Interactive Media Design – Durham College

I definitely had a thing for design, and,
like, being creative and everything, so, I looked for design programs all around Ontario,
and then I found Durham College. It happened to be close, and one of the best
decisions I’ve made. One of the things I liked was, when I was
looking at the course breakdown, was the audio and video production, my total two favourites,
so I automatically jumped into it. I liked those the best. I did communications technology, so that was
just basic Photoshop, HTML coding, and CSS. I did a video class, a film studies class;
where we did record videos and worked with editing on Adobe Premiere. To be successful in this program, you need
to be sure that you are a hard worker; you need to have a drive; you need to make sure
that you are organized, because that’s a huge part in this program. Some of the courses you take in the multimedia
program include PHP coding, video production, audio production, Flash or New Media design
and animation, HTML coding, your web development… There’s a lot of careers in the multimedia
field; I feel that there’s a lot of upcoming jobs all the time. Being successful is very important. Durham College has definitely changed the
word ‘success’ for me.

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