Interactive media: 3 things to look forward to

So number one is the Interactive Media
showcase and in case you haven’t heard of it, it’s this big event at the end of
the year where you get to show off one project that you’re really proud of and
a whole bunch of people come and you can show off all these things that you learnt
how to do and how awesome you are and it’s just a lot of fun Number two is DCAS, it stands for
Digital Culture, Aesthetics and Storytelling and for two hours a week,
you get to play games. You’ve heard me right, you get to play games and then we
analyse them which I would argue is actually more fun than playing the games.
For example, last week we were talking about whether or not we could create a
computer that will replicate human emotional responses and whether or not
we should actually do that. Last but not least, its staff support. Honestly I’ve
built amazing relationships with my professors and my supervisor I can ask
them about anything even on course work-related work and they’re happy to
help whenever I need it it’s been really great So I’m gonna have my
dinner now but let me leave you with this, I transferred from another course to Interactive Media which meant I had to start University all over again who
would do that right no I’m kidding it was the best decision I’ve ever made and
I would never take it back.

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