How To Make Youtube Louder Windows 10 Using The DOM Console🔇🔈🔊⏩🔥🔥

How To Make Youtube Louder Windows 10 Using
The DOM Console Media streaming is becoming a large part of
everyone’s life now. YouTube is the world’s largest community-based
video streaming platform. But at times, the volume of these YouTube
videos that are being streamed is not enough. Even with the volume of the computer and the
YouTube player being toggled to be the highest, sometimes, the audio is not audible. This can be fixed by a number of extensions
that can be installed on your computer. These extensions are available especially
on web browsers powered by the Chromium engine or Mozilla Firefox. Let’s start the video:
Increase YouTube Volume using the DOM console A DOM or Document Object Model is a component
of a web browser that acts as a programming interface of any webpage that is loaded in
the browser. It loads all the scripts that support the
running of the webpage. A user can make use of the console to make
changes to the webpage. Developers mostly use Javascript scripts to
make some minor changes to the behavior of the web page. Some of the advantages of using this method
over the use of extensions are as follows: • This method will help bypass any restrictions
on a corporate level to the users. • It will work on any PC platform. • It does not require tampering of the computer’s
integrity in any manner. • This method does not carry any hassle. Following this method is fairly simple. You need to load the YouTube video streaming
page first.You can execute this command in Mozilla firefox as well as Google chrome to
increase volume of streamed video. Now, hit the F12 button on your keyboard to
launch Developer Tools. Navigate to the tab called Console. In the command line area of the Console tab,
execute the following command by copying and pasting it:
document.getElementsByClassName(“video-stream”)[0].volume=0.5; //50%
As you do this, you will suddenly notice an increase in the volume of the YouTube video
that was being played in the background. In the code given above, the 0.5 denotes a
50% increase in the volume and can be set respectively in order to boost the volume
of the YouTube video being played. You can change value to set value to your
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