How to grow your YouTube channel! || Burnaby Mountain, BC | Mountain Biking

What was old is new again! Welcome back everyone for a special episode
of Trail POV where I’ll riding with my neighbour from the top of Burnaby Mountain to the bottom
to celebrate being on YouTube for almost a year exactly. The first video I posted was on this mountain,
so thought it only fitting I return to the place that started it all. So far I have ridden over 65 unique trails
in 2 countries ranging from greens to double blacks. I have raced cyclocross and featured most
of the trails of the 2019 BC Bike Race in Squamish. This has been a spectacular year and I am
excited for the year to come. I thought I’d take a few moments to describe
some of things I have learned over the year: Firstly, I have a new appreciation for those
YouTubers who put out multiple videos a week where they actually have to go to a location
and film and are not just talking heads. Special shout out to Awesome MTB….three videos
a week….seriously impressive. How do you even have time to actually ride. Before starting up this channel I had no idea
how much time it actually takes to edit a quality 5-10min video. The good thing is that it is actually fun
putting together a video and even more fun riding the trail before. The second thing I’ve learned is that there
are two things that seem to grow a YouTube channel. You either have to be seriously good at what
you do….think Jordan Boostmaster, or have a unique personality such that people aren’t
just tuning in for the riding. It doesn’t have to be a nice personality,
it just has to be unique. If
you’re more of an informational channel, such as myself, people come they watch and they
seem to keep on moving. I figured they’d wanna keep on learning, but
this isn’t quite how it plays out, at least in my case. This could in part be related to my next point,
but let me stay on one thought for now. Given that a decent amount of traffic on my
channel is driven through search rather than browse, I have come to realize that it likely
will be quite hard to grow as a channel without travelling to a lot of destinations around
the world. The more I ride, the more riders are
likely to find me while searching for some awesome local trails. Anyone got a credit card I can expense flights
and accommodations to? The third thing that became obvious early
on is my audio needed some serious tinkering as the Hero5 audio is seriously bad. Thankfully I seem to have solved this with
my latest addition, a standalone mic. I actually ordered this thing back in May
and but only received it in October. I feel like the wait was worth it though when
I now listen to the tires hitting the trail. I’ll give you a few moments to enjoy before
mentioning my last point. While you wait, why not let me know what you
think of the audio in the comments down below. The last thing I’ve learned, and one of the reasons
why I keep putting out new videos every week, is that the YouTube mountain bike community
is a blast to be a part of. There are so many unique channels, people
and different ways to show off the sport we all love. Hopefully I can meet some more of you in person
as the months roll on and get to ride and share some of the trails in the places you
call home! Thanks again for joining me this week. If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing
to the channel and becoming a part of my journey as I keep exploring a bunch of trails I’ve
never ridden. Until next time, sit back and enjoy the ride!


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