Importance of User Interface and Responsive Web Design – SEO Tutorial for Beginners 2018

Using micro formats markup you can
make your date simple to publish in a standardized direction so that you can
do many things like make your webpage available for indexing faster and
searching easier. To use micro formats in your webpages is a one of the hottest
on-page SEO techniques. Optimize user interface web page speed and 404 error
page: There are many things you should have to think before you develop a web
page like good user interface design, easy navigation, web page performance and
social media page links and social media share buttons. Design good user interface:
Use a responsive design and fastest web template to your website. The responsive
website provides an excellent viewing and interaction to the users. Responsive
web design is a part of the user interface and on-page SEO techniques. Google
announced to provide ranking responsive web pages and to punish non-responsive
websites and search engine result pages. Make easy navigation and pagination to
find all web pages easily. Optimized the speed of your web pages by enabling
leverage browser caching and zip compression.

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