How to install PS plugins on Affinity Photo

hi guys welcome to Duke Pham Photography
my name is Duke Pham and you can find me on Facebook Instagram Twitter and my
website at so today I’m gonna show you how to install
all the plugins that you have in Photoshop into Affinity Photo first
thing is we have to check in Photoshop this is my Photoshop CC 2017 go to
Filters and you can see what I have let’s say we have Nik collection from Google
and in Nik collection I have like about seven or eight plugins over here
okay and then open affinity photo and open the setting
on the setting panel you can see the Photoshop plug-in right here click it by
default you have nothing in here yet so go ahead click add in the plugins search folders and then navigate to applications
Photoshop CC and plugins and Google inside Google you can see like all of
the plug-ins that we have from Google okay so go ahead select Google and click
OK so we will see the part right here the
applications Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 plugins and Google right here ok and
then click close in this step affinity photo will ask you to restart the
application go ahead to do that all right after Affinity Photo
restarted you can see the list on the left all the plug-ins that affinity photo detected from the Google folder but here we have a couple of plug-in says
requires global support okay so go ahead to click Authorize
global right here and doesn’t matter where you are in the
dialogue just go ahead click authorize and now it turned from requires into
working and then for all of the others plugin-ins
they say unknown right here make sure you check the box allowed unknown
plugins to be used and then click close and restart the application all right and now you’re all set
go ahead close and open a picture and test it
right here you can see Filters
and the plug-ins and you have Nik collection right here exactly a like you
have in Photoshop okay go ahead test one of them let’s say color effect all right right here we have too many
options that the color effect gives you okay I do something right here right
here like that all right and then click okay all right and so right here we have before and after before and after using
Nik collection alright that’s all for today if you like
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have a good day bye


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