How to create a resume for FREE with Canva | Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hi guys! Today I’m going to show you how you can
create a stunning resume for free with Canva. No matter if you’re applying for a job in
a big company or with a startup, fact is you’ll need a resume. So, today we’re going to look at how to
make a resume with Canva in few simple steps. It’s completely free. You do not need any design skills. And along the way, I’m going to give you
some tips on how to spice up your resume and put you in front of other candidates. How good is that? So, let’s get started. We’re going to and sign in with
Facebook, Google, or with our email. On the dashboard, you‘ll see on top create
a design. We’re going to pick the template resume. On the left, there are lots of stunning resume
templates that you can pick for creating your own resume. When picking your template, I recommend that
you choose a template that speaks to you, that reflects your personality, and is also
suitable for the type of job that you apply. And also make sure that the template has everything
you need to create your resume. I’m going to go ahead with this template
here. As first step, I would delete the textboxes
that I won’t need. So I’m going to delete the qualifications
and the awards box. To delete the box, I will select it and press
the delete button on my keyboard. I’m now going to change the colors of my
template to customize it a little bit. I’ll start with the header. I’m going to change the color to a red. I will also adjust the text color and make
it white so it’s easier to read on my background. I’m happy with the background color of mine
so far. You can change it if you want to. I’m pleased with dark gray so I’ll keep
it. I’m going to change the color of my title
to the same red to keep my design consistent and clean. Of course guys you can do whatever you like. You can design your template how you want
to. There is no right or wrong as long as you
make sure that the colors that you pick are easy to read on the backgrounds that you choose. Okay, as next step, I’m going to change
the icon in this graphic. The diamond is not really suitable for my
occupation. I’m a UX designer, an app designer, so I
will change my icon. To do that I will ungroup the graphic and
I’ll select the diamond and press delete on my keyboard. I’m now going to go to elements and press
on icons. I’m going to go with this icon, a mobile
phone, it’s very suitable because I design apps. And I will now position it in the middle of
the circle. There is my graphic. Now, another option would be to actually have
your picture displayed here. So I’m going to delete the icon and I will
now have over to uploads. You can upload an image by clicking the upload
button. I already uploaded my image. I prepared this image in Photoshop. It’s a circle with a transparent background. I’m going to reduce the file size to make
it fit into the sidebar. I’ll keep the white circle underneath as
it serves as a good guideline of where I put my image. Feel free to delete the circle. I’m now done with customizing my design. The next step will be to enter my own text. What I have done is I have pre-written my
resume in Google Docs, and I recommend that you do the same. Pre-writing your resume on a plain piece of
paper or in Google Docs helps you to focus on your wording and your content. Plus, if you use Google Docs it also helps
you to make sure that you don’t have any spelling mistakes because of the auto-spelling
check. I’m now going to enter my text. I’ll start with the heading. For the profile, I recommend that you write
one or two sentences that really capture who you are and why you’re perfect for the job
that you apply for. This is basically your sales pitch. As next step I’m going to enter my contact
details. I won’t enter my real phone number so you
guys can’t call me but I will enter my email so feel free to reach out if you want to. I’m also going to enter my website. I’ll change the number to something very
generic so it’s obvious that this is not a real number. Of course, you should include your real number
because you want to make sure that the employer or recruiter is able to contact you. I’ll now move this box up a bit. Same with expertise. If you don’t have a website then you can
delete the icon and the URL, by simply clicking on the text group. Ungroup the box. Select the items that you don’t want and
press delete on your keyboard. I’m now going to enter my social media. Okay. The sidebar is done. The header is done. As next step, I’m going to duplicate this
page. I recommend when you create your resume that
you keep your resume to two pages, maximum three pages. I will now move the education down a bit. And what I’m going to do with the experience
on my first page, I will change this to a summary. So what I have done is I have written a summary
which is basically like a cover letter of who I am and I also highlight work that I
have done in the past. This is all tailored for the job that I applied
to. Try to make is as specific as possible for
the type of job that you applied to. First step is I will ungroup the experience
