How to Install Plugins, and Extensions in Sketchup (software)

Hey design nation! In this session I’m going to teach you the difference between tools, plugins and extensions in
Sketchup. And then I’m going to teach you how to find some, and how to install them once you do. I’m just going to start off this by saying that the difference between tools, plugins and extensions is pretty slight, and in sketchup 2014 the
lines start to get pretty blurred. I’ll go into that a little bit later, but for
now I’m just going to describe how those three are typically defined. Okay so tools are anything that is built in to Sketchup, so if I was to say grab the
rectangle tool, you would grab this, and not any sort of plug-in. A plug-in is
typically a something that you add into Sketchup, it’s an added feature that
doesn’t come with the vanilla version. So I’m going to teach you how to find and
install those, and then the other thing is extensions, which are usually sort of robust plugins they’re not developed by Sketchup. To develop by third parties. Just like plugins. And a lot of times they have more robust features, like user interfaces, they can do a little bit more and they just look nicer and usually
work better. So since this is a vanilla version of Sketchup I don’t have any extensions or plugins installed, so it’s going to be a good sort of learning
experience if you’ve never installed any plugins or extensions. And so since a Sketchup 2013 they added the extension warehouse, so installing extensions has
become super easy, so if you go to window and scroll down to extension warehouse,
it’ll pop up this extension warehouse window. In here there are different ways
to navigate through the extensions, so you can choose your industry or your
category, so I might start with architecture, since that’s the field that I’m, in and maybe I’m looking for drawing. Over here it’ll tell you the price if
there is a price. But for this one it’s free so you just
click on it, and the easy way to do this is just hit install. You can see that it
didn’t actually do anything, that’s because I’m not signed in, so it might be frustrating at first if you keep clicking this and it doesn’t do anything.
So all you have to do is sign one with your account, and then you’ll be good to
go. So now that I’m signed into my account
when I hit install, you’ll see that it pops up a message, and it says “Do you
trust the author?”, and I’m going to “Say” and it’s going to go through and
it’s going to install and now you can see, that I have a toolbar. So now I’m going to show you sort of the manual way to install extensions and I’ll talk
about how to uninstall them if you get tired of the ones that you need. A really
good website to go to if you’re looking for plugins or extensions is Ruby
library Depot, there’s also a Smustard. It’s also a very good website to go to.
You just click home or products and you can search through, some of them are free
and some of them are paid. For this I have already discovered a couple, that I’ve discovered an extension and a plugin, so I’m just going to use this for
now, but essentially use it download it’ll download it to your ear file. And
then I’ll take it from there how you install. Okay, so i’ve downloaded my two
files and they’re in my downloads folder. This one has the extension RBZ at the
end, and this one just says RB. The one with the Z is an extension and the one
with the B is a plug-in. The first thing you need to do is to go to your C Drive
and your Program Files and you need to find your Sketchup folder, so that’s
essentially what I’m doing. Sketchup the latest version that you
want to install your plugin on I’m using 14 and this is where the discrepancy
comes in that I was talking about earlier. So in previous versions of
Sketchup there was a plugins folder. Now there’s this folder called tools, which
is essentially the same thing. So you want to drop your your plugin over here, you can see there
are other plugins in there now, just to continue, I’m going to drop this in there
as well. You’ll need to exit out of your current version of Sketchup if you have it open, and then restart it. I installed weld, so you can see in
plugins there’s this new tab that wasn’t there before. Weld is in there. Sometimes the plugins won’t show up there depending on the plug-in, and like if you select these lines you’ll be able to right-click and
there might be an option in here. That’s pretty often but you should be able to look at some readme files for your plug-in, and the author’s should
describe how to use their plug-in. So we have this plug-in installed, but now we don’t have the other extension, so the manual way to do that is go to window
preferences you’ll see here there’s this extensions, to install extension you go
down here, install extensions and then you have to find where we saved that
previous file. So if I go back to my C Drive, my Sketchup folder 2014 I put it in tools, you’ll see this
file showing up and the other dot RB files are not because they aren’t
extensions. So I’m going to hit open it’s going to put me through that same
process that it did before when I installed through the extension
warehouse, you can see is it that it is complete. If at any point you want to
turn any plugins off, you just come in here and you uncheck them, so if I didn’t
want my 101 bit tools, I just come in here, and turn that off, and then you have to restart the SketchUp for it now to show up. Well, I’m going to hit OK and you can
see I have my tree extension in here. I’ve never used this before, but there
you go. If you found this information helpful and you know anyone who is having an issue installing plugins or extensions, please forward this video
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get an exclusive preview of the newest video tutorials that we’re putting out. Hope you guys have a good one, and as always Happy Hacking! Hit show train is fun to add contours to the site, which is really helpful for modeling it’s rough on the citizens accurate is a survey with lead,
but it gives you a decent quick overview of sort of what the site content is.


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