How To Get Noticed In London’s Creative Industry

Male 1>>Honestly? It’s just – the people
that get noticed in London’s creative industry I’ve found is the way you look, honestly.
Wearing something different than what people see. Honestly what I see, it’s the first impression,
it’s, it’s the clothes. Male 2>>Tenacity, drive, do not stop, be
positive. When people say no, say yes you can do it. Keep going. Whatever hurdles you
face just keep going. Female 1>>I think it just takes lots of
working and you know, being really friendly and getting to know everybody where you work
cause it’s such a small industry actually and I think wherever you go, you want to leave
good karma, because wherever you go you end up working with more people and people remember
you and they want to work with you again if you are good and hardworking. And I think
that’s all you can ever really be. Female 2>>Be good. Be really good. And yeah,
that’s it really, be nice as well. Be nice. There are DDB rules, be brilliant and be nice. Male 3>>See back in the day you used to
have to stand out in some wacky way or some kind of bullshit like that. And I think now-a-days,
it’s about showing an understanding of how the different channels work. Showing that
you understand where things are going. Having a good tech knowledge. If you don’t know your
tech now-a-days I think you are pretty much going to screw yourself. Male 4>>Do good work. Not work that people
expect and enjoy it, really. If you are having fun, people can see that you are having fun,
the clients are having good work, and it’s all good. Female 3>>A good portfolio, probably. Just
know the right people. Kind of be a bit different, just find a way to be different. Male 5>>I think a little bit of uniqueness
about seeing stuff in a slightly different angle. There’s a lot of people out there,
it’s competitive. Everyone is a digital native these days, so you’ve got to kind of have
a different view point. Just have a view point that is slightly interesting. I think that
just having a view is not enough anymore whereas once before, with blogs and Twitter and Facebook,
just having a view was enough. But now I think, as it’s matured a little bit, I think we need
to have a view that is challenging, is intellectually interesting and is valid or might be fickle
and whimsical at the same time, but anything just to differentiate really. Female 4>>Yeah, being more than just help.
I don’t know. Be friendly, be nice. Just be nice to people is not said enough and it’s
a good rule to live by. Sounds really cheesy, but it’s true. Just be nice and reach out
to people. Male 3>>It’s a tiny, tiny industry so try
not to piss too many people off. Made that mistake a couple of times, but you know people
forgive the odd indiscretion but kind of when you meet people kind of make sure that they
remember you for whatever reason that might be. Hopefully for a good reason, and just
play to your strengths, play to your strengths really. Male 6>>Enthusiasm and positivity, which
I think Laura was talking about earlier this evening ,are kind of key cause certainly in
terms of doing the job, if you have enthusiasm and some sense of creativity whether you are
a creative or a developer or a planner or whatever it might be that you do, I think
those are the things that make the biggest difference these days cause everyone seems
to be really stressed in our business and the thing that makes the differences are people
who are like stress relievers rather than stress creators. So I think people who can
calm a situation down or make people smile do very well, even if they are not creatively
or technically brilliant people to start with. That will rub off by working with the other
people. And just not copying people is another thing. Just kind of tread your own path, which
I know is a really cliché thing to do, but so much of the internet and online looks so
much the same these days that if you remove the logos you really wouldn’t know what you
were really looking at anymore. And I’m always impressed by something that I haven’t seen
before, something that just feels fresh. Male 7>>First and foremost, to have an opinion
helps, and we’ve got social media now so you can easily get that out there. And then to
have an opinion and to kind of back that up either with constructive argument or with
great work. I mean great work is a plus. But I think just being a personality and having
something to say and having something interesting to say is a good starting point cause it starts
the discussion and that for me is where social media has helped build my profile and other
people’s profile is by kindda getting your voice out there and talking about it and then
people come to you because of that and they go, oh and you also do great work, that’s
great. Male 8>>I think to do things differently,
funny stuff, do things the wrong way and stand out by doing things that are surprising I
guess, to be honest. Female 5>>Really you need to be good for
a start. You need to be confident. I mean it’s a very big pond to swim in. And you need
to have perseverance. You need to try things out, you need to take opportunities and go
for them, put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Male 9>>Two things; endeavor and swagger.
So I think it takes endeavor, hard work, it doesn’t come easy. These are luxuriant jobs
that we have because we get to do interesting things and make stuff up and get licensed
to behave in all kinds of crazy ways so you need to earn that I think and you need to
work hard and there’s a lot of craft and a lot of skill associated with it so you’ve
got to do your 10,000 hours and I believe that. And swagger, I think you’ve got to have
a little bit of style. It doesn’t have to be like everybody else’s
but you’ve got to bring something different to the table. Otherwise, you’re just not interesting.
And unfortunately you need to find a way of breaking through and being interesting. Which
is difficult because interesting comes with confidence and I think when you’re young and
you’re applying for jobs you are searching for your confidence as well so try and find
confidence to do something fresh, do it different and make a different approach.


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