquiries.
But oftentimes people message me saying Hey I need freelance work and X Y Z that’s
it that’s all they send me. I have no context of who they are and their background
and their experience and their skillset. So if you think of me like you think
of a client or a prospect that person isn’t gonna have any idea what value you provide
them by just going straight in for the ask and it often also comes off as rude.
Just being honest when people just send me those messages I’m like well OK
that’s great but I don’t have any idea on what value you’re going to add to my business.
So adding value to their business you need to speak to them in terms that
they are going to understand and how you the freelancer and your specific
skillset is going to add value to them. Let’s say that you are a web
developer and you are going after local businesses you don’t want to just go in and say
hey your website sucks. Let me rebuild it. No. It gives people if somebody said that
to me I would be I would probably delete the email like how rude. You know you need
to remember that these people are people too and you need to talk to them like
they’re people and be respectful. I always try to find some sort of genuine
compliment that I can give this give somebody one if it is a business
owner that you are reaching out to. That’s so cool. They own their own business.
That’s a huge compliment. They literally had an idea and they created either
like a product or service or tool around it and are selling it. That’s really
awesome in my eyes because it takes a lot of gumption to do. And if you’re an entrepreneur
or freelancer you know that. So give them some sort of compliment
and then the second thing that I like to do is add value. So not only am I giving
them a compliment on what it is that they’re doing or building I’m going to add
them value saying hey I noticed you know X Y and Z on your Web site. If you do this
or if you use this tool this will actually help with conversion blah blah
blah. So I will sometimes even give people if the relationship continues to build
I will give them a complete blueprint of instructions what they could do to either
convert customers better or to do better marketing ads or how they can
better you know build their website or adapt their website to convert
users to customers. So the reason why I do that is because oftentimes if you send that
to somebody one they’re probably not going to know how to implement it and to it’s
making you look like an expert. And three it’s showing that person that
you spent the time and you think that they are important enough for you to spend
your time to build out a plan for. So nine times out of 10 that’s at least going
to keep the conversation going. And then it’s kind of up to you to close a deal
which is where the third thing comes in about relationship building. So when you’re
sending these people you know the compliments or the blueprints and how
they can you know better their Web site or their marketing or their social or their content.
You are also building that relationship with them. You’re
talking with them. You’re sending them ideas. I courted I like to call it Cordy and I courted
a client for it was almost a year before they hired me to to do X Y and Z.
And through that entire year I would jump on calls with them. I would give them
feedback. I was making sure I was adding value. And then finally one day I was like
hey guys if you want to continue working with me I do charge. And they were like
OK. It was that easy I probably could have asked them even a lot sooner than that.
But when you’re courting somebody you also need to make sure it’s a right fit
for you. So that’s really you know the big thing about social media and that
cold reach out aspect is making sure you’re on social media you’re finding the right
person you’re adding value and you’re building a relationship with them.
Those are so so key. So when it comes to job boards it’s a little different than the cold
outreach and relationship building method. So job boards are going to be
are linked in. Indeed there’s Facebook and there’s a hundred other
job boards. Those are going to be when you are submitting your résumé
that paper resumé for them to hire you. So how you actually do that and you become
like an expert. It’s a numbers game. So myself and my husband we have done it where we have
submitted you know 200 beds amazing day for a couple weeks. You know my resume
air his resume may or some of his team member resumé to try to get clients.
And it’s a numbers game on those you want to make sure that you are including
the key words that they are specifically looking for in your resume. So if you’re
a react developer and they’re looking for a react developer you make sure
that you have react in your resumé and also maybe other associated libraries
that you use specifically with react. Why. Because oftentimes third party
websites like that or third party applications they’re going to use just a reader to scan
to make sure that you have the keywords app match in association with the job
listing. But if you’re using maybe a smaller tool or a smaller Web site
and you’re just submitting your application maybe not through their portal what
it sends you to that company Web site. You still want to make sure that
your resume is up to date and it utilizes keywords. You also want to make sure
that your experience lines up with what they need. I don’t mean that you need
like the 5 10 plus years of experience that oftentimes jobs say they need because I’ve
seen that and I’ve applied for those jobs and I’ve gotten them and like I’ve
said in other videos I have about six years of experience. So what I mean is that
you actually have experience in building or creating what it is that they need
you to create for them. That would be something that you would want to highlight
early on in your resumé on your resume may when you’re submitting for these
jobs. You want to not only have you know your experience in the chronological
order but you want to highlight the tools the frameworks the libraries all
those things that you know because those are also keywords that could be
searched. And lastly you want to make sure you have a really good cover letter. So a cover
letter for those types of job boards you want to make sure that you’re
speaking into that specific job listings needs and you are providing solutions in that
cover letter. So that may sound like random but trust me it works if you speak
to their actual needs and you outline a solution or what it is that you would
do to help them or how you would fit that whole or that boy that they’re seeing
in their team where they need a contractor that speaks highly of you and hopefully
it leads to a callback and a second round interview. All right. So that covers how
I land my freelance clients and how you can actually take what I do to land your
own freelance clients. I hope you guys like this video if you did. Please give
it a thumbs up. And of course subscribe to my channel below. Bye guys. OK.


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