How To Install Callouts & LSPDFR Plugins (GTA 5 LSPDFR Installation Tutorial Guide)

what is up beautiful people of YouTube my name is Jerutastic with another video In the LSPDFR Tutorial Guide. Todays video is going to be how to install plugins that suit LSPDFR. So the first video I’ve made is how to instal the mod in general, the LSPDFR mod, how to instal Rage Plugin Hook, the main thing but it’s kind of like
having a chicken you know you’re about to roast a chicken you know you could
put it in the oven take it out you still have a roasted chicken but you need some
spices to make it a little better and that’s exactly what this is to make the
analogy work so again these plugins help you you know you can think of any
plug-in possible that has to do with policing and somebody out there has made
it pretty much so you go to the same website which is or you can
just google LSSPDFR, after that what you want to go is to the mods click
and LSPDFR and again for the sake of this tutorial I’m just be showing you
something random sorry clicking downloads and then go to scripts and
plugins ok so once again for the sake of the smile I’ll just be showing you
something random if you are new to it this is pretty much the plugins like
they have like you know you can have a bait car plug-in you can have a taco
highway call-outs where you know hi were related con ups will happen spike strips
plug-in where you can deploy the spike strips so that’s what plugins are pretty
much so let’s just go here for the sake of this tutorial let’s just put most
downloaded for example and we’ll click a popular one like traffic police are okay
traffic police is something I use which is you can do a breathalyzer speech
check the door locks when you walk away from the car drug eliezer etc so on and
so forth alright so here we are you just click on it download it download the
plugin that you want and of course I agree all this stuff you might want to
download the latest version that always helps alright there it is it’s
downloaded so what you need to do is as always extract it most of them are gonna
come compressed so extract the file here you know I usually have
just to show you what I mean let me drag it over in this screen if you’re
planning and installing a lot of plugins what would be smartest kind of have like
a folder where you click and you know you have all the plugins that are
installed blah blah blah and that’s that’s one thing I usually do so so
here’s a file its unzipped so some some plugins are gonna be a little different
but about 90% of them are gonna be the same way that I’m showing you right now
so click on a plug-in file that you opened and if you have Windows 10 or
Windows 7 or 8 click in a place where you have your GTA 5 and I’m speaking for
install ok generally the people that make these
plugins make it easier for you to go step by step so they’re telling you
right here without even any notes go to Grand Theft Auto folder we’re here then
they’re telling you to drop these two without any readme files us what they’re
saying grab these two in the directory folder so we already have them drop so
you just click and drag okay it’s gonna tell me replace them already have I’m
not gonna do it ok and then once you installedLSPDFR correctly you should
have a plug-in folder and a LSPDFR folder this is where you can either
click and drag these as well you can click and drag them of course I have
them click and drag these inside as well and that will go respectfully in their
own folder so if we click we’re click the X before we click here we see police
scanner this is like where the police scanners for that plug-in works and
we’ll click on plugins here click on plugins here at Expedia for El Expedia
for if you successfully dragged it into the right folders you should have
traffic police err right here so traffic police or traffic police are the same two
here and I got the same two here so that’s how simply you install LSPDFR
plugins ok as you can see all of these you see our plugins rest manager
assorted call-outs so on and so forth so sometimes another step that you have to
take is you have to go once let me close it out so I can show you once you try to
launch rage hook plugins that’s where everything kind of goes before it goes
on to the next screen click on that settings real fast this one right here I
couldn’t do it that fast maybe I positive show you that one right there
ok click on that one right there come to plugins and you make sure the
plugin you just installed is checked over here so traffic police are plug-in
there it is because we just installed it it is
currently unchecked so you check that plug-in and now it will be loaded so if
you plan on playing a game you can press save and lunch I’m not planning a
playing a game so I’m just gonna leave it as it is but that’s the last step so
let’s recap as always you go here pick the plug-in that you want downloaded
once you download it extracted usually some of them have a readme file but most
of them won’t but just assume that where the developer has put the Grand Theft
Auto folder they want you to go step by step so Grand Theft Auto Grand Theft
Auto drop this in the main directory if it has no folder and grab these two and
drop them in the main directory you can actually just click and drag all of them
if you want and that would just save you some time
but yeah if you don’t have that plugins and the LS PDF or folder and your main
directory you’re gonna have to reinstall LS PDF or because you did something
wrong so with that being said subscribe to this channel guys because I plan on
doing more LS PDF for tutorials and help guide to help you guys get going with
that most amazing gta5 mod out there it’s really really is a lot of fun and
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