HTML Tutorial #3: HTML Paragraph, White Space, Line Break (Web Development)

Hello YouTube!!! Very warm welcome to our
HTML video tutorial this is Saif Uddin Talukdar from Xtreme Coder on the previous video I have explained you about HTML structure, head section and
heading tags. Today I’ll teach u about paragraph tags ,white space and line break.
as usual I have started with html, head and body section. So let me start with
writing a paragraph. you guys already know that this p tag
defines a paragraph. Whatever you write inside the p tag it will be appeared in
your webpage as a paragraph. So let me write a paragraph. This is a paragraph. let me add a new line here… let me write
something more… so I just have written a paragraph
inside the p tag. Let me save this file. As I have save this file as a HTML file
so I don’t have to save this file again. so I can open this file right now yeah
it’s appeared here already. This is a paragraph. We will discuss about html
paragraph and line break. So it does appear already so you guys notice
or not I added a new line here but it didn’t appear on the webpage so one
thing you guys should be noted that with HTML you cannot change the output by
adding extra spaces or extra lines in your HTML code. The browser will remove any extra space or new line when the page is displayed so you guys already have
seen that it doesn’t work so how to fix this. To fix this spacing or new line
problem I have solutions. So don’t ever worry about that. For extra spacing what
you should use??? Alright Let me remove the space here. So we’ll
use… let me show you writing this & nbsp; alright.. So for the
white space we’ll use   this   is called
non-breaking space. It won’t create a new line but by using this you can create a
space between two words so by using this we have already created the space so let
me save this file and try refresh this page all right
it works see after this there’s a space before is if you use this non-breaking space
multiple times you will get multiple space so let me copy this copy all right let me try using this
again, again so I have used these non-breaking space three times now
how would be the results try refresh the page again yes there is three spaces
here… it works so you guys already know that how how to write white space between two words so by using this non-breaking space we have
solved our spacing problem already now another thing is how can we use a new
line inside the paragraph?? we have already added the new line here but it
didn’t appear on the webpage so what’ll we use for the line break??? alright..
we’ll use
tag this
tag defines a line-break
if you want a new line without starting a new paragraph
tag is the only solution. so you don’t have to write another
paragraph tag here if you just use a
tag here, you can create a new line
let me show you refreshing this page sorry I didn’t save the file. save…..
refresh… yes… so we just created a new line here so you guys already learned
that how to write a paragraph and how to write a white space between two words
and at last you guys already know that how to add a new line in the paragraph.
so you can use it for the poem and whatever… so that’s all for today’s video
tutorial I’ll see you guys on the next video tutorial and don’t forget to
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