How to Identify a Good Virtual Worker When You See One

Hiring a good virtual worker can be difficult to say the least. You have to weed through a lot of unqualified and unresponsive applicants. Then you have those who seem too good to be true. And then it turns out they actually are. And then you come across a few who seem great and actually turn out to be. And before all of this stresses you out we’re going to talk about how to keep a good worker once you find one in just a bit while you sift through all the applicants. Remember don’t hire a team who is just like you. Don’t get me wrong you’re great but you know variety of people with a variety of skills will better the business and help you to see things that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Remember your team should compliment your weaknesses. Another thing you may want to consider is I have always hired potential over experience. Now of course the person needs to know what they’re doing they need to have some experience. But sometimes people with a decade of experience let’s say tend to be more set in their ways whereas someone who is great at what they do but has much less experience are easier to train and it’s easier to get them to adapt to your process. Oftentimes they will work harder and show more initiative as well. Now this isn’t a blanket statement it’s not true for every single person you come across but if you’re staring at your final two applicants and one has loads of experience and the other has really impressed you with their potential don’t always feel like you have to select a person solely based on their years of experience. Now go ahead and download the list of questions to ask a potential freelancer to get an idea of how to screen potential applicants before you hire them and make your final decision.

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