How to easily jazz up simple cards: WOW results

so I’m gonna use these Nuvo drops I
haven’t used them in a while so it’s like stuff oh my lord oh hey there
everyone Laurel beard here and today I’m going to make two cards doing some very
simple water coloring these are cards that you can do you can do with your
kids and then you can take a few things you might have in your stash and jazz
them up a little bit more because these are so simple cards so let’s get to it alright so this is a piece of water
colored cardstock that I have taped down with my lovely purple tape that I just
it’s purple number one and it’s so great it doesn’t tear my paper can’t tell you
how many projects that I’ve created and then when I peel up the tape my paper
comes along with it and I get really really angry I’m also using some nouveau
aqua brush markers any kind of watercolor whatever you have will work
right so I sprayed the paper with water because this is like my hidden secret
spray your paper with water before you add your watercolor medium to your card
and the water is going to basically do all the work for you no talent required
this looks like a hot mess I know but I feel like and I’ve said this before in a
past video that I actually titled anyone can watercolor the uglier the better
I’ll link it right up here for you but I feel like the uglier it looks the better
it’s gonna be when it dries so keep that in mind when you were doing any kind of
water coloring whether it’s with expensive watercolors and expect kids
watercolors from the craft section at Target whatever you know I don’t feel
like you need to invest in high-dollar watercolors or mediums to create
beautiful backgrounds so I’m just again adding color I’m drying my panel as I go
just to kind of speed up the process and also make this video not so long now
this is gouache this is gouache from art ASA or at ISA I have no idea how to
pronounce it but they are very affordable as far as art supplies I have
their watercolors I have their gouache I have some metallics
they’re really fantastic quality and I’ll link to this little batch I got
below you can get it from artis a direct or Amazon even but I just like these
watercolor anyway moving on so I’m using gouache because I need my white to
really stand out and gouache will sit on top of the paper and not sink down enter
the watercolor so here I am and this is going to be a candle by the way doesn’t
look like it looks like an explanation point actually or an eye because an
explanation point it looks like an upside down explanation point right so
for now this looks like an eye but eventually this is going to be a candle
so I am adding the gouache the white gouache and drying and adding and drying
and adding and drying and so forth until I get the consistency of the white that
I want the outline of that dot as we’re gonna call it right now because it’s not
really the candle yet it’s just kind of just like a shadow or whatnot
so again layering drying layering drying now while I’m doing this I want to talk
about Skillshare because both of these designs that I’m doing today I was
inspired from a couple of skill shares classes that I saw
so skill share has like I don’t know 20,000 classes or ranging from anything
I don’t know crocheting cooking painting stamping I mean there’s a Photoshop for
dummies I don’t have Photoshop but I do have procreate on my iPad so I’ve
bookmark some pro grade classes cuz I have absolutely no idea how to use it I
mean there’s just everything under the Sun I do have two months free a coupon
down below if you are a new user you can get it in for free and you can check it
out for yourself it’s linked to right below in the description for you but I
just love it I have a several favorite teachers that I’ve taken classes from
before that I’ve bookmarked and I get notified every hat time they have a new
class just because I like them that much but there’s just I mean there’s
something out there for everyone right it’s just fantastic
so for these card designs I just opened up Skillshare and I think I typed in
handmade Christmas water colored cards and a whole bunch came up and I just
clicked on a couple of classes where I liked the thumbnails and I just adore at
classes ranged from five minutes to an hour and a half you have access to them
they’re just fun I’m gonna show you actually some footage from my screen
share skill share screen skills share screen when I did screen sharing in a
minute all right so enough about that for now so I’ve got my candle I’m happy
with the consistency I’m flicking on some white gouache and some blue gouache
down below it took me a long time to learn how to say gouache cuz it’s
spelled funny to me right it’s like gouache gouache but a squash rhymes with
squashes someone told me so I’m just gonna go in and finish out it’s starting
to look like a candle I think right I hope so and now you see that the white
around the candle flame is kind of like a shadow anyway I’m just going in and
having fun whatever your whole background can be
not water colored it could you can paint gouache another reason why I like washes
you don’t have to have water colored card stock you could actually in my
experience just use regular card stock so if you didn’t want if you really
wanted to speed up the process of this particular design if you like it you
could just do it on colored card stock and then you would have a beautiful
colored background and then your candle would be like painted right over the top
so keep that in mind if you want to skip the step or you just don’t like water
coloring or whatever it’s not your forte you don’t have to do that to still get
beautiful results so I’m just going in and adding a few finishing touches and
this is what I meant at the beginning of the video I’m taking a white pen and
adding some detail to the candle and also to the background any kind of white
pen will work I will link to this one that I’m using because I actually really
really really enjoyed these pins here I got them off of Amazon and then I’m
gonna go in I’m gonna peel up the tape and some of my watercolors seeped
underneath bummer I didn’t press down hard on the edges of the purple tape but
notice my paper to not tear and that’s everything so that was operator error so
I just trimmed the panel down and then I’m gonna go ahead and just kind of
start building up my card so that’s some navy blue card base that is some gold
mirror card stock from tonic studios and then I’m going to figure out this is
kind of a wonky size for my candle panel because I ended up cutting it down when
it that wasn’t my intention but there was no way I was throwing that baby away
so before I go head and finish adhering you know
building up the card I need to stamp a sentiment so I’m grabbing a sentiment I
just started going through my stash I moved recently all my stamps are still
not organized so this is a great stamp set from the ten stamps I just wanted
