How to Develop Responsive Web Pages with CSS

Here’s how to make a responsive landing page Add the main containers for your pages content. Change the ID for each of your containers to describe it’s content. Here we’re designing a basic structure for a landing page. Resize the content container. Now that there’s room, we can fit the sidebar in. Rearrange the content container’s items. Sizes can be percent based (%), fractions (1/3) or fill (*) Done! This is how our page will look on larger monitors. Let’s change the layout for tablets. It’s a bit squashed, let’s move the sidebar underneath the main content. Much better. Finally, let’s target smartphones. The layout doesn’t look so good, let’s make things a bit easier to read. We’ll make each box full width. So, in summary we’ll target three devices: Desktops or large displays, Tablets, and Smartphones. Now that we’re done, click ‘Export’ This will download the project as a ZIP file The HTML contains the layout The CSS contains the media queries to make the page responsive Responsive layout, easy!

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