Intro to HTML and CSS – Validating and Verifying HTML and CSS

It’s important that the HTML and CSS that you write is correct and complies with standards. If it’s incorrect it might display okay in one browser, which correctly guesses your intention, but incorrectly in another which makes a different assumption, and there are also icons you can show on your web page. So that others know that your page complies with the standards. We’ve provided links where you can verify your HTML and CSS code in the instructor note section below. Go ahead and do this now for your HTML page and explore the error that it returns. The error is somewhat cryptic, so if you can’t figure out what it means, don’t worry. Just see the answer video for an explanation. In exploring the error, you’ll notice that there’s something missing from the page. What element is missing something? Let me know which element is missing something. Now, you just have to enter the tag here. For example, html or div. Then let me know was your CSS correct? Just answer yes or no

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