How to List Events From The Events Calendar for WordPress Anywhere

– [Instructor] Hello everyone,
this is a quick demo of The Events Calendar, a
calendar by Modern Tribe, and The Events Calendar Shortcode, a way to list your events
on a different page than the normal Events Calendar page. So, let’s get started by
installing the calendar itself. And I’m gonna activate that. So you get this nice welcome screen here, but for now I’m just
gonna head to settings. So, by default it’s gonna
show up under events, so if I open up a new
tab and go to that page, you can see it shows
the calendar on /events. So, if I wanted to show
that on a different page or rename it, I could
rename that slug there, save it, and then refresh. But I’ll leave it there for now. So let’s add a couple events, so it’ll show up on that calendar. Set the time, you can put in a venue, you can add an organizer, if you have another
website that they should be able to see as part of the event, you can put it there, and if you have a cost, you
can also put that there. You can also add a featured
image to the event. You can also organize by categories, you could add some tags, and they give you some, also, other event options that you can use. So I’m just gonna publish this, and now we can see on the calendar, there it is, on the 15th, and you can view the event
details, see the cost. You also have the option
to view as a list. And you can see how that looks there. But what if you want to add your events to a different page? So, we can show how that works by creating a different page. Call this About. I’ll put some dummy text in there. There we are, so we’ve got our new page, you can see it’s down here. And I want to list the
events that are coming up, just underneath here, ’cause it’s a big part of
what this website’s about is the upcoming events, so I
wanna show it in more spots. So if I head back and
go to plugins, add new, search for “the events
calendar shortcode,” install, activate that,
and now it adds a little shortcode option underneath the events. And it gives you a bunch
of options that you can do, but the basic shortcode is
just to add ecs-list-events onto whatever post, or page, or blog post, wherever you wanna put
your list of events. So I’m gonna go back
to this page, edit it, go down to the bottom, add that shortcode, hit update, and now when I go back to that page, we can see that we’ve got a link to the event,
the time, start and end, and it will now list whatever events that we have under here. You can see how this works if
we add, say, one more event. And now that that event’s published, if I refresh the About page, we can see that it shows up underneath. So you can see that it lists the events, but it needs a little bit of formatting. It’s got this bullet. It’s very easy to do if
you know a bit of CSS, but if you don’t and you’d like a couple kinda nicer looking designs, there is a pro version. So if you head over to the shortcode, you can see kind of an
example of what these pro designs look like. There’s a bunch of different options, but you can see it shows
the cost nicely aligned, and there’s also this compact view with the month and day in larger letters and the title of the event. Again, with some options,
you can actually show the venue underneath, and
a couple other things. So, if I click on one of these images, it’ll take us over to this site, where you can click Get Started Now, and grab those nicer designs. So there’s a quick intro of
how to use The Events Calendar and The Events Calendar Shortcode together to show the events on your site.


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