HTML and CSS Tutorial for beginners 1 – Introduction

hi guys how is knowing and welcome to your first video in this html5 and CSS series for beginners in this series we’re going to learn how to create websites using html5 and css3 in case you guys are wondering what the hell’s html5 and css3 they are the languages that websites are written we will start from complete scratch so if you’re a complete beginner you’re in the right place and by the end of the series you’ll be an expert on building websites let me show you what I mean so let’s say you are on your homescreen and you open up any any web browser in this case i opened up google chrome and let’s say we will type in Des so if you go anywhere on the page and right click it and click inspect you’ll see this mumbo-jumbo gibberish jumping up and this is actually HTML and CSS and this is what all the websites are built on so if you want to build any kind of website you will going to need to get very familiar with languages and pharmacology they use to give you a visual example let’s say you wanted to build a house if you want to build a house you need to build a frame of the house first you can’t build a house without a frame HTML is the frame for the website CSS however is the nice decorations that make any house special whether it’s the color of the roof color of the window arm you name it so in order to build a functional and nice looking website you need to get familiar with both of these languages in order to follow this course you’ll need two things first thing would be any texts that are the most popular is no + + but in one work on mac so you’ll have to use something else like brackets TextWrangler visual code for this series I’ll be using brackets but if you’re using different texture it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to follow along and just means your screen layout will be slightly different i’ll post links to multiple textures in description box below the second thing would be any web browser because you obviously want to test what you have built brackets are using chrome by default so if you are using brackets the same as I will you need also a google chrome however if you using any other text editor you can choose browser of your liking in next part of the video download and show you how to set of brackets on your computer so we go back to google chrome and in the search box we just right brackets you can see already that i have a link directly to the website however if you would take brackets text editor here even also first link would be directly to the bracket so as you can see here there’s a link download brackets 1.8 yes we want to do that so now it’s starting to download once the download has been completed in this press here and you can see that it’s opening brackets release one point a and just hold on a second and you’ll see this window pop up and what you can write anyway do is just move the brackets to your appt ok and now it says copying back bracket app to applications and says it’s going to take another five seconds so once it’s copied to the applications when you can ride away do is open up the brackets and it says brackets is an application download from internet show you what I don’t want it can use clicquot minute and what you can do is close the rest of the windows here because they’re not necessary for now and you’ll see that this is the main file we’re basically it explains what is brackets and how it works however what we want to do right away open up your folder on desktop name it markets and over here what we want to do is go to brackets and then we open up the folder and we choose the brackets folding that we just created so we open it up going to work is and new file right away let’s save the file and savings index however we need to add HTML because our browser needs to know that it’s aight HTML file okay and we’re safe here and now i’m going to write h1 tag arms you’re going to know soon enough whether it is and inside that h1 tag what we’re going to write is how long will just check world ok and we just click for a live preview this is welcome to live preview and we’re just click ok and once it goes to google chrome you can see that LOL world women scream okay this is it for this video thank you thank you very much for watching and and next video actually going to start doing something with the back thank you ok


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