How to Create a Website Ready for Business in Just 7 Minutes ⚡ [2020]

How to create a website ready for business
in just seven minutes? This is the question I will do my best to
answer in this video, which will include everything you need to know from start to finish, and
how to do it step by step. The clock is ticking, so let’s get our domain
name and hosting, which are mandatory if you want 100% control over your website’s design
and features. You can use any hosting provider out there,
but I would recommend using Siteground. It’s your choice. The first thing you should do next is to click
the link in the description box and choose the StartUp WordPress hosting plan. If you already have a domain name, click on
“I already have a Domain” over here then enter your domain name in the field below. You can register a new domain as well and
choose from different popular extensions in this drop-down. For business, .com is the best choice, so
enter your preferred name and click on Proceed. Now you should take your time and fill out
all the fields on this page carefully, choose the hosting plan period then click on Pay
Now. That’s it. You can proceed to your customer area and
set up your site. This is the moment when you start learning
how to create a website. Select Start A New Website on the left then
choose the WordPress platform. Enter your installation details below, like
your email address and password, which will be your website access credentials and click
on continue. Click Finish on this page, but before doing
it, you can take a look at the additional services above. You may need Domain Privacy or Site Scanner. If so, just click on Add for the service you
want and click Finish below. After only a couple of seconds, you are all
set! Your website has been created, and you can
go to the next step, which is to manage your site. To keep it simple and fast, click on WordPress
Kit over here and go to WordPress admin. Enter the email and password set earlier and
click Log In. Welcome to your WordPress site. Only three minutes passed since I’ve started
this video, and I already have a website up and running. Click on Start Now below and choose a WordPress
theme. Let me show you something swift and ready
for almost any kind of business. Search for Neve over here and click on select,
then you are good to go. I would recommend Elementor only in this step
unless you want to create an online store. Elementor is a great drag and drop page builder
plugin, which I’ll show you how to use to customize your business website immediately,
so keep watching. Click complete once you finish browsing through
these additional recommendations and wait until the WordPress installation end. Now, go to the dashboard and visit your site. Boom! Less than seven minutes, and you already have
a website. Not just a simple website but a beautiful
business design which you can scroll down and see all these sections. You get ready-made animated pieces of content
that you can start customizing with Elementor. Moreover, you’ll get access to an impressive
collection of demo websites which you can install immediately. To do that, head over to the Sites Library,
choose your preferred page builder, and import the Creative Portfolio demo, for example. If you want to start from scratch, reset everything
by using WP Reset. It will delete everything like pages, posts,
and all your medial files in the library, so do it carefully, and only when your website
is new or you have a working backup. Now you can import your preferred demo and
customize it as you want. Then, you can go back to your Siteground user
interface, and create an email for your business. You will find a lot of tools over here. The file manager, which you can use to upload
files for property confirmation on Google Analytics, for example. It is a modern alternative to the standard
cPanel, that is for sure. I wonder which one do you like more? The old cPanel interface or this custom Siteground
user interface? Let’s talk about this in the comments section
below. Your website is live now, and you can start
promoting it through Facebook. So, go ahead and create a business Facebook
page for it. This way, you’ll have access to Facebook Ads,
and you can start getting paid traffic. It is the fastest way to get targeted traffic
to your website. If you have questions, type them in the comments
section below, and I will do my best to answer each of you guys. Fell free to check other videos on our channel and make sure to subscribe so you won’t miss any future videos. Thank’s for watching and see you in the next


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