How Long Does Web Design and Development Take?

Thank you watching website hosting video tips
from OurChurch.Com. In this video we’ll tell you how to get help building a website. Hi, I’m Mark Steinbrueck with OurChurch.Com.
And on this video, I want to talk about what determines the build time of my website. Or
the most popular questions that I’m asked is, “How Long Does Web Design and Development
Take?” So we’re going to talk about what goes into
determining the length of time that it takes to build a website for a client.
Is it a custom or pre-existing design? When we’re talking about the design, we’re
talking about the look, the layout of the website. And the type of design will greatly
affect the time that it takes to build a website. Using a pre-existing design, often called
a template or theme if you’re working with WordPress, will speed up the process. Pre-existing
designs, however, don’t offer the distinctiveness or the flexibility that custom designs offer.
Choosing a custom design will increase the amount of development time. However, it gives
you much more control as far as the options, the look, and the layout of the website.
The number of revisions provided in the design process.
This is especially important when you’re doing something that has a custom design. So if
you only have one revision, then, obviously, that will take the developer less time. There’s
going to be less communication with the developer and so that will be a quicker process.
Whereas, if you have two or three revisions, then that will take a little bit longer because
the developer is going through the process of making changes. And you’re going to go
through the process of reviewing the design and having the developer make those changes.
So, usually two to three revisions is enough to get the design to the way that the customer
wants. But each revision typically does add about a week of time to the design process.
Amount of content that is being entered. How much is being entered by the developer
versus how much will be entered by you later on. And, the amount of content that the developer
enters, it’s not going to affect the design time as much as a custom design versus a pre-designed
template. However, if they’re only creating two or three
pages versus, you know, creating 40 or 50 pages, that will significantly impact the
amount of time that it takes to build a website. The developer and client response times.
So does the developer have some kind of a goal or a required turn-around time when it
comes to responding to your e-mails or your phone calls?
We here at OurChurch.Com, we strive for a maximum of one business day turn-around time.
Oftentimes, it’s much less than that. It’s within a few hours.
But it’s good to know and it’s good to find out if the developer has a certain goal time
that they have to respond back. But something else that is going to greatly affect the launch
date or the overall time in the project is how quickly you, the customer, are in responding
back to the developer. One of the biggest things that we find slows
down the project and we’re not complaining about it, but it is simply the fact of life
is that, oftentimes, the website is not the number one priority of the point-of-contact.
And so it usually will take a few days to get a response back to an e-mail. Or when
it comes to putting in content, it usually, you know, sometimes it might take weeks to
be able to get that content in. So, to improve or to speed things up, it’s
oftentimes very helpful to get to responses within a day from the client or to get the
content in within just a few days of when we’re asking for it.
So, in summary, here are the things you need to know on how long does web design and development
take? It’s a custom design versus a pre-existing
design. The number of revisions that’s provided in
the design process. The amount of content that the developer is
going to be entering. And then, lastly, the developer and client
response times. So I hope that this has been an informative
video and helps you understand what goes into determining the length of time that a website
project will take. If there’s anything that we can do for you
here at OurChurch.Com to help you achieve your mission or your goals on-line, please
complete the consultation request form below. Thank you very much.

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