How Much Money I Make As A Freelance Developer and Marketer

Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel
if you’re new here. My name is Brady Morgan and we talk about all things
freelance work in remote. And of course creating the life that you worked. So two
days video. I am going to talk to you guys about how much money I make as a freelancer
doing various tasks from who web development marketing and social
media. Those are basically the three things that I do as a freelancer and the pricing
on all of those vary. The first one as a web developer the things
that go into pricing are not only your skills but your experience. So how many
times have you built such and such Web site for a client. The reason why that is so important
is because if you’re freelancing and you’re offering these services
that you build Web sites people need to know that you either done it before and they want
to see it so they can decide whether or not they want to work with you and also
experience is huge. I’ve talked with people that well I have the skill
set to be a senior level. But do you have the experience. Experience is really
what matters when it comes to how much you charge and how much I charge. So just
so you guys know I have over six years of experience which isn’t a crazy ton.
And that goes for all the things that I’ve shared with you. Six years is not a ton
but it is more than six months. So I do charge a higher price as a freelancer.
I will charge anywhere from 50 to 75 to 100 dollars an hour depending on what it is that
I do. The reason why I charge that much is because I take into consideration
obviously my experience insurance that I have to pay and all the other
things that get deducted as being self-employed like taxes social security all that
sort of stuff. Those are things that as a freelancer or as a business owner
you need to consider when you are doing your own pricing. So you guys know that
I charge anywhere from 50 to either 100 dollars. I have charged more than that
but that’s really really dependent on a project and who is hiring me. OK.
So when I first started off as a freelancer I think my very first client I built a Web
site and they paid me two hundred dollars for it. And you’re like Holy Okay
well that’s super super cheap or maybe you’re like oh my gosh that’s a lot of money.
First off I was in college when I charged that much. I think I was like 12
bucks an hour. But I also knew that it was a learning experience for myself.
So I was learning as I was going so I was essentially being paid to learn.
Fast forward you know several years to now. I would charge anywhere from 50
to 75 dollars an hour for a Web site. So I have made you know a few thousand
dollars on Web sites to tens of thousands of dollars in Web sites. Why.
Because it depends on what that client wants. So if a client is wanting an e-commerce
site Shopify site or a wordpress site where I know I can just buy a template
Yes I said buy a template and alter it. So a they can get their website way
faster and it already is going to have the functionality that you know it needs
for their needs. So if you are somebody that’s like no I roll my own I do
custom everything that’s good for you. Three things when it comes to working
with clients and you know working with Web sites you can either deliver
something that’s good that’s cheap or you can deliver it fast and you usually pick
two of those things when working with a client or you have them pick two of those
things is either going to be fast and good meaning you can deliver something
very very fast and can take all your time and it’s going to have everything
they want it’s going to be more expensive or you can do fast and cheap meaning
it’s probably going to be like MBP it’s not going to have everything that they want
but they’re going to get it in fast you know maybe a week’s worth of time
and you’re going to do it for a relatively low cost so that hopefully that makes
sense to you when you guys are going through pricing but that’s what I look for and that’s
what I explain to all the clients that I work but when it comes to marketing
and social media I have I have worked with clients will they will pay me upwards
of fifteen hundred a day. So yes that’s one thousand five hundred dollars a day
and that’s for in-person event social media management. I used to work in events
before I got into programming I used to run a large mobile conference and I used
to do all the social media marketing everything for it. So I have
experience when it comes to events social media management and so oftentimes a lot of last
year actually people would bring me out to the events to help them run
their social media and make sure that they you know have influencers there
they have social laws there have a hashtag. People are being monitored you set
up bots to monitor all that sort of stuff. So I will charge anywhere from you know
fifteen hundred two thousand dollars a day to be onsite doing hands on social
media management for events. The other aspect of doing social media is just the normal
social media of managing somebody’s social codes where you can manage you know
one Instagram or you can manage 12 accounts. It really depends on who the client is and what
the results they are trying to get and what type of business it is. I have
managed anywhere from three profiles up to 10 profiles for one client at a time
and by profiles that you know the linked in the Facebook the YouTube the the in-store
all those different accounts those are those are separate accounts
that all need to be monitored and I can charge anywhere from 50 to 75 dollars an hour
doing that. Or it would be a retainer or cost and my retainers for that
type of management have ranged from fifteen hundred dollars up to nine grand a month.
