HTML Tutorial – 09 – Presentational Markup

The presentational markup is used to describe
the appearance of text. However, it is recommended that we use Cascading Style Sheets instead
for handling all kinds of style information. First we have the text styles: bold, italic
, underlined, and strike-through/. Bold and italic are still commonly used text
styles, but underlined and both strike-through tags have become deprecated. Like most other
tags all of these come in pairs and contains the text that they affect. We can also nest
these together to combine different text styles. Next, we have the teletype elementwhich
gives us a fixed-width typeface, just like the preformatted tag.
We also have theandelements, which gives a way to change the font size.
These elements can be nested several levels deep in order to achieve a greater effect.
Lastly, we have elements for rendering text as either superscriptor subscript. Thetag can be used to specify color,
size, and typeface of text. The size can be a value from 1 to 7. Or it can be specified
relative to the current font size with a plus or minus sign before the number. By default,
the standard size is 3. The face attribute can contain one or more font names in a comma
separated list. If the user's computer doesn't have the first font it will then try to use
the next one and so on. The list here contains common font names grouped together by their
appearances. Theelement provides a number of deprecated
attributes for controlling the general appearance of the webpage. We can change the default
text color using the text attribute. We can also add a background color or a background
image which will be tiled in the background.

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