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Hi everyone it’s Danny From Weblinx Today Im going to show you how to install WordPress Plugins After the Two previous videos You Should have a wordpress site set up The next step is for me to show you how to install plugins Go into the admin section of your site which is the /wp-admin part of your URl Sign into your blog The page that we need to concentrate on today is the plugins section You will first find Askimet and Hello Dolly Askimet will stop spam from entering your website Hello Dolly is something that we dont use or ever will use so delete that when you are deleting/uploading something it will ask for your FTP details these are what you used on filezilla so first insert ip/web url then your username and lastly your password this will delete the plugin from your host Now i’m going to show you how to add a plugin Go to the “add new” section We are going to release a list of top 5 plugins we think should installed on a wordpress blog that will come in the next tutorial For now we are going to use all-in-one-SEO-Pack so type in, all in one SEO in the search bar We are going to choose the all-in-one-seo-pack Click install It will then ask do you want to install this plugin you will again be asked for you FTP password eventually your site will remember this And here we go you will then be greeted by the big red bar Click the admin part of the bar Simply scroll down and click enable then followed by update options Sometime wordpress can go wrong You will need to upload plugins in a different way So i will now go to the plugins section again and i will delete the plugin just installed for this purpose We are going to use Filezilla again However first we need to get the plugin So search for “all in one seo pack wordpress” In Google The top site should be the site were you can download the plugin download this and save the file open containing folder take out the packed rar file and place it in a folder with a name of your choice You need to extract the Rar file into the folder and now you have your all in one seo pack Login into filezilla with your login details look in the public HTML file This will show all of your wordpress files now i need to look where i insert plugins this will be in a folder called wp-content so open this then open plugins Askimet is in here already Go into your folder you just created on the left hand side of filezilla select the plugin right click and select upload go back to wordpress and select plugins and you will see the now installed all in one seo pack However you only do this if you cannot do this through wordpress which sometimes does happen I will now add another one to show you again what to do This time I will download Google XML Sitemaps Either install through WordPress or the FTP it is completely up to you insert your password (if using wordpress) then activate plugin when you have downloaded these plugins you will see they are in different places on the left hand side most however will go into settings As you can see here in my next tutorial I will tell you the top 5 wordpress plugins that we believe you should install on a blog I will also show you just what they do, how they work and the best settings for them So sign up to our channel and have a good day Bye

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