How to make a Basic Webpage Using HTML

[intro] [intro] [intro] [intro] [intro] [intro] Hi, This is Nik from Alphixia
and this is the first HTML tutorial HTML is a language for describing web pages
I won’t tell much about it but one thing you should know is everything
that starts in html has to end We call it start tags and end tags
Throughout this tutorial we will use notepad as our editor
You should know that all HTML pages start with an
Then, theis the head part of the document You can assign the title of the document which
appears on the toolbar of the browser For example, test webpage
End the title by putting aend the head part and start the body tag
The body has all the contents of the HTML page
First, to assign a heading, you can put an

tag For example, my first webpage
end the h1 tag To put a paragraph, a

tag has to be put For example my first paragraph
End the p tag When your content is over put ain
angle bracets and end the html page
Save the page as .html page minimize it and open the page
You will see that my first webpage is the h1 that we used as a title
and my first paragraph is the paragraph that we used as

h2 can be used as the next heading smaller than h1 save it
and then refresh as you can see, h2 is smaller than h1
That’s all for this tutorial In the next tutorial we’ll teach you more
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