box and I’m going to delete pretty much everything except for one paragraph. I’m now going to add my own text and I will
move it up and align it with my layout. I will now put this up a bit. I will reduce the width of the box a little
bit to have less words in one line. That makes it more readable. I’m now going to put my education box up
a bit. As next step, I will enter my education. Okay. I’m done with adding my education and now
I still have space available. What I’m going to do is I will move the
experience box onto the first page. In fact, I’m actually going to make a duplicate
of this box. How you do that is by selecting the box, press
the ALT button, hold it, and move the box slightly. You’ll see you have a copy of the same box. I’ll now place it on my first page. Again, I will align it. Also make sure that you keep a good margin
between each element, so it’s easier to read. I will now ungroup the box and delete the
second item. I’m going to focus on the first item. I also think I won’t be able to fit more
than one here. So what I’ve done with the experience is
I have– So we got the job title, underneath you have the company, the time that I have
worked there and then I’ve written a paragraph which is the summary of the company to explain
what the company is and what the company does. And, underneath I’ve written a paragraph
about my responsibilities. So here I listed pretty much everything that
I have done in my previous job to highlight my experience and my skills. I’m now going to copy and paste my text
into the template. Here we got the summary and I will also–
You can see here the difference between, I don’t know if you guys can see it, but the
text spacing is slightly different. This text spacing is less. So I’m going to change it to 80 as well. So this text box I believe is 80. Yeah. So I’ll change this text to 80 as well to
keep it consistent. Again, I’m going to reduce the box width
a little bit to have less words in one line which makes it easier to read. I now copy this paragraph. I hold “ALT” and I move it right below. I’m not sure why but the text spacing has
changed. So I’m going to change it to 80. Always make sure that your text spacing is
everywhere the same otherwise your resume won’t look as neat. I’m now going to put in my responsibilities
here and I will change this to bold. I’m done with my experience or the first
item of my experience. What I’m going to do now is I’m actually
going to delete on the second page everything in the main area. I’m going to group this. I will make a duplicate. I hold the ALT button and I move it below. I’m now going to pull my box to the second
page. I’ll ungroup it and I’m only going to
group my experience item. I’ll do that so I can then easily make more
duplicates. What I’m going to do now is I will add my
experience and then we’ll take it from there. I’ve finished adding my experience. I’ll now use the rest of my space to put
testimonials into my resume. I recommend that you include testimonials
in your resume. It adds credibility and social proof. If you don’t have any testimonials of your
previous employers or clients yet just contact them and ask for a short summary, two or three
sentences of how amazing you were at your last job. Hold the ALT button and duplicate the title. You can call it “Testimonials” or “What
employers say”, or What clients say”. It really depends on your type of work. Because I mainly work with clients, I call
it: “What clients say”. I’m now going to copy the last work experience. Again, hold your option button and pull it. I will ungroup it. I will delete the second paragraph and I’m
going to move the title and subtitle below. And you will see why I’m going to do that. So the paragraph will be the testimonial,
the title will be the name of, in my case client, in your case that might be client
or employer. And below I put the job title and the company
name. I’m going to add my third testimonial and I’m afraid that I ran out of space. I’m going to change the letter-spacing to
zero so it gives me more space. And once I’ve done that I’ll show you
the finished result. So what we’re going to do now is we will
download the resume. To download your resume, click the download
button. Make sure PDF standard is selected and that
all pages are selected and press download. And in just a few seconds we are downloading
the resume. Voilà! Here’s our resume. I have created a resume pocket guide for you
guys which has 15 tips on how to write a perfect resume. It’s free and you can download it from my
website. I will include the link in the description
box. And I hope it will help you guys to get that
job interview and to get that job that you always wanted. High five! We’re done for today. If you enjoyed this tutorial, make sure to
give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more how to videos to come. Also, if you have any questions or feedback,
make sure to leave a comment below. I’ll read them as soon as possible and I’ll
get back to you. Have an awesome day guys. Bye!

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