HTML5 баннер в Google Web Designer

Welcome everyone to my channel I finally have time to lay out a new lesson but already in another program in my group I promised to lay out a lesson on creating animated banners in “google web designer” okay, let’s start. I prepared simple banner for an example to show you the process of creating an animated banner для начала немного теории по официальной справке google adsense у нас имеется 17 sizes for remarketing, that is, ideally, of course, to do each of them in order to cover more and more users banners create 14 sizes because some sizes are repeated i create one main size начинаю я все создание самого большого баннера называется он billboard это 970 на 250 пикселей This it is that is, I create it, send it to the client for approval, the client says ok and then I draw all the other sizes after that


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