Interview | Locomotive | Accessibility, Experience and Winning Awards

So we’ve covered a little bit in our
talk but started 12 years ago in Frédéric’s appartment in Montreal we had
no money no leads and no client whatsoever but we just said why why not
let’s do it so we’re here twelve years after and there’s a team of 25 people in
Montreal and that’s about it we’re team of 25 its we do have some
producer that will manage the whole project but and the client
relationship as well we have some designer some front-end programmers and
some back-end as well well we have a couple niche a lot of
sports a lot of city’s municipal communications but really a lot of
different stuff I guess people come to us for our take on web or I take on
creativity and especially our UX skills and stuff like that so of course we have
niches like sports and cities but honestly any clients any job that we
find interesting and compelling we go for well I was a good while speak for myself
but I think its design Kanda because to me it’s like the film also we didn’t
work on the film but the film it’s really inspiring for me like it’s all
those classic designers from Canada so working a web experience for that film
was like really like the dream job for me well I can’t speak for the dead but I
know they’re always like getting our mind on the new stuff and trying
different stuff as we pull the tide but for the design team I think our biggest
shift and this year was like slowly getting away from Photoshop and started
working with XD and sketching and software like that which is challenging
for seniors like us or used to work in Photoshop or so longer than changing but
I think it’s a must it’s it’s really great software me to add that thing yeah
you need to have that well it’s pretty bright I’ve been I’ve
been saying this for year but I think the the merger between like application
and web will like would be like at one point just one thing you know like but I
don’t know changes all the time prototype for once make it test it like
we do we don’t do like official focus group but test the platform as much as
possible and get the knowledge do you know I think there’s a thin line between
accessibility and experience so you need to make a choice at some point you want
it amazing experience you might have some accessibility issues or you want
something really accessible then you might go a bit slower indeed on the
experience side so I think it’s a it’s an it’s a combination of both
it’s true it depends on the purpose of the project No well I think it talks like as a broad
idea just their relationship with UX and e^x e^x being employee experience so how
would we take those principles from our work and apply it into our work
environment and so far it’s been working a lot well I remember in 2013 and 14 what I
got with these guys and we want our first side of the day it was like very
exciting and now we keep winning more and more it’s always like it’s still
just rate it’s still just as exciting I think we’d like to celebrate every
victory for us it drove us a lot of business as well we do have a lot of
recognition from this website so it’s it’s been a really really fun ride and
we like to make every victory important for us but also for the staff that works
hard on every project

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