HTML Tutorial – 12 – Lists

HTML offer three types of lists: ordered,
unordered, and definition. The ordered, or numbered list,

    uses the
    list item element

  1. to specify each item. The end tag for this element is optional.
    The numerals for the ordered list can be changed using the type attribute. Arabic numbers are
    used by default but we can also set the type to for example lower or uppercase letters
    or roman numerals. The start attribute sets the beginning value
    for the list. And the value attribute can be used to set
    the value for a specific list item. The unordered, or bulleted list,

      uses the list item element as with the ordered list.
      It’s default marker is a disc, which it can be changed to either a circle or a square
      using the type attribute. Lastly, we have the definition, or description

      which consists of a series of definition terms

      paired with definition data
      . Lists may also be nested and different list
      types can be used together with each other.

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