How to Remove Audio Noise | FREE without plugins I Adobe Premiere Pro CC & Audition CC Tutorial

In this video you should put on some
professional headphones or any headphones that you have so you can hear the before and after the noise reduction process. (thud sound) (“Orange Juice Extra Pulp” Song plays) Hey everybody and welcome back
to Premiere Gal! On this channel I make tons of video editing tutorials and
production tips that help you create better videos. Today is a Tuesday
tutorial and I’m going to be diving into sound editing with you to show you how
to remove any ugly background noises that you don’t like because audio is so
important to your video if it doesn’t sound good then your video won’t be as
good, right? So I’ll be showing you how to start in Premiere Pro using a demo file
that I will be providing and then go in to audition to remove any background
noises, okay? It’s gonna be super simple and there’s no plugins needed. So be sure
to download the file and follow along and don’t forget to put on your
headphones and let’s get started! Alright so after you download the demo file it’s
called sound removal practice file it’s an .mp4 that has the video with the sound. Okay, and so you’re going to drag and drop this into the project panel to
import it into Premiere Pro and then to create a sequence from this file just
click and drag and drop it here in the timeline and now let me play it back so
you can hear the humming background noise that I’m talking about. (sound plays) “hey you guys and welcome to activity 3 where I’m showing you how to use the zoom” So you can hear that it just doesn’t sound good it actually takes away from the video
because you’re just hearing this sort of electric static noise that’s in the
background so you can try to repair this using the essential sound panel and I
actually have a whole course on how to use the essential sound panel up on
Pluralsight so I’ll link to that in the description box below if you guys want
to get to know how to use the essential sound panel but if you click on dialogue
here by the way if you don’t see this go up to window and go to a essential sound
to open that up, okay? So if you select dialogue it’ll give you a whole bunch of
different controls and you can use the repair tab to try to reduce that noise
but it actually doesn’t work that accurately so instead I like
to use audition. So here let me just move this up and make this bigger and so
first let’s go ahead and duplicate this sound file so you can see what the sound
sounded like before and after at the end of this tutorial. So let’s go ahead and
hit alt option (key) and drag this down so we have a duplicate file here. So let’s just
go ahead and mute that one for now and now let’s right-click on this file
and let’s edit the clip in Adobe Audition and what this will do is render
and replace and it will open up Audition automatically. Okay? Here in Audition you can see that it extracted the sound file from that video
clip and here is a visualization of that audio. So if you do not see this here
make sure to go up and select this icon called show spectral frequency display
okay and basically to help you read this over here is measured in Hertz in the
frequency levels at the bottom are the lower frequencies and at the top are the
higher frequencies and all of the yellow orange and red are my vocal frequencies
okay so we want to keep those intact and all of this sort of purple fuzziness all
around that’s the noise we want to get rid of you can see in the beginning
there’s an area where there’s not a lot of dialogue and ideally it’s easier to
remove noise if there’s an area without dialogue happening. okay? So let me just
play this back here so you can hear the noise here we want to get rid of that.
And so in Audition what’s really cool is if you use this “zoom in” tool you can get
closer here to see it you can actually paint this out using this Spot Healing
Brush tool you can paint out noise just by clicking that brush and start
painting see and what that does is auto heal and starts to remove that but
that’ll take a long time to have to go through and remove all of this right so
you don’t want to remove all of it that way. So I’m just going to hit command Z
command Z (Ctrl + Z on a PC) on my keyboard to undo that. So what we can do to be faster is use the
marquee selection tool to select a noise print here and then remove that noise print from the entire audio track okay so just sort
of click and select this noise area okay we don’t want to remove all of it
because it’s it’ll sound a little unnatural if we remove everything but
just enough just down to the bottom here is good and you can see that if we play
it back it’ll just play that print that we selected. So how to capture this noise? Go up to effects go to Noise Reduction / Restoration and “capture noise print.” okay? Now go up to effects and then go back to Noise Reduction / Restoration and select
“Noise Reduction process…” And now we want to apply this noise reduction process to
the entire file, the entire audio track, so select entire file so you can see
here that there are a lot of controls play around with right now its “output
noise only” this only if you play it back you will only hear the noise selected so
let’s just play it back so you can hear the noise that will be removed so you
can hear that it is all of that background noise that we don’t want plus
a little bit of the vocal frequencies and that is because when we selected
this area here that’s in the same frequency range as the vocal frequency
so it will remove some of the frequency and that’s why we have to be careful
with these controls not to remove it too much okay. So let’s unchecked output
noise let’s play it back to see how it sounds. (sound plays) “Hey you guys and welcome to activity 3 where I’m showing you how” (sound stops) So it
sounds pretty good if you want to hear what it sounds like without the effect
just hit the “toggle the power state” this will remove the effects you can hear
what it sounded like before, “hey you guys and welcome to activity 3 where I’m
showing you” (sound stops) You can see that actually with it on it sounds a lot better. (sound plays. “Hey
you guys and welcome to activity” It’s virtually gone, right? So you can see here I have
the noise reduction strength about a hundred percent because I want
it to work at a hundred percent here you can play around with it and see how it
sounds at different and play it back if you want but I found
that a hundred percent would this audio file worked best and of course reduced
by is by how much volume, loudness, you will reduce the sound by of the noise
and its measured in DB which is decibels okay? And down here under advanced this is where I actually went in and increased the spectral decay rate and
essentially what this is is if you set this to zero you’re basically saying I
want to remove all of the noise so it’s completely gone but if we do that
and we play it back you’ll hear that it actually created some noise particles
because it removed too much of our vocal frequencies so let me play it back so
you can listen to see if you can hear those particles (sound plays) “hey you guys and welcome to activity 3 where I’m showing you how to use the zoom h4n handy recorder okay” (sound stops) So it’s kind of hard to hear but if you listen carefully you can kind of hear
that particles and you don’t want that particle noise because it sounds sort of
artificial so if you add some spectral decay and again you just have to play
around with it I got to “10” after some testing and you can actually smooth out
the spectral decay as well as much as you want until it sounds as good as it
can, so if we play back now with the 10 spectral decay and some smoothing on you can hear (sound plays) “Hey you guys and welcome to activity 3 where I’m showing” (sound stops) it sounds pretty good right? So just hit apply and watch what
happens look at that if we zoom out here you can see that now where all of that
noise was it’s now gone it’s now black virtually. Right? And now what’s even
better is if you hit save and go back to Premiere Pro it automatically places
that noise reduction here and you don’t have to do anything so now we can play
it back, “Hey you guys and welcome to activity 3 where I’m showing you how to
use the zoom,” All right you guys so that’s all there is to noise reduction in
Audition and Premiere Pro if this video helped you out be sure to give it a
thumbs up and if you are going to start using this noise
reduction strategy please be sure to leave a comment below and subscribe to
this youtube channel! Also you guys you should check out this awesome resource I use for music sound effects even some video editing templates for After
Effects it’s called Envato Market I’ll link to it in the description box below
so you can check out some of the favourite templates that I like to use
in my videos all right you guys thanks so much and I’ll see you all very soon
bye! (“Orange Juice Extra Pulp” Music Plays) (Get 10% off Soundstripe music, code: GAL10)

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