How To Build A Graphic Design Portfolio From Scratch!!

now it’s one of the most difficult
challenges for any graphic designer you have the skills and you’ve got the
knowledge but you haven’t really got much in your portfolio that is of any
worth to any potential clients so today I’m gonna show you several different
ways you can actually build a portfolio of work that’s going to impress clients
without having many previous pro projects in your failure the very first
thing you need to do is to tailor your portfolio of work to the kind of client
that you want to work with so are they going to be a fashion designer are they
a small business owner maybe they’re makeup artists just think about who they
are and what they represent and then you can tailor your portfolio to that
specific type of style or projection now the second great idea is to take into
consideration the design competitions these offer real-life briefs that you
can adhere to learn skills on how to work with clients and of course add
works here portfolio a great bonus would be actually winning the competition
which you know would be really really awesome and that can go in your
portfolio too there are so many online competitions that I’m gonna link some
down below but this is a great way to add additions to your portfolio of work
where they’re actually using clients competitions are great but less funds
from other ways to add some work to your portfolio redesigning existing products
is an innovative and an interesting take on your creativity and your inspiration
graphic designers redesign existing products all the time with redesigns of
logos and so forth now this provides a great learning experience and it
challenges your brain to see things from a creative perspective but make sure you
acquire their written permission first before you do anything because you do
want to land yourself in legal trouble when you’re redesigning an existing
design but yeah the point here is that if you can share you can take a design
an existing sign and then redesign it to something were improved and
if the viewer of the portfolio is going to be wowed the next edition that you
can add to your portfolio of work is work for charities now come up with some
innovative designs that showcase your skills these charity events are perfect
grounds for networking and meeting other people and if you do a good job the
event organizers are definitely going to recommend you to other people and
word-of-mouth that does spread charity work they give you a stage to express
your view on the cumin seed and charity work does give way to a great portfolio
addition and you have peace of mind of designing something for a good cause and
speaking of good causes here are small ways to add some work to your portfolio
of work you can always try and collaborate with local graphic designers
or online graphic designers too this is gonna help sharpen your design skills in
an environment that enhances teamwork then add some the best projects that you
work on together into your portfolio if you do a good job the established
graphic designer that you’re working with
might even subcontract you in the future for future projects I always suggest
that you keep the quantity of your portfolio lower and the quality being
higher so refine your work down and make sure it’s the best that it can be now I
think one overlooked option in designing and printing is actually printing area
business cards or design brushes now that you’ve got a good portfolio in
place make sure you’ve got a good business card that portrays that passion
and a portfolio let the business card speak for you and your work business
cards are special folio items that leave your clients with a sense of uniqueness
some designers and people think business cards are dying and they’re redundant
but for actual designers and clients who are serious about their business the
industry this could not be further from the truth
printed media is appreciated more than ever as it stands out from the digital
medium that we’re currently experiencing an influx of I’m having physical copies
of something that you can actually handle is more effective a more
influential to potential clients so just make sure that you can also find work
from a family or friends as it’s often someone or somebody you need something
graphic design related made for them in a shoe it’s your best quality and get a
second opinion from people on the internet or other designers – and these
are ways that you can get design projects into your portfolio without
actually sourcing worth clients you can use freelance websites like Fiverr or
people per hour but they’re raised saturated and often you’re selling
yourself short especially without a strong portfolio if you want to keep
learning essential skills about how to make it in the graph assign industry how
to sharpen your skills in the realest rater make sure to subscribe to my
channel for weekly graphic design content and today’s some guys have a
great day and design your future today peace


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