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Virgil he comes from a music background
he’s an American DJ he did some art direction for Kanye before he founded
at the label Off-White I’m doing this new youtube thing Where I’m asking like my favorite inspiring people in fashion And then, a lot of them ask about you No way!
But I don’t know what question they want me to ask you But I think it’s more about like, you do come a different non-fashion background. And I think that’s what they’re curious about Because you were always a creative person, you were artsy. making stuff is what I’m into how do you make that jump if you don’t have a traditional artsy background What is it about you?
I think just make something. was just making things yeah make it and
then critique it and worry about it out and then but did you like actually study
nah just applied my ideas but you travel around and
getting inspiration from like nontraditional things Is this your first fashion job? Clemens Firmin, she’s in charge of the
digital communication at Louis Vuitton and she handles anything influencer related
so if you wanted to get invited to the Fashion Show
she’s who you want to talk to from out of college now I when I was studying in
college I worked in the company that was doing search engines I’m more of a web
social media kind of girl then I came up to fashion.
And then how did you get this job? Okay so I had a blog and then I received
a few press releases from time to time and I was very naive. At that time I was
replying to people I think “no I’m not [interested] thank you very much and I’m
looking for a job.” And someone replied to me that “oh I know someone at Louis Vuitton hiring a social media intern are you interested yeah sure uh-huh and
then I got hired as an intern and since the social media team was getting bigger
I got hired right afterwards so as an intern, where you paid? Yes. In France of
you have to oh so in France you have to get paid as an intern but it wasn’t a lot
it’s probably like minimum wage? yeah As soon as you got the internship you got
paid and then what was your role as an intern? at that time I was doing reports
on the social media pages from Louis Vuitton, so Instagram didn’t exist yet so I had
Facebook Twitter YouTube to manage Doing reports for the whole company and then
the team expanded and we had to decide which way we wanted to go so I went to
influencers PR yeah and then now what is your roll at Vuitton? Cause, I’ve known you for…
Four years at least? yeah and you’ve been growing
doing more and more coordinating everything influencer related at Louis Vuitton so anything that’s like digital
influencer yeah Influencer related, I’d say
At the beginning, it was really digital, But now influencers can be everywhere we we shot you for internal
magazine, for Louis Vuitton magazine yeah and then who comes up with like who
gets to be in the magazine as a you or is it like a group effort
mmm it’s a group effort we can send ideas and then then go
through or not and also management comes with ideas and say okay let’s make it
and then do you also hire people I did yeah yeah
so and then you became a boss and Edouard Schneider, Clemence’s boss, and also the Global PR Director of Louis Vuitton I started at Svarovski, 3 years PR director And then Givenchy womenswear PR director, and then Sonya Rykiel communication director for seven years and then Margiela
two years communication director and I started at LV in 2014
last week of April 2014 as a international PR Director. what were the steps
that you have to take to become a PR director your first PR director job. were
you an intern ever yes? I was at school and I need an internship
at Svarovski because I was studying marketing and communication and
then I started there so you have a degree in marketing and communication in
college in Paris yes in college in Paris high school and and then I started there
as a style assistant but the artistic director really wanted me to do
communication so I said what do you think it was about you like were you
always a person anything your personality do you so when you…
I am very talkative You are very talkative! you were a sales assistant what does the
sales assistant do? You were selling? I’m fluent in Spanish so I was
selling the collection to South Europe and jewelry, handbags, evening bags.
so but you’re an intern for the sales yeah
and then after, she asked me, they wanted to hire someone and she said we’re gonna
have two positions, one position as a sales assistant and full-time contract and one
position as a PR assistant and I said okay I didn’t know and she said you
should try to be PR assistant and I said okay why not and I started like that and
how long ago was that now we’re gonna have to expose your age
it’s fine I was in 99. 99 right but you did start from the bottom then you
didn’t just land up here no you cannot no one can know I can’t no you have to
start from the bottom you have to learn the press, you have to learn how it works
the magazine you have to learn how to do shopping you need to have a lot of
contact if you want to be a PR director you need to bring contact to the house
but I still speak with the young interns I think that’s very nice of you because
when I first came into the industry people in your position don’t talk to
interns assistants they don’t care yeah they only talk to me or like or people
they don’t even talk to me they talk to celebrities they don’t care, but I
think maybe that is why you are where you are because of your personality
how do you hire people to work for you because you hired Clemence, Clemence hired Songe, but you’re the one– I hired Songe! yeah I know why I pushed Clemence for Songe. yeah so how do you hire like what makes you want to hire? She was an intern in the menswear department
and we had a position as a menswear international PR assistant but
I had a long conversation with Songe, she was the intern in the menswear department but I said Songe, could please trust me I’d like you to try the
digital because I think you’re really modern and with your energy your
personality I think you will deserve more being digital assistant and
handling influencers and then I’m sure while Songe was an intern there are many
other interns what was Songe’s personality or her work desk she was
different than the other her in that she’s very hardworking she’s crazy
she’s a slut of work the way she talks to people she’s super kind
now we hire her and sometimes she can be bossy so I’m kicking her ass because
I don’t want her to be a dictator but then she was different she was just she
stood out from other interns if everybody’s starting as an intern and
you’re competing with thousands of interns and how do you stand out
you just have to be the natural you have to be confident but keep you very loyal and
sometimes we are disconnected now with the new generation the new era for
example you have a lot of people and like young students they arrive they are
interns and the first question is can I do the press release can I write the
press release I don’t understand people the young people there they always want
to rush for everything so just listen and even if you don’t have like a lot of
stuff to do listen the name of the magazine the name
of the journal is working for the magazine all the international
publication how it works look around just don’t be concentrate on yourself
and look around look at what’s going on how works a company I think you’re right
everybody thinks there’s an elevator to success but it’s not you got to walk up
there When did you move from Korea? Laura Kim, she used to work
directly under oscar de la renta before leaving to start her own brand, MONSE,
with her partner Fernando she and Fernando went back to Oscar de la Renta
as co-creative directors and the designers I moved when I was 9 to Canada, And then I moved to NY when I was 18 So you speak Korean fluently? I think it’s so incredible what you’re doing as a korean woman And as an immigrant. For like 2 really big brands what what’s the toughest thing when
you went to Oscar so my personality I’m very quieted I
actually keep everything to myself kind of Korean thing but I’m learning to express a little more how I feel Like especially the negative part. I usually only talk about positive, how I feel about things, Are you bad at saying “no” or that you don’t like this? No that I’m good at. But I just keep my personal feelings to myself. I think that’s a very Korean thing, cause I’m the same way. I know what I like and what I don’t like, but I keep my negative feelings to myself. I keep those personal feelings hidden cause I just don’t want people to find out But it becomes a problem. What are you gonna do in Paris? So in Paris, we’re doing a lot of dinners, a lot of parties, and I’m attending markets for Monse and for Oscar for doing one selection or Oh yeah very major fashion house what’s like the
advice you could give them like for me internship really taught me what
to do I really learned a lot from internship
so when you are an intern like you didn’t get paid and you’re doing
everything my intern for four years for free did you guys ever intern for free
where did what was your first internship college credit for college credit
fashion-related watch media media what did you do my
intern graduated okay 13 years ago we’re going to rewind
she own attorney she’s a fashion editor and stylist and her famous clients
include Solange and remember that Beyonce formation video yep she was part
of that Nike and Dior how did you picture a life with me but did you expect where you’re gonna be
now like in my club they don’t deal with three but you knew you would make it
yeah like you would have on Korea because you have a strong work ethic
yeah it might be like I’m very like you are very very much like if I don’t email
back she texting I know I know it’s gonna get very very good you


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