Interview | Designing Meaningful Experiences | Wonderland Founder | Martijn van der Does

It started actually on my own I just I
can develop design by myself so for at least I know how code works and I can
design so I just started started out as making cool things and I think started
with family projects and friends projects and then it’s you know
beginning all the way so and then I needed more help and I think I also
contact some of you guys all right hey guys guy helps out and well yeah we
grow organically and we don’t have investments we don’t have anything we
just are a bunch of people that’s our really like to create cool things and I
think that’s just my philosophy and actually want to make cool things that
triggers emotions you know that you think well what I just saw so it’s
really cool but then it also admins to our lives for example the cool Club for
years is where just mentioning you know the the card game the price itself is
really it’s a year or same euros but it’s not a lot what I want to do is like
to make design accessible for everyone and I think that’s still my philosophy well I’m the designer rules now way of
like and design animation team and then we have like a customer experience team
who does like the inside gathering and the strategy bit and then we have like
the technology who’s doing the creative element and the
back and front of development it’s actually kind of three departments which
we don’t have very departments our office like one big table where everyone
sits with each other and like that actually on the web when I see just lately it
there are a lot of websites and projects that are beautiful and you know and that
that triggers these emotions but it doesn’t any value to our lives so I’m
missing that part really heavily is that how can we design something that that
helped changing our lives and I think I really want to go in that direction
because you know we can make things usable and cool okay what we see right
now but how can we create experiences or designs or websites or anything else
that can help us further us in humanity and that’s why strong believe that’s a
human experience design studio focusing on the meaningful part that we create
experience that can affect our lives well that’s a good question yeah we
always look for the boundaries I think nowadays the weapon so fast that you can
do a lot of things but still you know we need to see what kind of target audience
you’re targeting to and if you are making experimental work that it’s for
in certain audience especially for the web that’s I think you need to relook
into like kind of browser so these kind of things people are using the tools that we use within them gonna
use Figma we don’t you sketch and we were really happy was scared with Sketch with Figma sorry and what kind of tools we use more I think there are all the Adobe programs
for the animators user box slack of course I think not a lot actually we
made our own tools regarding like the finance and building things well it’s a good thing that you actually
mention it because I think since I started submitting my work to a double
your odds I think it’s kind of a recognition and it’s nice because we’ve
got more visibility as a company and also more projects from you know we more
clients and more projects for finishing so thing isn’t great chance as a young
studio to submit your work and get knowledge by the audience and get new
clients in because I think that’s relieved that the work that your future
is the work that you’re getting you know I think you see especially on Twitter
where we interact a lot for a slack said to me you just hey man are you doing
Justin super no a simple line you can type but then it’s not personal I think
it’s nice to see each other’s face when you speak a lot on Twitter or like each
other’s work it’s you know to speak in person about know how you’re doing and
the work that you have done actually so I think it’s really important to to meet
each other I think that’s how you create relationships are now we are really focusing on well the
value part so how come it’s very to our lives and it’s really like and you know
for me really I want to make things more to it for very Tourette’s by failure and
I think it’s a bit done with just making beautiful things and making them usable
I think for the good examples is that you have like this machine in Japan
where it’s recognizes your face when you want to sell a drink and then similar
people the machine learns from it as it scans your face and this is over your
attorney so people from your age in the similar time zone on this kind of soda
drink so it’s very personal story and then when and Japan there’s like a lot
of earthquakes happening and then the the power shuts off and then after or
not one hour the family lights up and gives free water to the
people in Japan I think for me that is how you add value through our lives and
I want to use I want to go more direction within digital but also maybe
in physical I think that my journey is that you how
I became on the net instead you I tried a lot of things a lot of them fields you
know and I think this is the desire for yourself to keep going to keep pushing
instead don’t be afraid to make mistakes and and you know then you learn and then
you get a cool team around you that that’s you know I have the same
knowledge with you or even better knowledge and then you you just kept
going and I think also the meaningful part you know making things from usable
from useful to the lights went beyond that to meaningful that usable delight
so we know that but how can you add something meaningful I think that’s
something really important that’s a big d time for emotions

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