something simple I wanted to say you know Merry Christmas joy to the world I
just wanted something simple now you can see how I set my phone up and the
reflection of that mirrored cardstock anyway so I’m going to go ahead and to
hear that candle panel down on the same colored cardstock I used for the base
I’ll trim that down and then I’m kind of just you know I’m finagling it because
again that panel is kind of a wonky size because I trimmed it down so I’ll go
ahead and glue all this together and as a finishing touch I am going to add some
tonic crystal glaze to the fire part of the candle it’s going to add this
beautiful shine and it’s going to leave you some dimension behind and just a few
few things to add finishing touches to very simple cards is everything in my
opinion so Jacob take it out check out this card I think it’s beautiful
absolutely beautiful so I’m hoping you can pick up on the shine from that
candle and now I’m gonna move on to the next card okay.this I’m going to show
you some of the footage when I did the screen sharing when I was taking the
class but this is going to be like a Christmas tree
so I can’t draw a straight line so I’m grabbing my ruler anything with a
straight edge would work you could probably use the edge of a piece of
cardstock if you wanted to then I’m going to try to add the base of the tree
and I’m following along my computer is actually off to the side so I’m kind of
following along with what the instructors doing but tweaking it more –
however I wanted it to look and then I’m gonna go ahead and erase those pencil
lines because I don’t want those pencil lines to show up in my card and then
this is a green Nouveau aqua brush pen water colored pen from new though and
I’m just adding squiggly lines all over the place right it doesn’t get any
easier than this this is where your kids can just hop on in and have a great time
squiggly lines and you don’t have to do watercolor you can just use pens
Crayolas Oh sharpies if you trust your kid with the Sharpie that is I mean
there’s a lot you can do you don’t have to use these markers and then I’m just
going in and adding the bate blob of all you see what I’m doing here right so
then I’m going to go in and a star at the top and my star is so bad
it’s a bad start now here’s the look at the footage that I’m actually watching
as I’m creating this card so that’s kind of when it looks like so it’s like at
your own pace your own level pause it whatever you want to do she goes over
everything and I’ll show you a little bit more of that just a second
so I’m going in adding little ornaments to my trees which are basically little
dots of color with my markers whatever order Minh she added like string lights
she her stuff her card was really cute it’s better than mine I’m just gonna go
ahead and say it but whatever you know what I’m saying I am NOT a watercolor
instructor so I’m still trying to fix my star that looks like I don’t know like a
person with their hands up like oh I don’t know it’s just not what I nted
actually my Christmas tree there is no star at the top I have a cat and a hat
topper like it looks like a cat and a habit it’s not but like a hat tree
topper I got from Cracker Barrel like 20 years ago and my kids are like where’s
the star where’s the angel it’s a hat kids deal with it Lucas you’re almost 14
you’ve had this happen 14 years it ain’t changing I liked a hat anyway so I’m
gonna go and stamp Merry Christmas this time I’m stamping it down the side of
the tree you don’t always have to have your sentiments horizontal by the way
you know shake it up baby shake it up alright so you see I’ve got my ornaments
my dots I’m scattered now here is the additional step that you can take a
little something something to add something to clean in simple cards these
are all drops from Nouveau this one you saw at the beginning of my video I have
not used this in forever and I’m squeezing the good jeebies out of it
don’t do this by the way and it exploded like for reals
but it ain’t get on my card can you believe it like none of that goop got on
my card I’m like are you kidding me so pause the video and I had to clean up
the good something else that’s funny is that the tip that came off I found it
the next day stuck to my sweaters Oh God whatever anyway Nouveau drops
okay don’t squeeze that hard I should have just got something and unclogged
the tip none of the other nouveau drops that I’m using here I had any issues
with whatsoever but that one massive explosion alright so I’ve got a
combination of just crystal drops and glitter accents and I’m just going and
the glitter ah I’m trying to fix my star like for real Laurel you got to let the
star go you’re not going to judge me based on my
star right and I might add a little base to the you know a little glitter a
little something-something down here today and this is what I mean you can
look in your craft room if you make simple cards look around and see if
there’s anything that you can add to give it a finishing touch whether it’s
shiny whether it’s something that will add a little bit of dimension just
whatever in my case it was a little bit of glitter drops and some new vows and
thank God that blob did not get on my card it was like shielded it was crazy
so I just feel like adding the glitter and the drops really beefed this card up
to another level here is some footage from the actual class that I took for
the tree card so you have a gallery in all of your classes that you can choose
to upload your projects to if you’d like you can get feedback from the instructor
or encouragement from students she also in this particular class she
provided templates that you could actually just print onto printer paper
and trace over it if you want to duplicate her project so she made it
very easy you can in any class you take you can art before you take it you can
read reviews you know you don’t want to taste class it stinks and here’s all her
projects see aren’t they beautiful so all the classes are broken up into like
chapters I guess if you will so this one is a very short class it was not long at
all but it had the introduction the supply then then each lesson featured
the design and so forth and I just chose to go with the tree because that was
really quick and easy and anyone can do that so I hope that you enjoyed this
video I really love this candle card so so so so much yeah so I hope you enjoyed
this video and if there is anything that you want
see for me let me know I want to make what you want to see here are a couple
of other videos that might pique your fancy if you want to take it out all the
supplies I used as always or linked below in the description if you’re not a
subscriber please subscribe and thumbs up my video please thank you guys so
much for watching I’ll see you next time bye bye

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