How to Schedule Classes in WIReD

Once you are logged in, click on “Enrollment,
Financial Aid, Student Accounts and Student Services.” Then, click on “Registration.” To generate schedule possibilities based on
your preferences, click the “Schedule Planner” link. Select the appropriate term and click the
“Save and Continue” button. The optional filters at the top of the page
can be used to limit your schedule to a particular location, instructional method or part of
term. Click the “Add Course” button. Use information from your advisor to search
by subject and course number, section attribute or instructor. To add a course to be included in your possible
schedules, click the “Add Course” button. Do this for each course you want included
in your possible schedules. Once you have added all courses, click the
“Done” button. Use the optional “Add Break” button to
let the Scheduler Planner know when you are not available to attend class due to other
commitments. You also have the option to limit your possible
schedules to particular sections by clicking the “Sections” button next to each course. Within the sections view, simply uncheck any
sections you do not want included in your possible schedules. Click “Save and Close” when finished. If a course has reserved seats, you can view
seat information for each section by clicking round “i” icon in the sections view. If you are registering for a course with a
lab, be sure to leave the boxes of both the lecture and the lab checked to include them
in your possible schedules (Ex: Sections 01 and 01A or 500 and 50A). When you are satisfied with your preferences,
click the “Generate Schedules” button. Your possible schedules will appear. Hover over the magnifying glass for a visual
schedule view or click the “View” link to see specific schedule information. When you find a schedule you want, click the
“Send to Shopping Cart” button at the top of the page. Click “OK” on the prompt that appears. The course sections in the schedule you chose
will appear in the Schedule Planner Registration Cart. Click the “Register” button to continue. Enter your AVN, which can be found on your
advisement sheet. Scroll down on the Add/Drop Classes page to
see the status of your schedule. “Web Registered” will appear next to the
courses for which you are scheduled. If you did not successfully schedule a course,
an error message will appear. Prerequisite and Test Score error means the
course has a pre-requisite. Your advisor must override this error. Reserve Closed or Field of Study Restriction
– Major means the remaining seats are reserved for certain majors and the course is closed
to you. Linked Course Required indicates that you
did not select both the lecture and lab sections for the course. Time Conflict means the course days and times
conflicts with the days and times of an already scheduled
course. If you are routed to the Registration Compliance
Results page, you have scheduled a course that will not be covered by financial aid
and should consult your academic advisor. Once you are finished scheduling, click the
“Registration Compliance Results” link at the bottom of the Add/Drop Classes page. The compliance results will indicate if any
courses you have scheduled are not counting toward completion of your program. If you have scheduled courses that are not
compliant, contact your academic department. If all of your courses are compliant, proceed
to view your schedule. Scroll to the top and click the “Return
to Menu” link. Then, click “Student Schedule by Day & Time.” Enter the date of the first day of classes
for the semester you are registering for in the date box. Please note that online courses appear at
the bottom of your schedule as they do not have assigned days and time. Also, since this format is a weekly view,
courses with a later start date will not appear until the week they begin. If you would like, you can print your schedule
from this page. For assistance with WIReD, visit the Registration
Information Center at the Registrar’s Office on the first floor of Guenther Enrollment
Services Center or contact the Registration Information Center at 518-629-7700 or [email protected]

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