How to REGISTER for classes on the Campus Portal

Hello, everybody, I wanted to make sure we all knew how to register for classes, so I’m going to make a video to show you guys how to navigate this new system that we’ve got. You want to start off at, and then you want to click on myuaptc the portal link just as you normally would. It will look different to you, don’t worry you will get there, we will navigate this together. I have our current student government president make this video today, so he is going to go ahead and log in for us. ((typing)) You do want to continue to use your same credentials, they will work in the new system, and you will notice the new system will populate some new tabs up here for you. You will click on students to be able to register for your new classes. In here you will be able to open up your unofficial transcript, you can do a projection on your GPA. To register for courses, you will go into the add/drop courses area. In here, is the default is the spring semester, so you are already selected to the correct term. Now you need to know what course you need to for your degree plan; Cole is already working off of his degree plan sheet. We have it; we have a physical copy if front of us. So, it will be easy for him to select what it is he is looking for but if not you could minimize your screen and open up another tab so that you have your degree plan open in front of you if you needed to do that. You can go into the degrees if you are looking at a transfer degree, we have the transfer degrees on here. You could pull this out and make a smaller screen and work from two different screens so you can keep this in front of you while you register for your course it just depends on what’s going to work for you as you go through this process. For Cole and myself, it is going to work best to look at a hard copy sheet, so that’s what we are going to go by. Now, we have already determined what courses what course that he wants to look for the spring semester because that will help us make a little better time on our video but it may take you a little while to figure out and select which course you have already taken and which course you need. If you need help with any of that, please get with an advisor there are many around campus as well as general advising that are more than happy to help you with that process. So, the first course that we are going to look for is an English course so you will go ahead and select English and then hit search and that will populate your list for English. You will see as we go this, let me point out a few things to you. You will find the course information over here to the side as well as how many open seats are available for the course. And then you will have the information about the course these are the dates that it meets the time slot the campus that it is at as well as the building. So, that information is important to you as you are selecting information that will work for your schedule. We are looking for an American Lit course, so we have a little bit of scrolling to do. Please notice for some of these larger departments or larger areas, of course; you may have a few pages that you need to scroll through. Once you have identified the course that you are looking for you want to select the box, over this column is actually the add column. You want to select that box. Then scroll all the way down to add courses and you will see that this course is now is listed into Cole’s schedule. We are going to go through and do a couple more. For this course, he is looking for Into to Film, and we are looking for Tuesday/Thursday, add the course, you will see it as added to his schedule. We are also going to look for his college algebra course okay, once you have found it, you select the box, and then you add the course. He has one more course he is looking for, and that is a speech course. You will now see that he has a full schedule and he has it balanced according to what he is looking for the spring semester. It should be that simple for you as well. If you have any hiccups or any issues you can contact me or your advisor we are here and happy to help.

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