Holy crap nine grand a month. What. That sounds insane from managing
social media. It may sound say insane to you but if you are dealing with a very
very public client meaning they’re a billion dollar behemoth of a client
what you do for them is more impactful than what you’re doing for a mom and pop
shop. Me More people are seeing that content which means you need to have
very very very secure safeguards set up while you were doing that social media
management and you need to be aware of what’s happening at all times. So oftentimes
if you’re dealing with a client like that you are probably going to have
more than one person helping you manage because somebody can’t be up 24/7
making sure everything is running properly and people aren’t going off on Twitter
about something that your company did. So you need somebody basically around
the clock monitoring those things. So yes I have managed social accounts
anywhere from fifteen hundred a month up to nine grand a month. And that’s because of the size
of the company was really the main difference and also the needs
of that company. So next marketing and so for marketing what I often do
for companies is I will be test websites meaning if you are a company that you want
more purchases to happen for your product I will help a B test that and let you know
OK we need to do this. We need to do this that’s you know very simple things if you come
from a go web development background you know about you know heat maps
site planning and all those different things that you can setup on a Web site
initially but if they had somebody build a site that maybe isn’t aware of that functionality
then they would bring somebody like myself on to implement you know heat maps
A B testing to make sure that you know you deliver one website to one
group of people and Next Web site to it. Other group of people and you see
which one generates more results. So I do that type of marketing and then I also do
you know e-commerce which is you know e mailers CEO pay and I do a lot of Google
paid and Facebook paid ads for companies and then same thing the price on that
varies either from like fifteen hundred to three grand a month nothing more
than that because oftentimes I don’t have enough time in the day to allocate
a full 40 hours to one specific client but if you are somebody who has
experience in you know marketing or you’ve managed yourself for a while like I have you know
of the things that you can set up to make sure that you are as efficient and as
effective as possible for your client. I hope that is clear on how much I charge
and how much I make as a freelancer. So per month I can make anywhere.
It’s usually between three I’ve made anywhere between 3 and 12 grand a month
freelancing and that’s very dependent on the type of clients I have at the time. I can
go. I did you know last year I took a break from freelancing. I finished out one
contract and I took a break and I built my freelance school which there is a link
in the description free blog. I took a break for a few months to build out
that school and so I had had a client that I was making six grand a month from and I did
that. You know I finished out that contract so I had you know 18 grand
in the bank that I knew I could live off of for the next several months
before I needed to get my client. So when you are doing your pricing
you need to be aware of how much it takes for you to live. What are all the things
that are coming out. What are what tax bracket are you. What’s the percentage.
I always hold at least 30 percent in my business savings for every
year. What type of insurance do you need. Do you need. I know dental health all
those things you need to calculate that sort of pricing and then that’s where you can
figure out like what’s your bare minimum hourly rate that you would need to make
for that especially if you are just starting off so I hope that clarifies
a little bit about pricing how much I price and how much I make as a freelancer.
Like I said it varies every single well it can vary every single month a Palin type
of contract you have. But for me my income has been the same for a while but that
doesn’t mean that clients don’t come to me and say Hey Brandi you know we need
to cut back your hours. We need to only put you at this of this amount a month. Is it still
doable. That just happened to me. I literally had two clients at the start
of this year say hey we need to scale back on your hours. Totally fine. And so now
I’m making around a little over three grand a month in freelance work. So it varies
because last year I was making twelve grand a month for the last
half of the year. So it really really really depends on the type of clients you have
and the type of work that you were doing. So if you guys do have any
questions when it comes to pricing and the types of contracts maybe that you need to look
at let me know in the comments I’ll be sure to answer them. And yeah I hope
that gave you as a little bit of clarity around what I make as a freelancer. I’m
here to be as transparent as I can be about the type of stuff that I do and the amount
of money I make as a freelancer. So you yourself can have an idea of what
type of future you’re trying to paint and the level of income you can get. So I hope
you guys like this video if you did. Please give it a thumbs up. And of course
subscribe to my channel below. Have a good day.


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